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Technology News Thursday, and More!

Technology news and more...

Netflix's 'Masters of the Universe' premieres July 23rd with action figures in tow

19KEngadget / 6h
Netflix is premiering Kevin Smith's 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation' series on July 23rd, and it's showing off the matching action figures.

U.S. Airlines May Start Weighing Passengers At The Gate

500+View from the Wing / 7h
U.S. airlines may need to start weighing passengers in order to comply with FAA rules. For safety reasons, carriers need to calculate an aircraft's weight and balance, and it has to be within allowable limits for the plane. However the assumptions they've been using for passengers are outdated. Americans are getting fatter , and the federal government wants airlines to find out how much fatter th

The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill

4KWired / 11h
All pandemic long, scientists brawled over how the virus spreads. Droplets! No, aerosols! At the heart of the fight was a teensy error with huge consequences.

Netflix Is Making a New Animated Ultraman Movie

Gizmodo / 13min
Ultraman’s global plans just keep getting bigger and bigger , appropriately. Read more...

Washed-Up Influencer Arrested For Driving His Tesla From The Backseat, Says 'Elon Musk Really Knows What He’s Doing'

Gizmodo / 13min
After the California Highway Patrol alerted locals of a man who seemed to be riding from the backseat of his Tesla Model 3 while the car’s autopilot barreled down the highway, the CHP caught the man responsible on Tuesday, booking him into a local jail and towing his car from the scene. A day later, that man’s back on… Read more...

Two Planes Collide — With, Miraculously, Zero Injuries

21Futurism / 14min
Bullseye Two planes crashed into each other in midair on Wednesday while they were both preparing to land at a small airport in Arapahoe County, Colorado, just outside Denver. But shockingly, no one involved in the accident was hurt, according to The Associated Press . Both pilots were able to make emergency landings and walk away unscathed, as did the one passenger who had been along for the unf

Disney cuts the theater-exclusive window in half for 'Free Guy,' 'Shang-Chi'

32Engadget / 15min
New Disney movies will only be exclusive to theaters for 45 days instead of 90.

Masks still required during air travel as CDC loosens indoor mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people

46The Points Guy / 21min
As Diana Ross sang, “Drop the Mask.” But not if you’re planning to travel. On Monday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that fully vaccinated people — those who had their final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least two weeks prior — can safely go maskless in most indoor and outdoor settings. More: What to know about COVID-19 vaccines in the US The CDC’s new guidance n

Applying For Chase Ink Business Cards: What You Need To Know

100+One Mile at a Time / 26min
Chase has some of the all around best credit cards, in terms of the welcome bonuses, return on spending, and perks. This is especially true with the issuer’s business credit cards. For example, the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card ( review ) has the single best welcome bonus of any credit card right now, and I’d argue is the most well-rounded business credit card . Meanwhile, the no annual fee

Coinbase made $771 million in profit in the first quarter, benefiting from cryptocurrency mania.

84NYT > Technology / 30min
The company said rivals were swarming the market and increasing competition and that it was spending heavily on marketing and development to keep ahead of its competitors.

Sounds Like the Snake Eyes Movie (Wisely) Puts G.I. Joe on the Back-Burner

Gizmodo / 31min
There were a lot of things wrong with the 2009 movie G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra — a lot of things . But it seems like the upcoming film G.I. Joe Origins: Snake Eyes has figured out to avoid them, and thus create the G.I. Joe movie franchise the previous films failed to do. First and foremost on that list? Not worrying about … Read more...

Decades-Old Flaws Affect Almost Every Wi-Fi Device

68Wired / 31min
The so-called Frag Attack vulnerabilities could let hackers steal data or compromise connected gadgets.

What's New About Amazon's Updated Echo Shows?

20Lifehacker / 35min
Amazon recently announced new versions of its Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 smart displays. Each of the model refreshes includes an upgraded camera and the latest Alexa features, but the hardware specifications—and intended user bases—differ. Let’s take a look at the changes. Read more...

CDC Drops Mask Requirements For Vaccinated Individuals

View from the Wing / 35min
The federal government just extended its public transportation mask mandate two weeks ago , to run through September 13th. Yet today the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks. Continue reading ...

