Friday, September 28, 2007

Asus R2H Tweaks

This post is mostly for myself, so that I have a quick and easy reference to what issues I have and have not already done to my R2H unit. Firstly, I have not *(yet) updated to Vista but have added the necessary RAM to make it work well with Vista. I have found when I first bought this unit, that Vista was just too new and did not have the ability to be compatible with the way I had planned on using my little baby. Since about day 3 however, I had removed one software command from the start up (I guess) that has rendered the 'program launcher button' inoperable. The weird part here is the button is a button and not something I would click on the screen to use and so I would think this should fall within the system bios. So far I have found no fix for this (other then to restore from original backup which I figured I would hold off on, mostly because I am too busy using the unit to take the day or more to get it tweaked once again and feel waiting until I make the plunge to Vista on it to first see if that fixes the problem or not).. I have found some good links, in particular this one which has a number of other useful links within it.

Part 2 of the above link which can also be accessed from within that post can be found here.

This would be another tip of instructions, noting that all of these are not for people that are feeling uncomfortable dealing with the registry.

I'll be updating this post with more links as I come across them, but since I am still using Windows XP that came with the system they all will have to wait.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dollar for Dollar

For the first time in my life where it actually means something (I was too young to be spending money the last time this happened), the Canadian Dollar reaches par with the US... strange thing about this is the free trade agreement happened many years ago and yet it has taken this long for the real "free trade" happens. Currently I am visiting in the USA so it means even more for me since I feel pretty good pulling out those American Dollars knowing that they aren't any better then the (much prettier) Canadian Loonie! Go Canada Go!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Think before you "click"

One of the wonderful services I offer to all of my clients is the ability to help them remotely when a problem does crop up. A simple email with regards to what problem you are having or a phone call, in the case your email is the problem, will result in me connecting remotely to your computer and diagnosing and in most cases, repairing the problem.

So hopefully you can imagine my frustration when I connect and start the diagnosis and repair process which will usually have at least one sort of spyware scan, to have the owner/user show up to their computer and see something 'strange going on'... which would be the fact that the mouse is moving and all these files are opening and closing, etc... the first thing that is done is to attempt to 'close the program' instead of thinking for a minute and possibly even paying attention to what is going on, the file/program is closed. Now for me, I see the mouse beginning to move, out of my control (or is it)... the fact is I do have the ability to lock the keyboard and mouse remotely, but I usually don't since after all, it is not my computer to be doing that to, but boy is it frustrating when a scan, which may have been going for over an hour, is terminated simply because "I didn't know what was happening".. in fact I have had some even pull the plug on their computer....

So all I ask is, please, think before you decide to close that task that is open. Check out exactly what it is that is running and you may be surprised to find it is one of the good programs, only trying to clean up the mess that was created.


now you can go back to your crazy clicking!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remote Computing--Connecting to your friends computer

This is a 'tinfoil hat' blog post as it can get a little technical and for many, over their head when it comes to 'how to' but I believe Peter Butler over at CNet has a pretty good explanation with some examples of product available. I have personally used many of these, and currently have taken logmein ( as my favorite method that I deploy on virtually any computer that ever goes across my bench. Since their software installs quite easily (very few problems so far), so long as your computer is connected to the Internet, I should be able to connect and help you out with whatever problems you might be having...without you needing to know ip addresses or router settings. With their service, it is very customizable and can grow as I need it to, giving me even more methods of helping those that require closer monitoring. Some people like to just use their computer and not have to worry that it isn't going to be working when they want to use it, and that is my mission--to be able to keep you up and running, or have a service loaner available for you which can be delivered to you in most cases, within the hour if you should be in that much of an emergency!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Google Earth and the Easter Egg

When it comes to computers and Easter Eggs, this typically means a hidden set of tools or program within a program. As with the latest version of Google Earth there is an incredible Easter egg that all aviation enthusiasts will enjoy!