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Happy New Year 2017

Dear Producers,
As another year passes you can look back on 2016 and decide how good or bad a year it was. A lot of people are complaining that 2016 was the worst year ever and good riddance. These people all tend to have a couple of things in common. They are Hillary supporters and often slaves to the celebrity culture.

Hillary lost the election and a lot of celebrities died. Making matters worse, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split up. This is the life of too many people. Their caring is directed at celebrities they’ve never met and probably never seen in real-life. Yet they care soooo much.

So what is the point of having the public emotionally involved with celebrities? To promote the corporate interests of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, of course.

This is why ABC could do a 2-hour wrap of the year with a straight face and make it almost exclusively about show business.
Show business in its various forms easily tops $300 billion annually in revenues not including a lot of ancillary revenues streams. Celebrity worship is part of the marketing mechanism.

Your No Agenda Show will wrap up 2016 better than the big networks because there are no pressures from commercial interests like this. You get a realistic rundown from No Agenda.
2016 was marked by some of the greatest hoax photos ever. 2017 will be better.
Know this: there are plenty of entities and many individuals who want to see No Agenda fail. It comes up in conversations and there is an entire Reddit group dedicated to ragging on the show. When we discuss promotion of the show with professional PR people, instead of them seeing a fabulous effort, they try and convince us to sell out to commercial interests. It’s incredible what advice we are given, none of it good for the future of the show.

Only through your personal support can we do this much needed show. You love the show already, show some support and let’s go into 2017 with a bang.
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This will get the New Year off to a good start. And you can be certain that tomorrow’s show, which will include a discussion of the idiotic “hack” in Vermont, will be a doozy

Your co-host
John C. Dvorak
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Photo Gallery.Antique New Years Postcards and Images.
The car is always involved.
Hard to tell when the "tradition" of mailing out these greeting cards waned. Early post cards were called penny post cards because they cost one cent to mail. Probably the increase in costs made a difference.
Father time shows up early in the 1900's. Young girls seemed to be thematic instead of today's baby.
The crazy French topper.
There were a lot of directions to go with the imagery. It eventually boiled down to "Father" time and the newborn with the big smile. These came in-between.
Lots of weird symbolism. Generally creepy. A classic.
From Germany when they never heard of "trigger warnings."
A turning point in 1910 and with the thematic Zeppelin.
Peculiar 1911 card with the pigs tails used for the numbers.
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Friday, December 30, 2016

TPS Consulting Daily


Why is there no fake news on LinkedIn? Listen to its editor explain.

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Mike Elgan - Facebook and LinkedIn are both technology companies that deliver news to millions of people. But the differences stop shortly after that. “We all have sweatshirts, hoodies, that say ‘human editors’...

Gamification Analysis of Snapchat: How Snapchat is Changing Storytelling

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Yu-kai Chou - This article is written by Contributing Writer Erik van Mechelen. Snapchat has surpassed Facebook and Instagram as the go-to app for teens. Having famously turned down a $3-billion offer from Face...

Uru finds the best places to introduce ads in online videos

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TechCrunch - New York City-based startup Uru is working on a new way for video publishers to make money. Imagine watching a normal-looking online video — except that on some of the surfaces (say, on the cabinet...

8 of your best predictions for the future of IoT in 2017

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Reg Saddler - Every year IoT brings new things to biotechnology, manufacturing, home living and every aspect of our daily lives. We’ve seen it disrupt traditional industries, transform our cities and contribute ...

The real political divide is education

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TechCrunch - Steve Welch is the founder and managing partner of Dreamit. The two main political parties in this country are about to face a challenge that will create a complete realignment as politicians are f...

LG’s Hub Robot sounds like a mobile Amazon Echo

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TechCrunch - LG and Samsung have really taken advantage of the calm before the CES storm by teasing out their product announcements, one by one. LG’s certainly ahead in terms of sheer strangeness here, having a...

Fam lets you do group videochats directly within iMessage

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TechCrunch - In my opinion, one of FaceTime’s major flaws is the lack of group video chat. Sure, apps like Skype, ooVoo and now Messenger let you do group video chats, but it’s just not as seamless as FaceTime....

Iran has banned Clash of Clans for promoting violence and tribal conflict

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TechCrunch - Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh is working on Virtuleap, a VR startup in the edtech space, and is a co-founder at Gameguise, a Dubai-based publisher of online games in the Middle East and a consultancy fo...

9 Innovative Inventions We Saw in 2016 - Core77

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Om Malik - This year we saw the invention of a lot of neat, useful things that allow us humans to do more, waste less, use nature to protect ourselves from nature, create absolutely perfect toast and more. Th...

Throwback Thursday: Apple QuickTake cameras, pioneers of consumer digital photography

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Guy Kawasaki - While Apple Inc. is known for being a pioneer in the world of computers and smartphones, it also produced some of the first consumer digital cameras. The QuickTake 100, released in 1994, was built ...