SpaceX Reveals Plans for First Orbital Starship Test Flight

100+Futurism / 36min
Going Orbital In a document filed with the Federal Communications Commission, first spotted by The Verge , SpaceX has outlined its plans for the first orbital test flight of its Starship platform. Going orbital is a key stepping stone towards sending the first humans to the Moon since the Apollo missions — and even Mars — making this journey a key inflection point for the Elon Musk-led space comp

Watch NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter fly on Mars using old school 3D glasses

SlashGear / 38min
If you own a pair of red-cyan glasses, you now watch NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter perform one of its flights in 3D. NASA released the video edited into an anaglyph, meaning it is a stereoscopic video where the same series of frames were reprojected and superimposed in two layers, one in red and one in cyan color, for use with color-filtered … Continue reading

Save $85 on a cordless stick vacuum that can tackle tough messes

Mashable / 43min
Save $85.19: The Black+Decker PowerSeries Extreme cordless stick vacuum cleaner is on sale for $99 at Walmart as of May 13. We all love the convenience of robot vacuums , but if you're looking for a non-robot option, you can't beat a cordless vacuum that costs less than $100 . SEE ALSO: I'm a Dyson stan, but the Roborock S7 vacuum mop made life *really* easy One great option is the Black+Decker P

After another canceled year in the desert, Burning Man plans for a virtual event

80TechCrunch / 55min
Last month, the organization behind Burning Man announced that the festival/experience would not be returning to the desert of Nevada this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and would instead be attempting a virtual event once again aiming to bring attendees access to a handful of web-based experiences. Today, the Burning Man org released tickets for its online events taking place between August 2

The US Navy Is Developing Drones to Kill Eggs in Wild Bird Nests

200+Futurism / 57min
Fight or Flight The US Navy and a company called Hitron Technologies are developing a new autonomous killer drone designed specifically to seek and destroy the Navy’s ultimate foe: birds. The drones are a counterattack against the dangers of bird strikes at and around airfields, New Scientist reports , which can damage planes and have led to crashes and forced landings in the past. The drones, wh

Guardians of the Galaxy's Dave Bautista Is Ready to Pass on the Drax Mantle

Gizmodo / 1h
The gut-wrenching backstory of Drax the Destroyer has been mentioned several times in the current run of Marvel movies but never told in full. If that story ever gets a Black Widow -esque prequel origin treatment, though, star Dave Bautista plans to be looking at the screen, not being on it. Read more...

Michigan Republicans Want to Legally Protect Their 'Right to Be Wrong Without Being Told So'

45Gizmodo / 1h
Republicans! They just love their live-action role-playing, don’t they folks. They’re still questing to find the magic law that will stop the nefarious Silicon Valley leftists and antifa journalists from censoring the land of Real America. The latest proposal? Forcing fact-checkers to register with the state. Read more...

Alba Orbital’s mission to image the Earth every 15 minutes brings in $3.4M seed round

100+TechCrunch / 1h
Orbital imagery is in demand, and if you think having daily images of everywhere on Earth is going to be enough in a few years, you need a lesson in ambition. Alba Orbital is here to provide it with its intention to provide Earth observation at intervals of 15 minutes rather than hours or days — and it just raised $3.4M to get its next set of satellites into orbit. Alba attracted our attention at

Stop filling plastic bags with gas — your Memorial Day travel plans are safe

56The Points Guy / 1h
Lining up to buy gasoline — or filling trash bags with gas — is reminiscent of an early pandemic-era rush on toilet paper. But for many people along the East Coast, that’s been a reality since last week due to a pipeline shutdown that caused a gas shortage in several states. And the timing couldn’t be worse: Millions of travelers are expected to hit the road in coming weeks, fueled in part by ris

Twitter finally brings DM search to Android

Twitter DM Search Android•
37Engadget / 1h
Nearly two years after introducing a search feature to DMs on iOS and the web, Twitter is finally bringing the update to Android.

For the Love of God Please Don't Put Gasoline in Random Containers

57Lifehacker / 1h
Desperate times call for desperate measures, but if there is a shortage of gasoline in your area, that is not a good reason to fill water bottles or, god forbid, plastic bags with gas. Hoard gasoline if you must, but hoard your gasoline in proper gas cans . Read more...

