Saturday, February 28, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Show 700 Tomorrow



As most of you know, tomorrow is show #700 of No Agenda, the Best Podcast in the Universe (BPITU).

The show needs as many people taking part as possible to underline the importance of the show and to celebrate this momentous occasion. Please contribute either 700 dollars,700 dimes or 700 pennies to be part of this moment in history. And you can always be creative with a donation of any amount by clicking here.
With Photoshop anything is possible.
We promise another great podcast tomorrow with a deconstruction of the dubious murder of Boris Nemtsov on the streets of Moscow as he was escorting a comely Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya across a bridge after midnight. She was unhurt.
Anna Duritskaya: even if the assassins wanted to shoot this woman she'd be hard to hit. Eat something!!
We’ll also look at the current state of the six week cycle which wraps up shortly in advance of refunding Homeland Security.
It was awkwardly rewarding to hear the famous feminist and popular female icon and public intellectual Naomi Wolf in a recent presentation come to the No Agenda conclusion that many news stories are rigged. She was so on this idea that she even hinted at her belief that the Boston bombings were staged. She could not bring herself to actually say that, though. A weird clip of this commentary  is here on YouTube.
Remember that No Agenda relies on producers and listeners for its support because the kind of reporting and news analysis done by the show cannot be influenced by network executives, advertisers and pressure groups trying to promote their agendas.We are not kidding when we say that this show is really your show. You support it. You make it happen. Please continue to do so with a generous contribution to show 700. Click here.
Your co-host,

PS We want to thank those of you who decided to set up payment plans via online banking or who just like to send checks. Remember our address is No Agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA 94530
Still waiting for show 700. Tomorrow?
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Shaw Connect "FREE" WIFI

For those using Shaw Internet services you may have received email regarding their 'free' wifi services available around your city. They give you instructions on how to register your devices. Note you DO NOT need to do this to access this wifi!  All you need to know is your current Shaw Account username and password. Note: this is NOT your email address username and password that you may have with Shaw. This is the username and password you use to access your account information where you can view and pay your bill, make changes to your internet/tv/phone services, etc.

If you haven't already signed up for this service then you WILL need to do this first and foremost.  Once you have signed up and signed in to your Shaw account you can then either make the choice to add your various mobile devices to the list. However I personally wouldn't suggest it as you will be able to do this much easier by simply signing in to the service "if/when" you ever use it. Especially if you have more than one device, like a phone and a tablet. You may find you never use your tablet to do this but might use your phone in which case when you go to sign in you will have the option to 'save the device' at that time. Then when you go to connect to their wifi services it will automatically connect, just like how your home wifi works.  The main reason I don't recommend signing up your device before you use it is because you may change the device before you ever use it on their service and then it will simply be confusing when you do go to connect and you get an error message that says something like "you have already registered the maximum amount of devices" as they are limiting you to this in which case you will then have to sign in to your account and remove one or more from the list you have already set up/registered.

Here are the instructions you can view through your account registration:

Connect on a Shaw Go WiFi registered device
  1. Find a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot
  2. Access the network/WiFi settings on your device
  3. Select Shaw Open from the list of wireless networks
  4. Open your web browser – your device will connect automatically whenever you’re in a hotspot

Connect on a non-registered device
  1. Have your email address and password handy.
    Don't have one? Get one now
  2. Access network
    • Access the network/WiFi settings on your device
    • Select ShawOpen from the list of wireless networks
    • Open your web browser and you'll see the Shaw Go WiFi sign-in page
  3. Sign on and connect
    • Sign in using your email address and password
    • Register your device and select Remember Device

Thursday, February 26, 2015



  • 50 Shades of Terror
  • A picture named NA-699-Art-SM
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda

One Show
Left before


No Agenda Thursday Show

Hot Show Planned for 699.


Dear Producer,

Tomorrow is show 699 and the last chance to grab a double executive producer credit with a commemorative $700 donation for show 700 on Sunday. Join the fun with any of the special donation levels. $700, 700 dimes or 700 pennies. Thanks.

And if you want to be creative with a donation of any size, 
click here.
When you listen to No Agenda consider the interesting accolade from producer Alex Norriem:

“What you guys do is without a doubt one of the most heroic endeavors being attempted in this modern day dystopian reality.”

Thank you very much.
There is a lot to be discussed on tomorrow’s show including something the show has highlighted, China’s long rail lines stretching directly into Europe to move products in and out. It's finally happened as one line just opened.
Then there is the continuing evolution of the ISIL atrocities, looking for something that “clicks.”
Plus, Elizabeth Warren takes a few shots at Janet Yellen to show the world she is “tough.” The last time Warren showed toughness was when she went up against robo-calls. There is no evidence anything came of it.
They are not going to let me keep doing this forever. Sigh.
Think of No Agenda when you think of honest news analysis. And contribute to show 699 by visiting the support page, or clicking here.
Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

PS And you can always send checks to Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Make checks payable to the No Agenda Show. 

PPS The picture of Manhattan is the first in a series of unforgettable pics.
Global cooling. Here is Manhattan this week surrounded by ice.
If you want real analysis based on research and digging deeper into a story, No Agenda is your show. To keep it alive please support No Agenda any way you can. There are excellent ideas on the support page here.
Part of the predictable script to bring Brian Williams back. This indicates things are going to plan.

This news flash has pre-empted the kitten/puppy pic.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

TPS Consulting Daily

Sunday, February 22, 2015



  • Citadels of Censorship
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Show 700 coming fast



There are two shows left before show 700 and that means two shows left before you can get a double Executive producer credit with a $700 contribution. So far we’ve had none and hope that changes shortly.

And remember the 700 dimes, and 700 pennies donations too. Every little bit helps the show and makes it better and better.
The show has recently been deconstructing the government propaganda aimed at the US public, which used to be illegal. And we continue to point out how the media is failing the public by being part of the mechanism. So instead of digging into corruption, wrong doing and illegalities, they just let the government officials tell them what to say.
And if the government is not telling them what to say, then advertisers are telling them what to say -- if the advertisers are not saying it themselves via native advertising. We have plenty of clips from the publishers bragging about this new trend and how much of a money-maker it is for these publications
To further point out the corrupting influence of this system your No Agenda Show last Thursday played clip after clip showing how the oil tankers used to convey Bakkan crude are totally inadequate for a product that is as volatile and explosive as gasoline.
This information had to be found on Al Jazeera because no mainstream media operation would touch the story despite the life-threatening dangers of the “pipeline on rails” system. Worse is the fact that the PBS NewsHour doesn’t want to delve into this story for the obvious reason that the BNSF Rail system is a heavy sponsor of NewsHour and have apparent priority over “viewers like you.”
All these incidents are the reason that we cannot accept any form of support other than direct individual support from our producers and listeners. You make this show possible. Without you, there is no show. Your No Agenda Show may be the last honest show in the world. Keep it alive. Keep listening.

Contribute any amount you can today by clicking here.
Your co-host,

PS We want to thank those of you who decided to set up payment plans via online banking or who just like to send checks. Remember our address is No Agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA 94530
Waiting for show 700
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Microsoft OneDrive 100gb of FREE Storage

Microsoft is currently getting cozy with Dropbox and now you can get 100gb of free storage added do your existing storage for a full year.

All you need to do is sign in to OneDrive (or create an account) and let OneDrive send a file to your Dropbox account to verify you are a Dropbox user.  You will then have 100GB of space added to whatever you currently have available. (for 12 months) 

Here is the promo link