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Your No Agenda Show is always looking for symbolism and numerological good luck numbers. Tomorrow’s show is number 969 or 696 upside down. This is a palindrome incorporating the lucky 69. So the show is orchestrating a lucky donation series for the month of October.

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Tomorrow’s show will include an analysis of the situation in North Korea where it now seems as if our people are talking to their people about ending the bullcrap you are witnessing. The bullcrap has apparently got Hawaii completely freaked out as the news media keeps saying they are a target of an A-bomb attack. And apparently the public believes this nonsense and is worried sick
The No Agenda Show has been documenting this nonsense for years. As someone who, as a child, was forced to take part in the duck and cover “theater” none of this is funny and the news media (M5M) should be ashamed of itself. It should be ashamed for not presenting the public with realistic analysis instead of just trying to scare them for the sake of ratings and ad sales.

You cannot be told often enough that No Agenda is an important alternate source of information because we do not need ratings just so we can make more money selling advertisements, which the M5M does routinely. That is their flaw. That is why they cannot be trusted.
With No Agenda you get a genuinely realistic appraisal of the news with real analysis based on logic and research not hysterics. What is that worth to you? It should be the most valuable aspect of your news and entertainment needs and desires.

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Coincidence? I think Not.
Did anyone notice the uncanny similarity between Trump's signature and his wife Melania's signature? Elle Mag wrote a short piece here about it. A handwriting expert clams that hers is "stylized" meaning it is fake and contrived. I find it very peculiar much like the other mimicking that she does. It's closer to a cartoonist's signature than anything else excepting the Presidents sig.
Other funny pics of the week.
Don't eat me, Hillary Clinton!!
Jennifer Lawrence virtue signalling.
Librarian who sent nasty note to Melania Trump over Dr. Seuss, making a fuss. Doing a lot of selfies.Virtue signalling.
The same librarian who excoriated Melania Trump for sending Dr. Suess "racist" books. Shown here in a picture a few weeks earlier. Classic.
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Friday, September 29, 2017

TPS Consulting Daily


How to Do a Facebook Live Split-Screen Interview

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Joel Comm - Want to interview guests on your Facebook Live show? Looking for a tool that lets you bring a remote guest into your Facebook Live video? In this article, you’ll discover how to broadcast a Facebook …

Twitter Shut Down 200 Accounts Linked To Facebook Russian Bot Accounts

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Susan Cooper - Twitter has reportedly shut down over 200 accounts that were somehow proven to be linked with Russian operatives who posted "thousands of political ads on Facebook." Um, 200? Yeah, I think that numbe…

IB17: Tantrum Cycles makes it to production, gets noticed by Adventure Capitalists - Bikerumor

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Michael - Tantrum Cycles is almost ready for prime time. Literally. After introducing their prototypes with their novel Missing Link suspension system, Brian Berthold took to Kickstarter with a successful camp…

Twitter Strategy to Drive Blog Traffic You Need to Know

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WorldConsultingGroup - In our latest case study, I showed you how a Doctor went from unknown to celebrity with a very simple Twitter strategy. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to use the same Twitter strategy to drive in…

An alarming number of Macs remain vulnerable to stealthy firmware hacks

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Scott C. Lemon - An alarming number of Macs remain vulnerable to known exploits that completely undermine their security and are almost impossible to detect or fix even after receiving all security updates available …

Disney releases DisneyNow, a new app that combines live TV, on-demand, games and music

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TechCrunch - Disney’s streaming service may still be years away, but the company this week has launched a new app for streaming Disney’s series, Disney Channel movies, live TV and music all under one roof, with t…

Former Oracle employees sue company for alleged pay discrimination

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TechCrunch - Three female, former Oracle employees, Rong Jewett, Sophy Wang and Xian Murray, are suing Oracle for allegedly paying women less than men in similar jobs. The lawsuit, filed August 28, seeks a class-…