Amazing deal: Fly Southwest to Hawaii for under $300 round-trip this summer

100+The Points Guy / 1h
Southwest Airlines announced a slew of new routes to Hawaii this morning and is already offering great deals on these new routes. Currently, you can book Southwest flights from many mainland U.S. cities to Hawaii for under $300 round-trip. These flights usually cost well over $800, presenting huge savings on a mid-summer trip to paradise. Plus, you can book the cheapest routes for less than 20,00

Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid millions for slow-ass decryption software

Colonial Pipeline Paid•
Mashable / 1h
When it comes to ransomware , you don't always get what you pay for. Colonial Pipeline, which operates more than 5,500 miles of fuel pipelines in the United States, found that out the hard way this week. It reportedly forked over almost $5 million worth of bitcoin to the hacking group that forced the company to proactively shut down its systems. But the company ended up using its own backups to r

Get Ready for In-Car Ads

60Gizmodo / 1h
Because being bombarded with roadside signage while taking a leisurely Sunday drive isn’t enough, Ford has patented a new system that uses a vehicle’s cameras to detect billboards and then pull them up on a car’s infotainment display as inescapable in-vehicle advertisements. Read more...

Advanced tax strategies for startup founders

100+TechCrunch / 1h
Peyton Carr Contributor Peyton Carr is a financial advisor to founders, entrepreneurs and their families, helping them with planning and investing. He is a managing director of Keystone Global Partners . More posts by this contributor What you need to know before selling your company’s stock Is your net worth too closely tied to your company’s success? As an entrepreneur, you started your busines

Interstellar Plutonium Found in Pacific Ocean, Scientists Say

500+Futurism / 1h
Special Delivery Researchers have identified traces of plutonium that came to Earth from a distant supernova and landed in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The plutonium, which was dug up by a Japanese oil company and donated to scientists, is comparatively young, according to research published Thursday in the journal Science, at least compared to the age of the rest of the cosmos. And because i

Framework's Repairable, Upgradable Laptop Is Available for Pre-Order

How-To Geek / 1h
As the Right to Repair movement continues to gain steam, a startup called Framework is opening pre-orders for its repairable, upgradable, modular laptop. Starting at $999 (or $750 if you choose the DIY option), Framework will begin shipping its 13.5-inch notebook at the end of July, though supply shortages may push delivery dates back a bit. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

He-Man Returns to Netflix in July with 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation'

How-To Geek / 1h
He-Man fans, unite! Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation is coming to Netflix in July, along with a star-studded cast. The series is a sequel to the original Filmation series from the 1980s, and is broken into two parts. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Amazon Prime Lands WNBA Multi-Year Streaming Deal

How-To Geek / 1h
Today Amazon continued its descent into live sports coverage and announced a multi-year deal with the Woman’s National Basketball Association that’ll stream several games live on Prime Video. This follows a deal with the NFL for Thursday Night Football and Premier League soccer. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Waymo and Cruise Take First Step Toward Autonomous Taxis In San Francisco

68How-To Geek / 1h
You know that friend who talks about moving to California but never goes through with it? Well, Waymo and Cruise are finally putting their money where their mouth is. After years of planning, the autonomous rideshare companies have both applied for permits to deploy their self-driving vehicles for controlled taxi and delivery services in San Francisco, according to a report by Reuters. Read This

Don't Flip Out: Nokia's 2720 V Flip Phone Will Soon Be Available In the U.S.

How-To Geek / 1h
Smartphones may be the phones of today, but flip phones will always be the phone of our hearts. And now, the Nokia 2720 V Flip is launching in the U.S. via Verizon, combining the fun circa-2009 aesthetics with modern conveniences. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Motorola Wants to Really Take the Wires out of Wireless Charging

How-To Geek / 1h
Wireless charging sounds great in theory, but it’s only mildly more convenient than wired charging. You plug a puck or stand into the wall with a wire and drop your device on that puck. Now, Motorola says it will team up with Guru Wireless to dump the pad and go truly wireless. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The Roku Channel Adds 25 Free Channels, Will Release Quibi Originals Soon

30 Quibi Roku May 20•
58How-To Geek / 1h
Roku recently bolstered its offerings on The Roku Channel by adding 25 additional new live/linear channels. The new channels are currently available to start watching, and you can stream them directly from the Live TV Channel Guide. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Target Stops Selling Pokémon Cards, Citing Violent Nerds

73How-To Geek / 1h
After a month of chaos, Target is pulling a dangerous product and potential liability from its shelves—Pokémon cards. Customers can rest easy knowing that Pokémon, NFL, MLB, and NBA trading cards, which have sparked fistfights and elaborate heists across the world, are now an online-only fare. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

