Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Find your BIOS from a command line [tip-technical]

This tip is not for those who don't know what the BIOS is.. simple as that.

If you are wanting to know your bios, you can do this without restarting your computer and attempting to pause it at the exact right time.

From the command line type the following:

wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

That is all!

Monday, September 29, 2014

TPS Consulting Daily

Sunday, September 28, 2014



  • Gap Focused Thinking
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

No Agenda-Saturday Newsletter

Dear Producer,
As we hope to break the cycle of low donations Adam has been smeared by a Dutch gossip rag which claims he and Micky are separated and the marriage is falling apart. This was because Micky was touring  and happened to go to Holland to visit some friends without Adam, who has a show to do.

But this wasn’t the smear, that story was just planted gossip sheet bullcrap. It was thePhotoshopped pic of Adam to make him look goofy that was the smear. I was personally amused by this because here you have Micky looking stunning standing next to what appears to be a homely goofball rather than a guy with leading man good looks. The cover is reproduced below.


OK, you could do this too. This is one of the simplest Photoshop fixes you can manage. It’s the liquefy tool and, as you can see what I did with Biden below, you can make anyone look stupid. The Biden pic is a total of six liquefy strokes that took less than 60 seconds.

The mouth is brought in one each side (2 strokes). The lower lip dropped which brings down the teeth to give a buck-toothed appearance (1). Each eye area is brought towards the bridge of the nose (2). Caved in the side of his head a little (1). Six total strokes, a couple of tweaks, sixty-seconds, done.


Just using one tool

Un-retouched (at least not by me)

This tool developed from a software packaged called Goo from some years back that was designed to help people make goofy looking pictures. If I wanted to spend 10-20 minutes on Biden I could do a range of things using both liquefy and some other tools.

This is today’s world where you cannot trust your own eyes when it comes to both the still and the moving image. Woody Allen's Zelig (1983) toyed with modern manipulation of imagery. But Forrest Gump (1994) is credited as a seminal movie regarding creating bogus realities. Watch it again and assume everything going on in the background is bullcrap. These techniques became the star of the film Wag the Dog (1997). 17 years have passed since Wag the Dog. The techniques have made it so you cannot believe anything you see anymore.

What’s shocking is that the cheesiest green screen trickery and piss-poor manipulation techniques still fool a gullible public that cannot identify simple fakery like the orange and black “be-headings” or Adam’s goofball picture on a gossip rag.

The false reality comes at you from all angles, visual, aural, and informational. Lies are lies but they take many forms. Please consider yourself lucky because your No Agenda Showdiscovers the reality behind the lies by carefully deconstructing news in ways that always reveal and expose the manipulations. And as you have learned, it is everywhere!

This activity is important to you and your family and your friends. That is why we ask for personal support from each of you. It’s the only way this can work. Please help get us back on track with a contribution today by clicking here.

Your co-host,
John C. Dvorak

PS Visit the support page here and take out a subscription if you haven't already.


Cute puppies love No Agenda.

Friday, September 26, 2014

TPS Consulting Daily

Thursday, September 25, 2014



  • Network of Death
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producer,
The show enters into October and we head to both show 666 and our 7th year. Please ask yourself what you get from this show then contribute what you can to make this show better and better.

The No Agenda Show is supported directly by you and solely by you. There is nothing out there like the No Agenda Show and you are part of it. It’s revolutionary.


There are no news analysis shows that approach the depth of analysis that is routine forNo Agenda. And to top that off the show is funded solely by you, the producer, and you the listener. Nobody else does it this way.

You are part of a great experiment in both supporting actual news coverage, actual news reporting, and in-depth news analysis. You are part of what we hope is a great heritage in new media: Honest and incorruptible news and analysis unaffected by advertisers or unseen bosses. No advertising whatsoever. No underwriting. No behind-the-scenes corporate octopus that would keep many of the stories off the podcast.

And, as producers, many of you have intimate knowledge of information and trends by virtue of your position or location or experience. The show uses your boots on the ground to give perspective to news stories that no mainstream media outlet will even allow. Every No Agenda producer benefits.

Old media correspondents.

When the smoke clears, you get what you cannot get anywhere else. Hours and hours of information and analysis of important stories that nobody else even acknowledges, let alone analyzes.

Ask yourself why only the No Agenda Show played the 911 tape from Sandy Hook. You heard it. There was nothing in it that begged for a media blackout. Yet no other outlets played it. Same with the most recent supposed ISIL videos. What's going on?