With the Sphero Mini, you get a robotic ball for just $49.99

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TechCrunch - It’s been a busy year for Sphero, with the release of products like R2-D2, Spider-Man and Lightning McQueen. But the robotic toy startup is still making non-licensed, non-tie in products too — includ…

Angry Birds maker Rovio sees a small pop of 6% to €12.20 in its trading debut

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TechCrunch - Rovio, maker of the Angry Birds gaming franchise, saw a small pop of 6 percent in its first day of trading as a public company. After pricing its IPO at €11.50 per share — the top of its range — yest…

8bitdo’s new wireless controllers are perfect for your new SNES Classic

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TechCrunch - The SNES Classic Edition is out today, and is probably currently en route to those lucky enough to have scored a pre-order, and being picked up by bleary-eyed fans who set up early at game store loca…

Alibaba is leading a $27M investment in open source database startup MariaDB

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TechCrunch - Alibaba has spent 2017 pushing its cloud computing business and now it is preparing to make its first major investment in a Western startup in the space. The Chinese e-commerce giant has agreed to le…

Equity podcast: Google goes shopping, and IPO madness

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Tooth and Tail review: Delightful, rodent-riddled StarCraft for the rest of us

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Ars Technica - StarCraft II thought it had the secret to delivering a truly accessible version of its predecessor. The original game's troop-management battles are unmatched in terms of balance, so the sequel direc…

ISPs want Supreme Court to kill Title II net neutrality rules now and forever

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Ars Technica - Broadband industry lobby groups have appealed to the US Supreme Court in an attempt to kill the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules. The groups want the Supreme Court to rule tha…

Oculus Founder: Cables To Be Major Obstacle In VR Industry For A Long Time

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Reg Saddler - It might sound obvious, but if you’re hoping that mom will want to hop into virtual reality while you make her drag around a bunch of ugly ass (and dangerous) wires, it probably won’t happen. That’s …

AT&T’s wireless home Internet, with 160GB cap, is now in 18 states

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Reg Saddler - Parts of 18 states in AT&T's 21-state wireline footprint are getting a wireless home Internet option. AT&T has brought wireless home Internet to nine more states, offering rural and underserved custo…

How to Run a Successful Twitter Contest

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AT&T's fixed wireless Internet for rural places expands to 9 more states - Android Community

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Android Community - Not everyone in the US has access to high-speed, let alone functioning Internet service, which in this day and age is pretty difficult to not have. That is why AT&T has said it’s committed to bringin…

Your Android phone/tablet can no longer be unlocked by NFC device - Android Community

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Android Community - If you’ve been using an NFC accessory to unlock your smartphone or tablet every once in a while, you probably noticed that the past few weeks, it hasn’t been working. Well, apparently, it’s not just …

Slides update: Keep integration, add-ons from Adobe, Shutter Stock - Android Community

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Android Community - If you do a lot of client presentations or reporting decks, you probably have mastered the art of Powerpoint or Keynote or Prezi. But another viable alternative and one built for collaboration specif…

Alcatel IDOL 5 exlusively available in the US through Cricket Wireless - Android Community

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Android Community - A smartphone that is optimized for virtual reality headsets isn’t something that most people probably look for, as the tech is still not that in demand yet for everyday consumers. But it’s something …

Enhance Your Mobile Strategy with a Mobile Wallet

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Loyalty360 - As much as I hate to admit it, my phone is an extension of myself. It's on me at all times, and gets juggled around while I do my daily activities - commuting, relaxing, working out and of course sh…

Frigidaire Brand Relaunch Aims to Change Customer Engagement Conversation

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Loyalty360 - Frigidaire recently kicked off its brand relaunch with a major new marketing campaign, “Your House Rules,” which was developed to celebrate and champion the things that make every home unique. A nati… A Real-Time Online Collaboration Application for Small Businesses - Start-Ups.Co

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Imboard : Event Discovery and Promotion App - Start-Ups.Co

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My Driving Pal : Security and Safety - Start-Ups.Co