Why Some Companies Are Trying to Hire More People on the Autism Spectrum

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Guy Kawasaki - “At some point, Thorkil wasn't making enough impact. He had 75 or so people employed, but he wanted to employ a million people with autism. So he changed his model, and started trying to convince b...

Ars Technica’s best video games of 2016

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Ars Technica - Much like 2015 before it, 2016 was jam-packed with enough quality titles to make narrowing down a top 20 list quite a chore. But the Ars gaming brain trust was up to the task, arguing late into the...

Amazon announces Digital Day 24-hour sales event for digital content only

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Ars Technica - The holiday shopping season may be officially over, but Amazon created another way for people to spend money before 2017 begins. The online retailer announced Digital Day, a 24-hour sales event on ...

Wait... we sued who?! Patent troll drops case one day after Newegg’s lawyer calls

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Ars Technica - A shell company that sued dozens of computer peripheral makers has quickly dropped Newegg house brand Rosewill from its list of defendants. The motion to dismiss, filed yesterday, comes just days a...

South Korea slaps Qualcomm with record-setting $850M fine

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Ars Technica - South Korean regulators say that Qualcomm's patent-licensing methods violate Korean unfair competition laws, and the company must pay a fine of 1.03 trillion won, or about $850 million or £695 mill...

Will Consumers Change Their Minds About Wearables In 2017?

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Reg Saddler - It wasn’t so long ago that we were all excited about the next great computing platform: wearable devices and (especially) smartwatches. Many people thought that by 2017 we’d be fairly dependent on ...

Some Galaxy S7 users report camera lens shattering randomly - Android Community

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Android Community - Samsung Mobile may be in hot water once again. This is not yet at the panic level of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries catching on fire incidents, but it can potentially become a legal battle. Some users...

Check out this Woolim tablet exclusive for the North Koreans - Android Community

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Android Community - We have limited information about North Korea but honestly, we don’t want to know much because there are things we’re not supposed to know. Between North and South Korea, we have a lot to say about...

Has the Internet Killed Curly Quotes?

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TweetSmarter - The trouble with being a former typesetter is that every day online is a new adventure in torture. Take the shape of quotation marks. These humble symbols are a dagger in my eye when a straight, or...

Car Hacking Is a Thing, but Are You Really in Danger?

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TweetSmarter - With modern cars becoming more connected, with smarter features, hacking is a real danger. It’s rare, but it’s already happening. We’re not in the “stop your engine” world yet, but it’s easy to bre...

2017 Key to Small Business Social Media Marketing

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Travis Wright - Here’s my 2017 New Year’s resolution to you: I want you to focus on your organic social media reach for the next year. As we wrap up 2016, I’ve been reviewing my core strategy for my personal brand...

Textr : Group Messaging App - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - We had an interesting chat with Mr. “Sam Getty”, Founder of the Atlanta, Georgia – USA based start-up “Textr” Below is the interview we conducted with him: 1. What is it exactly that you do and wha...

CareerSonar a Social Job Discovery - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - Start-Ups.Co interviewed Mr. ‘Aviram Ben Moshe'; Co-founder & CTO at the US (NY)based start-up “CareerSonar”. “CareerSonar” ranks all jobs available online by the strength of your inside connection... A New Way To Meet People - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - Today, we had a quick overview with Mr. ‘Tomasz Dominiak'; Project Manager / CEO of in Warsaw. ( is a new product designed for anyone who wants to break free fro...

Trendii : Social Commerce Platform - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - We had an interesting chat with Mr. “Christopher Latter”, Co-Founder at London – UK based start-up “Trendii” Below is the interview we conducted with him: 1. What is it exactly that you do and wha... A Mobile Application That Helps People Earn Money for Shooting and Sharing Photos and Videos - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - Rawporter helps people earn money for shooting and sharing photos and videos. All items captured with the app or uploaded online are indexed so they become discoverable by search engines and can no... Finding Web Apps Made Easy! - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - AppAppeal reviews and compares web applications to help people find the best web app for their needs. Our quality reviews are comprehensive, objective, and created by professional writers. We do no...

Vertical Method : Posture Strength For Techies and The Desk-Bound Workforce - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - We had an interesting chat with Ms. “Jennifer Davis”, Founder and CEO of the San Francisco- United States based startup “Vertical Method” Below is the interview we conducted with her: 1. What is...

Sleeves Up Productions : Digital Content For Brands - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - We had an interesting chat with Ms. “Erika Kramer”, CEO and Founder at New York – USA based start-up “SleevesUpProductions” Below is the interview we conducted with her: 1. What is it exactly that...