From LA to San Francisco: What it’s like driving one of America’s best road trips

100+The Points Guy / 1h
When an enormous chunk of California ’s famed Highway 1 crumbled into the Pacific Ocean in January, it looked like it would be summer before it was possible to take the iconic road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco through the cliff-hugging stretch of coastline known as Big Sur. But thanks to a seemingly superhuman effort by the state’s Caltrans highway crews, the roadway reopened months ahe

CDC updates COVID-19 mask guidance: Everything you need to know

SlashGear / 1h
If you’ve been fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that you can stop wearing your face mask in the majority of situations. The new guidance, which first leaked earlier today, underscores the importance of getting vaccinated against the virus and the role it plays in returning to normal. The new guidance was … Continue reading

New Relic is bringing in a new CEO as founder Lew Cirne moves to executive chairman role

100+TechCrunch / 1h
At the market close this afternoon ahead of its earnings report, New Relic , an applications performance monitoring company, announced that founder Lew Cirne would be stepping down as CEO and moving into the executive chairman role. At the same time, the company announced that Bill Staples, a software industry vet, would be taking over as CEO. Staples joined the company last year as chief product

Shopify helps customers build online shops, but it’s minting tech founders and investors, too

48TechCrunch / 1h
Last month, Jean-Michel Lemieux, the chief technology officer of Shopify , and chief talent officer Brittany Forsyth announced on Twitter that they are stepping down from their roles. Chief legal officer Joe Frasca is also set to step down, with all three ending their tenures next month. In their new chapters, all seem keen to advise, invest in, or even launch startups, joining a growing number o

How to Keep Your Slaws From Getting Soggy

44Lifehacker / 1h
Cabbage-based slaws—cole or otherwise—are transcendent when properly executed, but so easy to mess up completely. No one wants a bowl of cabbage shreds swimming in overly-sweetened, watered-down mayo, and—luckily—no one has to resign themself to that fate. To keep your slaw from sogging out, you just need a little… Read more...

GameStop FOMO Inspires a New Wave of Crypto Pump-and-Dumps

100+Wired / 1h
Thousands of would-be investors are joining Discord groups that promise big earnings by manipulating the crypto market.

Florida Man Tries to Hold Back the Sea

20Gizmodo / 1h
Here’s something you don’t hear every day: there’s good news out of Florida. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed bills on Wednesday that make serious efforts to address the impacts of sea level rise in the state. But don’t take that as a sign that Trump-lite DeSantis is now some sort of right-wing climate savior.… Read more...

Facebook clarifies hate speech policies following Oversight Board recommendations

36Engadget / 1h
In response to a decision the panel came to on a video involving two individuals wearing blackface, the company says it will tweak the policy rationale section of its community guidelines on hate speech to add more context on why it prohibits harmful stereotypes.

Pinterest to test livestreamed events this month with 21 creators

200+TechCrunch / 1h
Pinterest is expanding into live events. The company is planning to host a three-day virtual event that will feature live-streamed sessions from top creators, including big names like Jonathan Van Ness and Rebecca Minkoff, among others. The virtual event will run inside the Pinterest app from May 24th through May 25th, and will serve as the company’s first public test of directly streaming creato

E3 2021 reveals official app, details all digital show

SlashGear / 1h
E3 2021 is quickly approaching, and after last year’s show was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is returning this year as an all digital show. Outside of some of the major exhibitors who will be in attendance, the fact that E3 2021 will be an all digital affair is the only thing that’s been confirmed about the … Continue reading

Japanese Billionaire Buys Passage to International Space Station

500+Futurism / 1h
Warmup Trip Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa announced today that he’s he’s going to visit the International Space Station before embarking on a much longer journey around the Moon on board a SpaceX Starship. The fashion tycoon booked two seats on a Russian Soyuz capsule — not a SpaceX Crew Dragon, notably — to launch to the orbital outpost in December. He will be accompanied by his production

Biden Signs Executive Order to Bolster Federal Government’s Cybersecurity

500+NYT > Technology / 1h
President Biden’s order places strict new standards on software sold to the government.

