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Tomorrow’s Show
While Ron DeSantis of Florida has made it clear that it is illegal in Florida to demand vaccine identification, Gavin Newsom in California (where the first shutdowns, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders orginated) has made it clear that a vaccine ID will be employed in California, but it will not be called a passport. He figures the public is stupid and by calling it something different, changes things. Outside of New York, California has led the way in mishandling the pandemic.
Newsome presser
Gavin Newsom Press Conference. Attended by top Democrats.
The Wuhan Lab is Fab
The discussions over the origins of the Covid-19 virus continue unabated. Your No Agenda Show had called out the Wuhan lab from the very beginning of the pandemic based on early reports and analysis combined with the bogus rationales of origins including accusing the poor Pangolin and the wet market. No animal has ever been found to harbor this virus. You have to assume that the Chinese have been feverishly trying to infect anything they can with the virus to no avail. This is a farce that No Agenda has been following closely for over a year.
Leave me alone!!
Biden vs Putin
Biden met with Vlad Putin. How did this go? If it was Trump meeting with Putin there would be demands for transcripts and tapes. Let’s see what is demanded of this meeting. Much of this discussion was supposedly Biden scolding Putin for the ransomware attacks on US companies. These are blamed on Russia with zero evidence and could as easily be done by the Mafia or the CIA. But Russia is a convenient foil.
Biden and Putin
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