This is your neighbor who does not listen to No Agenda

But our ongoing revelations are just the tip of the unseen information iceberg. Insight and facts only available on No Agenda -- and you get them.

Reality is revealed on No Agenda because the show does not rely on the corrupting influence of advertising money. We rely on you and only on you. If you think this is a valuable part of your life – as you should -- you must continue with your generous support in any way you can.

1970-1977 Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Did anyone notice what this show was telling us about the news business?

Please help us do better than we did last Sunday. Here are a few of the current ideas for you to consider.

The Seventh Anniversary donation of $77.77
The beast donation of $666.00 which includes a double producer credit.
The mini beast 66.60 donation along with the micro beast 6.66 contribution.

And there is the counter-beast donations of 668 and 66.80 for those who refuse to deal with 666 for philosophical reasons. (The Reagan alternative).
And there is always the support page here and the open-ended donation here.

Those of you who have never contributed a dime, but love the show. You will feel better if you give something. Start today.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Address checks to No agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA. Notes in longhand especially appreciated.

Howling for help.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Use your USB Flash drive (and desktop) the way it was intended! [TIP]

With USB flash drives becoming so large in capacity, it seems pretty simple to plug it in and leave it in while you do all of your work. The thing is, this was NEVER the intention, especially on a Windows machine, or when you use Microsoft Office. Safe to say any Microsoft program. The reason is due to the method in which files are read and then saved. Basically when you open a file directly from the flash drive, such as a word document, as you work on this file the 'auto save' feature within office will save your work to the same place it was opened from. This is all fine and good so long as you don't have a power failure or the USB device becomes unavailable. In this case you will find your data quite probably corrupted and even the office 'recovery' will not save the most recent, if anything at all.  

A USB Flash drive was intended to save data for the purpose of taking it with you, plugging it in to another computer and transferring the file(s) to that computer.  What you should be doing is just that.. saving the file to your documents (or your desktop if you do plan on simply moving it to your flash drive afterwards). Once you are finished with the document/file and have saved it to your documents (or desktop), you can then plug your USB flash drive in and copy/move the document to the device.  Then when you move to a different workstation you can plug the device in, transfer the file across and then open it from where you copied it to. That way as you continue to use/edit the file, it will autosave as necessary, to the computers internal hard drive.

While I'm talking about the desktop, you really should use this as a work space just as you would your work desk. At the end of your work day, if you are a tidy person, you would clean up your current documents and file/folders and move them neatly to the side of your desk or better still, place them back in the file cabinet. Simply saving things to your desktop and then leaving them there is also a recipe for disaster. With Windows the 'shortcut' is typically represented by a small arrow stating it is a shortcut. This is important because you can safely delete this shortcut without deleting the document/program itself.  Unfortunately for Windows, the default 'save location' is usually the desktop so it is no wonder your desktop becomes littered with icons.  Saving files to the correct folder/library such as "documents", "pictures", "music" or "video" does actually make sense and if you really need quick access to the file then create a shortcut and place it on your desktop.  Note when you plug in that USB Flash drive within Windows, you are usually greeted with a prompt asking you what do you want to do? and opening the file browser is one option. It is at that point where transferring (by dragging and dropping) your document to your desktop, will create a copy of (since it is on a different drive which is external, windows is smart enough to not simply move the file) so once this is done you can open from the desktop.  

I have witnessed numerous problems when people plug that USB drive in and start opening word or excel documents directly from it, working away editing the document and then wondering why the file was all corrupted when they went to open it on a different computer later on. The reason would be due to the way it is being opened and saved over and over again within the office program. Do yourself a favour and save all the misery by teaching your brain to plug the drive in and then copy the file(s) you need over to the computer you are working on. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014



  • Q-Burn
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

Dear Producer,
This looks to be a slow weekend, probably due to weather. So we encourage needed weekend contributions to the show, please help with any amount whatsoever by clicking on the direct link for open donations. Or go to the support page here to help.

We have a tonnage of good stories and masterful deconstructions lined up for you ontomorrow’s show including the No Agenda interpretation of White House breaches as what wewitnessed Friday.


Yet, the Spiderboy Incident was under-reported

When this happens it is often done as a warning to Obama that he is not safe. It is used to keep him in line when he is straying away from some rigid policy. Your show will have an answer to what policy that might be. 