New users can get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 today

Ars Technica / 1h
Enlarge (credit: Ars Technica) Today's Dealmaster is headlined by a deal on Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as new users can get three months of the video game subscription service for $1 . We've seen Microsoft offer this deal before, but it still represents a $30 savings. (The company typically gives new users one month of service for $1 before bumping the cost up to $15 per month.) Those w

New analysis confirms hypothesis for source of mysterious auroral “dunes”

20Ars Technica / 1h
Revisiting the aurora "dunes": A time-lapse video recorded by a Scottish aurora borealis hobbyist Graeme Whipps was used to determine the speed of the phenomenon at over 200 m/s. Several years ago, amateur astronomers first spotted a rare type of aurora nicknamed " the dunes " because of its luminous, rolling wave patterns. Last year, astronomers proposed a possible underlying mechanism—an increa

When a Pipeline Goes Down, Tanker Trucks Come to the Rescue

200+Wired / 2h
But driving millions of gallons of gas around the country is trickier than you might think.

Netflix's Anime Eden Shows the Robot Apocalypse Can Be Beautiful

Gizmodo / 2h
Maybe Terminator had it wrong. Maybe, if robots rise up and overthrow humanity , the Earth won’t be a charred, smoking sphere covered in human skulls. Maybe without humans around to mess it up, nature will recover and the planet will be lush and scenic again. This first trailer for the Netflix anime Eden certainly… Read more...

How Much Are Your Old Pokémon Cards Worth Lately?

41Lifehacker / 2h
The trading card market is hot right now, if not a bit over heated—last week, a collector pulled out a gun on other collectors in a dispute over trading cards at a Target , prompting the company to pull cards from their shelves. While that’s an extreme example of the intense demand for trading cards during the pandemic,… Read more...

Heathrow may divert planes to deal with airport overcrowding

33The Points Guy / 2h
Fears of massive overcrowding as travelers resume flying this summer has officials at London Heathrow Airport considering diverting airplanes to other airports as a last-resort measure. With concerns that queues at Heathrow could be as long as six hours for border checks once the non-essential travel ban has lifted — including a social distancing nightmare — airport authorities are discussing sen

Framework's Dream of a Modular Laptop Is Real and Ready to Preorder

51Gizmodo / 2h
Imagine sprucing up your laptop the same way you would swap out the components inside a desktop PC case. That’s part of the premise behind the Framework laptop, made by a startup that wants to make it easier to diagnose and repair your stuff. Preorders are now open for Framework’s first batch of modular laptops, with… Read more...

Tesla owner who “drives” from back seat got arrested, then did it again

96Ars Technica / 2h
Enlarge / Interior of a Tesla Model 3. (credit: Tesla ) The California Highway Patrol said it arrested a man seen riding in the back seat of a Tesla Model 3 that had no one in the driver's seat. Param Sharma, 25, was arrested "and booked into Santa Rita Jail" on counts of reckless driving and disobeying an officer, the department said in a statement Tuesday. Sharma was arrested after multiple 911

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro leaks begin today

SlashGear / 2h
Today the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro were leaked with some designs that should throw you for a loop. Both devices look to have a single centered punch-hole display and a surprisingly daring industrial design around back. Both machines seem to have a camera bump on their back that’s a sort of bridge from one side to … Continue reading

ESA wants to make astronauts’ shared spacesuit underwear more hygienic

SlashGear / 2h
Yes, it’s true — astronauts share ‘underwear’ when they put on spacesuits to work outside of the International Space Station. This isn’t quite the same type of underwear you’re thinking of, as the astronauts first put on a disposable diaper, then the full-body underwear layer. Still, there are some downsides to this arrangement that the ESA is attempting to address … Continue reading

Two Common Food Dyes Could Be Linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease Symptoms

100+Gizmodo / 2h
Certain food dyes may play a role in triggering symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), new research, done in mice, suggests. The study found that yellow and red food dye could trigger chronic gut inflammation in mice, but only if their immune systems were already dysfunctional. The findings will need to be… Read more...

CDC: Vaccinated People No Longer Have To Wear Masks In Most Settings

200+One Mile at a Time / 2h
This is major, and potentially has huge implications for the travel industry. Mask rules eased for vaccinated people The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has today eased indoor mask wearing and social distancing guidance for fully vaccinated people. With this update, fully vaccinated people are no longer told that they need to wear masks or social distance in any setting, except w

Is there a creed in venture capital?