SmartUse: Mobile Application To Handle Construction Projects - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - Start-Ups.Co really enjoyed interviewing the brilliant entrepreneur; Ms. ‘Lucie Perrier'; Marketing Director of the New York-based start-up “SmartUse”. Below, is the full interview that we have con... A Comprehensive Healthy Lifestyle Solution which Generates a Nutritional Plan that is personalized for You - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - Venio provides a comprehensive healthy lifestyle solution, which generates an interactive meal-plan that is personalized around your taste, health goals, and dietary preferences. Below is the full ...

VaporWare : Building, Testing, and Running Lean Cloud Software - Start-Ups.Co

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Debbas - We had an interesting chat with Ms. “Jeff Schroeder”, Co-Founder of the US based start-up “vaporware” Below is the interview we conducted with him: 1. What is it exactly that you do and what you...

Search Engine Land's most engaging stories of 2016: A whole lotta Google

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DotOnline (.ONLINE) - I wasn’t exaggerating with that title. Sure, we cover a lot of Google-related news here on Search Engine Land, but now it can be definitively stated that it’s (in part) because that’s what you, our...

California is making it much harder to use your smartphone while driving

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Jefferson Faudan - It's time to use that Amazon gift card for a phone mount for your car — California is cracking down. Starting Sunday a new law is making it even harder to use your phone in the car. Throughout the...

TripIt | A trip to Mount Pleasant, SC in December 2016

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Chris Abraham - Click on Tools - Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab. Click the Advanced button. Check "Override automatic cookie handling." Check "Accept" under "First-party Cookies" and "Third-party Cookies...

How To Optimize Mobile Referrals - It’s More Than Adjusting Incentives! - App Virality

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Tyson Quick - In my opinion, Referral Marketing mimics a Bob Marley song. Just like his work, this Marketing tactic has been enjoyed from one generation to another, packaged and repackaged with changing times- a...

A billion dollar gift for Twitter

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Steve Hultquist - Open-letter advice articles like this Medium piece are usually particularly insufferable because they presume that a big company full of smart people couldn’t think of improvements that one random ...

The Best Job Hunting Advice On The Web

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Rolf Joho - It isn’t easy to find good employment in a tough economy. You are competing with the same position. Use what you’re about to read in order to be better prepared when job hunting. If you are having ...

You Can Understand The Basics Of Best Webhosting

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Rolf Joho - It can be hard finding a reliable hosting company. It can be hard to make the murky waters of best webhosting to find which company will meet your needs. The advice provided in this article will gu...

The 8 Core Drives of Gamification (#4): Ownership and Possession

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Yu-kai Chou - (Below is a snippet of Gamification Book: Actionable Gamification – Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards. If you like this blog post, you will LOVE the book. For a video walk-through, check out:...

Blog: Will driverless cars revolutionise retail delivery?

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Future Lighting - For an industry that relies on getting products from A to B – be it a store or a home – this is a major issue. There is a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK with the pool of workers shrinking to its...

The Best Laptops Of 2016: Ultralights, Hybrids And Gaming Machines That Take Home The Gold

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Future Lighting - Technology advancements offered the opportunity for some pretty great notebook products in 2016, whether you’re looking for something sleek and stylish, a workhorse device or a beastly desktop repl...

BR40 and R20 LED Lamps feature innovative cloud design.

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Future Lighting - GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer, proudly announces the release of its BR40 10.5W and R20 6.5W Warm Dim LED lamps. The GREEN CREATIVE Warm Dim Series now includes a BR...

Recode and The Verge count down the 10 biggest tech stories of 2016

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Tamara Dull - Normally on Too Embarrassed to Ask, we pick episode topics based on questions sent in by our readers and listeners. But this week, Recode’s Kara Swisher and The Verge’s Lauren Goode chatted with fe...

Can Alexa help solve a murder? Police think so — but Amazon won’t give up her data.

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Tamara Dull - This product image of the Amazon Echo. (Amazon via AP) When police responded to a home in Bentonville, Ark., one Sunday morning last November, they discovered Victor Collins's dead body in the back...

Twitter creates New Year's Eve stickers that look a lot like Snapchat filters

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Jason Cramer - 2016 was rough for many reasons. For Twitter, the year included a languishing of its stock price, many exits of top leaders, struggle to combat abuse and a failed attempt to be acquired. But Twitt...

Introducing: Builder

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Egnyte - When we launched the initial Egnyte app store, we wanted to reinforce our users’ natural workflows, sniffing out opportunities for seamless automation and building bridges via open APIs, diligently...

CenturyLinkVoice: The Flextime Phenomenon And 5 Must-Have Tools For The Sharp SMB

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Egnyte - The adoption of flextime has resulted in a productivity boon for companies of all sizes and across a broad swath of verticals. It also serves as a compelling workplace benefit for millennials, who ...

Egnyte and Microsoft Azure partner for storage to rival Box and Dropbox

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Egnyte - Recently, at Dreamforce 2016, Egnyte announced that it has chosen Microsoft Azure as the go-to storage option for new Egnyte customers. The company now boasts the ability to offer customers end-to-...