In August two toddlers caused a White House breach

Also you will get an excellent run-down of what happened in Scotland. After listening to the Scots carp about their plight for as long as I can remember they bail out when given the chance to actually do something about it. Fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt rules the day. We both have plenty of thoughts on this as I am sure you all do too.

The world-wide missing backbone phenomenon is an epidemic.

The American audience, in the meantime, is completely distracted by the NFL and its wife-beating players as if this is new.


Also, tomorrow is the “People’s Climate March” led by a slew of sellabretties like Leonardo DiCaprio. Adam has a deconstruction of the a-holes behind this and the money that funds them.

I scream for ice cream, I mean Climate Change!

You will want to listen to tomorrow’s show for sure. And help your No Agenda Show by clicking here.

Your humble co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS If you are ever looking for the mailing address it is both at the bottom of these newsletters and on the support page here.
PPS Adam is in town for a Podshow reunion and should have some great stories for you.


We come from the planet Pluto. Take us to your lead dog

Friday, September 19, 2014

Updating to IOS 8? A few tips for you

If you already have an ipad2 or higher, ipod touch (version 5 or above) or iphone 4s or above then you can update to the latest IOS 8. Just be aware after you update you will be prompted whether or not you want ot convert to apple drive and you will want to choose NO to this. The Apple Drive is to replace the icloud but only if all of your devices are going to be using IOS 8. Therefore if you have any older devices you will want to choose NO to upgrading to Apple Drive.

Next you will find the term "Camera Roll" is now gone.. So where do you find your photos? This link to the Apple Insider explains it all.

Of course you can learn all about the latest IOS 8 from the Apple website here.

Just be sure if you are planning on upgrading, to plug your device in to your computer and do it through itunes, making sure you have first BACKED UP your device (including apps) before performing the update.  Although some devices may allow you to update directly from the device itself (if you have enough room left) I highly recommend plugging it in through your computer so that you have the backup. Otherwise you may find yourself resetting it to factory settings, losing everything you have already on the device!

Thursday, September 18, 2014



  • Evil Layer Cake
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SPAM is not going away any time soon!

It seems there is a new rash of spammers out there filling your email inbox with spam...if you are like me and use gmail, fortunately most of it has gone to the spam folder and here is where I know that it is on the rise because what normally is 5 or 10 in my spam folder when I get to it in the morning, was 55 today! Just beware to never click on a link that is provided by someone in an email that you have opened, thinking it was from someone you may know. Obviously you shouldn't even open mail you do not recognize but most phishing scams or spammers will have you click on something within the email to actually activate the process. Need help because you aren't sure? Just contact me and I can point you in the right direction hopefully.

If you haven't already set up a gmail account, now would be the time to do so. Did you know that gmail can automatically retrieve the mail from any other email account you may have, allowing you open one inbox and have it all in one place, nicely labeled for you as well!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producer,
A lot happened since Sunday and your No Agenda Show is on it as usual. This includes a startling analysis of the Miss America Pageant, which has apparently changed to an extreme. Listen to a No Agenda discussion about a cultural shift. Good or bad?

Here is the picture teased in the email subject line. Hard to tell what is going on
or why the other girls are applauding
. Are they kissing?

The audience seems to be in freefall insofar as support is concerned. Most notable is the incredible lack of any sort of support for the 7th anniversary for No Agenda. Why is this? Are people waiting for the actual anniversary? Possible. Is the “sack of sevens” unattractive, maybe. Any suggestions would be useful. And remember you can always contribute a random amount by clicking here.

WRONG! This appeared then disappeared from what appears to be a UN-related site.

John and Adam will discuss the ramifications of the ISIS versus ISIL nomenclature. Why does the government insist on ISIL and the media insist on ISIS? Is there a real reason?

Ebola seems to be the center of attention and there is new information.

Code Pink biddies appeared at the grilling of Hagel and Dempsey

Plus, in yet another Congressional hearing, John McCain nearly calls the head of the joint chiefs of staff of the military an idiot. Almost. Why does McCain hate this guy so much? Your No Agenda Show knows why.

"Jets go zoom, like this, dummy."

And let's not forget the Scottish election, the results of which will probably be in by the end of the show.

This is the only show that discusses the behind the scenes reasons for today’s current events. Support the No Agenda Show by visiting the support page often. Click here.

You get over 25 hours of outstanding news analysis and entertainment. All you are asked for is a value-for value contribution.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS For checks and well wishes please use our post office box at No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Kittens deliver more donations, says the kitten