100+TechCrunch / 2h
Scott Lenet Contributor Scott Lenet is President of Touchdown Ventures . More posts by this contributor Analyzing the spectrum of corporate innovation from R&D to VC “Darth Ventures” and the efficacy of Sith management techniques How should venture capitalists and corporate innovators assess Din Djarin, the protagonist of The Mandalorian? He’s introduced as a bounty hunter, a mercenary vocation i

DJI's Air 2S is the Unexpected Drone Upgrade I Didn't Need, but Love

20Gizmodo / 2h
When I heard DJI was coming out with an upgrade to its Air lineup of drones, the first thought I had was: “Why?” DJI just released the Mavic Air 2 a year ago, and it’s a fantastic mid-tier drone that suits both semi-professional videographers and casual drone flyers who want to graduate from smaller drones, like the… Read more...

Target to Halt Pokémon Card Sales 'Out of an Abundance of Caution'

83Gizmodo / 2h
Though Target’s physical stores have been one of the few places that people could somewhat reliably secure Pokémon cards during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, collectors will soon have to look elsewhere to get their hands on the in-demand merch. Read more...

Watch Us Roam Virtual Deep Seas With Real Oceanographers

100+Wired / 2h
WIRED will be playing Subnautica: Below Zero and talking about ocean—and space—exploration with scientists from NOAA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

How to Turn Off Edge Chromium’s Shopping Notifications

20Lifehacker / 2h
You might not begrudge your Edge Chromium browser for trying to help you save money, but it can be annoying when prompt after prompt pops up about cash-back programs and coupon savings. Sometimes the deals are great; other times they’re more of an annoyance than useful. Read more...

Deadly Brain-Eating Fungus Outbreak Spreads Beyond India

1KFuturism / 2h
Earlier this week, health officials in India sounded the alarm that “black fungus” infections called mucormycosis were popping up among COVID-19 patients and survivors — especially those with diabetes — at alarming rates. Now, the same appears to be happening in neighboring Pakistan, according to The News International , the country’s largest English-language newspaper. Several hospitals in Pakis

Never just 1 point per dollar: Cards that earn 1.5x or more on all purchases

The Points Guy / 2h
Some of the most popular credit cards on the market feature a list of merchant categories that are eligible for bonus points, miles or cash back, followed by the well-worn phrase, “and you earn 1x points per dollar on all other purchases.” One point per dollar might have been OK a decade or so ago, but now there are plenty of ways to earn more than 1x points per dollar on all non-bonus purchases.

Roku 'Originals,' Formerly the Dregs of Quibi's Library, Will Debut May 20

30 Quibi Roku May 20•
Gizmodo / 2h
Last month, Roku announced it was officially rebranding its Quibi content collection as Roku Originals. Buckle up, because those series are officially set to hit the platform next week. Read more...

World’s biggest Star Wars Celebration ready for post-COVID-19 world in May, 2022

SlashGear / 2h
The biggest in-person Star Wars event of the year is almost certainly Star Wars Celebration. This event is massive, largely because it is Lucasfilm’s official Star Wars fan event. It’s been massive since inauguration back in 1999. After a 2-year hiatus, this gathering of Star Wars fans is set to return in 2022, and EARLIER than previously announced. Since the … Continue reading

Surprise, you can actually turn anything into a smart device — Future Blink

28Mashable / 2h
The Fingerbot Plus lets you turn your traditional buttons and switches into smart home-ready controls. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Smart Home , Alexa , Google Assistant , and Smart Home Voice Commands

See the grim climate graphs censored by Trump

58Mashable / 2h
Read more... More about Climate Change , Epa , Science , and Climate Environment

CDC Says It's Masks Off for Fully Vaccinated People

500+Gizmodo / 2h
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is relaxing nearly all its recommendations for mask-wearing during the pandemic, so long as you’ve got your shots. On Thursday, the agency announced that fully vaccinated people can safely remove their masks indoors in most settings, though it still says they have to … Read more...

The Chip Shortage Is Driving Up Tech Prices—Starting With TVs

76Wired / 2h
Some high-end televisions already cost 30 percent more than they did last summer. As the crunch continues, expect more gadget prices to spike.

'Friends: The Reunion' hits HBO Max on May 27th

Friends Reunion HBO Max•
200+Engadget / 2h
HBO Max will begin streaming Friends: The Reunion on May 27th.