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Fitnescity : Allows Users To Connect With Personal Trainers - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - We had an interesting chat with Ms. “Leila Zemrani”, Founder and CEO of the New York – US based start-up “Fitnescity” Below is the interview we conducted with him: 1. What is it exactly that you do …

Label 59: A Web-Based Application that Requires No Coding Skills and That Helps you to Label Anything Interactively on your Own in Minutes - Start-Ups.Co

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TheVegasHookUp : Profile Filtering System - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - We had an interesting chat with Mr. “Jamie Brewster”, Founder and CEO of the Oakland – USA based start-up “TheVegasHookUp” Below is the interview we conducted with him: 1. What is it exactly that y…

Contus : Mobile App Development Company - Start-Ups.Co

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SPI 237: An Online Business Success Story. . .in Knitting, with Lauren from Girly Knits - The Smart Passive Income Blog

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Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: September 29 - Petri

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Paul Thurrott - Because I’m suffering from Ignite fever, this edition of Short Takes looks at Satya Nadella’s book tour, Microsoft’s Ignite messaging, Microsoft stores data in DNA, Google and Apple are best buds aga…

'Premium' Has Become an Overused Word When It Comes to Digital Video

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Stephan Stavrakis - TV is as democratized now as any other industry—and viewers are voting with their remotes. With multiple streaming services, skinny cable bundles and social media platforms to choose from, content cr…

Everything Fades to Sand in Mysterious Pre-Launch Trailer for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Origins

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Stephan Stavrakis - DDB Paris launched a 90-second “From Sand” spot for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins, directed by Robert Petrie. Promoting the Oct. 27 worldwide release of the latest in Ubisoft’s popular franchis…

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers From Vending Machines

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How to Attract Your Next Star Employee Through Social Media

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How to Build A Career In Digital Marketing During Your Free Time

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Undercover video exposes violent plans at Antifa event: Threats, weapons, and violence abound

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Glen Woodfin - Conservative podcast host and comedian Steven Crowder sent his producer, Jared, undercover to infiltrate a local Antifa group, and in doing so, captured those involved in the movement doling out weap…

Digital Disruption Common Sense

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Rob Llewellyn - Facebook took 3.5 years to acquire 50 million customers, Whatsapp took 15 months, Angry Birds took 15 days. Since 1995 when Clay Christensen and Joe Bower published the HBR article Disruptive Technol…

Business Transformation Enabled by IDC DecisionScapes

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Rob Llewellyn - The future of business will be technology fuelled and driven. Future technologies (Mobility, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Crowd-sourcing, Internet of things, Industry 4.0, Big Data, 3D printing) or…

YouTube Remarketing: How to Retarget People on YouTube

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Robot security guard maker Knightscope shows off new multi-terrain model

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Michael Tchong - Silicon Valley firm Knightscope is best known for its K5 security robot: an ovoid tower on wheels that — when it’s not knocking over toddlers or falling into fountains — patrols a few dozen of Califo…

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Rolf Joho - There are tons of Facebook users around the world. You are probably one of these people. If you are a business owner, Facebook can expand your customer base. Read on for some Facebook marketing tips.…

When to use White Hat Gamification Design - Yu-kai Chou: Gamification & Behavioral Design

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RSP17 Recap: Making Personalization Practical And Effective - Retail TouchPoints

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Future Lighting - • Only 17% have plans in place to develop personalized experiences; • Just 11% can target visitors using third-party data; and • For 84%, the customer data required to do real-time personalization is…

The smart home is getting cheaper

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Tamara Dull - It’s getting a bit cheaper to turn your dumb house into a smart one. Price has been the biggest hindrance to the expansion of the smart home, and it still is, to a certain extent. But recently, some …

Awaiting Reconfirmation Vote, FCC's Pai Pushes Private-Sector Control of Internet

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Caleb Keller Jr - Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is facing stiff opposition from Democrats, thanks to his position on net neutrality. The Senate is expected to vote on his reconfirmat…

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