Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Have a nice day"...

I know it is supposed to be a kind thing to say to someone, typically the last words of your conversation, but for some reason, some time ago I was having a bad day and someone said this to me....I didn't say it out loud but I did think to myself, "don't tell me what kind of day to have"... but thanks to this Nutri-Grain commercial I can now have a chuckle when someone tells me to have a nice day.. no matter what kind of mood I am in!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun with Adobe and Java

They say time flies when you are having fun.. if you can call uninstalling "automatic updates" fun!   So much for my attempts at a 'daily blog'...

I have blogged about Adobe in the past and it appears my frustrations have forced me to post another one.

It should be know even though programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Java are necessary to have a smooth web surfing experience these two programs DO NOT need to run on windows start up. As well, when you do install these programs (which I suggest doing manually), be sure to always use the ADVANCED option if presented with one, even though you may not be the 'advanced' sort of user, this will allow you to instruct the installation as well as disallow specific items to be installed, including the 'run on windows start'.   The current problem with the java installation is automatic opt-in of Java's open office which means you need to de-select the option if you are only wanting Java.  With the Adobe Acrobat reader, now not only do you have the inclusion of the adobe speed launch on windows start up, a new icon on the desktop as well as an link on the desktop AND within the programs group. Is this necessary, absolutely not and to top things off, when a new Java update gets installed, the older versions are NOT uninstalled.  If you check your add/remove programs list you will see what I am talking about.   Ahhh yes, you search around and find yet another program that removes old versions of Java but should this be necessary? No way!  This again is where you can save some time if you pay attention to the method in which you install the programs in the first place.  Remember you only need to go one place to get these updates.. the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page! get back to having fun!