Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Day and I want to wish you all the very best wishes in health and happiness at this festive time of year. I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true and you can enjoy this time of peace with your loved ones.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Microsoft Patches Major IE Bug

One more time, a major threat to the Internet Explorer web browser through malicious attacks has techies scrambling to make sure the patch is installed.  Do yourself a favor and stop using this browser all together... I highly suggest AVANT  and Chrome  as your 1-2 punch, with Firefox  being the 3rd (or some people's 2nd if you don't wish to give Chrome a try)  But, if you are still part of the majority of fools using IE, then you should be reading this. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nothing like a creative Christmas Card

It is nice to see the creativity come alive at this time of year. I just received a great little Christmas Card from a client that I thought all should share!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

BC Hydro says thank you and Happy Holidays

Now this is what I call a real Christmas E-Card.

Way to go BC Hydro... and now, you!

Latest IE patch to actually help windows users? I'll be a little skeptic

I think with news about IE's latest security patch actually helping with such things as reveals in this blog post

Like the fact, "solution providers can use the patch as an opportunity to fix browsers, tune up systems and install better security protections.".. 

...this still means the system has to be set up to accept the "automatic download" which can be a security risk itself.

As much as it is important for your windows operating system to be up to date with all the security patches available, having a knowledgeable way of being sure you are up to date and that is where Belarc Advisor shines.  This also means you can feel good about turning off any 'automatic updates'.

If you are going to read the first part of this, be sure to also read the second part where it is explained on how this patch opens the opportunities.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Classic Views and Office 2007

Sometimes after installing a new or updated software program you find yourself hunting for what used to be “simple commands” only to continue to get frustrated with it.  While some people enjoy learning what new features are available within this program, others would like to remain with the simple pleasures of not having to re-train the ol’ brain.  Thankfully there are what is known as “classic menus” that you can turn on or select by going through the programs preferences and views.


My Digital Life blog is chalked full of great tips and tricks so it should be no surprise to find help here when it comes to office 2007/2003.


Personally, I love this OOBE (out of box experience) as in most cases with anything newly updated, they (the software creator)  has incorporated all the good features and made them better and by that this typically means taking tasks that would normally take more then two or more clicks to complete and incorporate them in to one and so it is quite common to find yourself initially looking through the programs ‘preferences’ or ‘options’.  I highly suggest this practice all of the time, as this is just like reading the table of contents of a book that you may find yourself interested in reading. It also helps learn all the shortcuts and stuff you never knew the program was capable of.  All it takes is TIME and this is where we unfortunately find ourselves getting frustrated.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Technical-Cleaning out the Temp directory

Using the normal administrator account cmd line, use the following:

del %temp% /f /s /q

Note: if you do not understand what I just wrote then you shouldn't be using this.

Monday, December 08, 2008

OUTLOOK versus Outlook express

The difference is mostly security since outlook express is a program
from windows 98 and XP days, this is the weak link within the Windows
XP operating system. If you have outlook, you are going to be better
off using that, especially if you have Office 2007. Note that the
Windows Mail within Vista is similar to Outlook and is a lot more
secure then outlook express.

If you have Windows Vista then you would have had no choice but to
learn the new program. Fortunately with Outlook, it doesn't feel that
much different then Outlook express. Sure the Office 2007 looks a lot
different then the earlier forms of Office, but given a few hours of
playing around with it, or using the OPTIONS/PREFERENCES and see what
changes you can make, you shouldn't have that much trouble at all.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Google Chrome Browser Reviewed

I have been using the "new" Google Chrome browser now, since it was launched (a few months ago) and figured it was about time for some sort of review so here it is.

It is fast, I will give it that, so if you are using a somewhat slow computer, which could be classified as, say, 1 GB processor or less, or a computer with 256mb of RAM memory, you will be pleasantly surprised with this. I have noticed however, that some websites may not open or be displayed in the correct fashion, due to the way it handles java script but because it is a work in progress, you should be expected for some items to still need a little tweaking. To use this browser as a second browser is probably a good choice.

An update on what I have written with regards to using it as a second browser, it is interesting to learn through a recent ARS Technica post that Google will take the browser out of Beta status in the new year and go head to head with Microsoft's IE, as IE8 is also right around the corner.