How to Grow Loofahs In Your Garden Because Holy Crap They're Plants

200+Lifehacker / 2h
Loofahs are great for exfoliating the skin, and though one of them is my regular shower companion, I had no idea what they are. I assumed the coarse tubes were either natural sponges from the sea, or perhaps manufactured in a factory somehow. But it turns out they are actually a plant from the gourd family, and you… Read more...

Vaccinated people can now go maskless in most indoor locations [Updated]

CDC Fully Vaccinated•
200+Ars Technica / 2h
Enlarge / If you've been vaccinated, the CDC now says you can skip the mask and spacing. (credit: Luis Alvarez / Getty Images ) Original story, 2:32 pm EDT: As part of an ongoing press conference, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention responded to recent data on the effectiveness of vaccines and updated its guidance on mask use and physical distancing. Under the new guidance, anyone who

People Are Bringing More Bags To The Airport Than Ever, And American Is Increasing Some Fees

26View from the Wing / 3h
Leisure travel isn't just vacation, it's also "visiting friends and relatives" or 'VFR' for short. And those passengers tend to check a lot of luggage. What's more, the mix of passengers traveling has changed. Business travelers don't tend to check nearly as much luggage. So the same number of passengers as before on a plane comes with more luggage now than it used to. American Airlines has adjus

Remorseless Man Brags About Abusing Tesla Self-Driving Features

84Futurism / 3h
Some people never learn their lesson. A 25-year-old named Param Sharma was locked up by the California Highway Police (CHP) this week for reckless driving and disobeying a peace officer, according to ABC News , in what appears to be the latest incident of a driver abusing Tesla’s self-driving features. Multiple videos uploaded to Instagram show Sharma repeatedly riding Tesla vehicles from the bac

DryCycle looks like a mini electric car...but it's made for bike paths — Future Blink

24Mashable / 3h
DryCycle is a commuter vehicle specifically designed for rainy days, so you can "bike" to work rain or shine. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Rain , Electric Bike , Commuter , and Electric Vehicle

Amazon detective show 'Bosch' returns for its final season on June 25th

79Engadget / 3h
With seven seasons under its belt, 'Bosch' has had a longer run than most streaming shows.

Colonial Pipeline Reportedly Paid Hackers $5 Million for Decryption Key That Wasn't Very Useful

Colonial Pipeline Hackers•
35Gizmodo / 3h
About a week ago, Colonial Pipeline apparently paid the ransomware group DarkSide approximately $5 million in exchange for a data decryption key that didn’t really decrypt that much data. Read more...

PlayStation Play at Home returns for one final promo, this time with in-game freebies

SlashGear / 3h
Throughout the pandemic, Sony has giving out free games and running promotions as part of its Play at Home initiative. Earlier this year, Sony tapped the Play at Home initiative to give out a collection of free indie games, an extended three-month subscription to Funimation, and free copies of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. While we thought that might be … Continue reading

PayPal acquires returns logistics business, Happy Returns

92TechCrunch / 3h
PayPal announced today it’s acquiring Happy Returns , a returns solution provider that offers online shoppers access to easier ways to send back unwanted merchandise to retailers without having to box it up and ship it themselves. The company today offers a network of more than 2,600 drop-off returns locations in the U.S., including those in over 1,200 metros and in every U.S. state. It also has

Top researchers are calling for a real investigation into the origin of covid-19

500+MIT Technology Review / 3h
A year ago, the idea that the covid-19 pandemic could have been caused by a laboratory accident was denounced as a conspiracy theory by the world’s leading journals, scientists, and news organizations. But the origin of the virus that has killed millions remains a mystery, and the chance that it came from a lab has become the theory that cannot be put to rest. Now, in a letter in the journal Scie

This Simple Solution Helps You Stop Snoring for Good

Futurism / 3h
Nothing makes you feel more rundown and miserable than a bad night’s sleep. Unfortunately, if you or the person you sleep next to snores, you probably feel rundown and miserable a lot . Snoring is by far the most common reason people give for not sleeping well. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine , about 45-percent of people snore occasionally, while 25 percent say they snore on a regular basis.

Microsoft Surface Duo cuts price in half, but don’t be fooled

SlashGear / 3h
The two-screen Android device called Microsoft Surface Duo just had a price gut. It’s had its guts ripped out at a whopping 50% off, down to around $700 from its original $1400 USD. This isn’t the first time the device’s price has been clipped, and it probably won’t be the last. I would not recommend you buy this device, even … Continue reading

CDC relaxes indoor mask requirement for fully vaccinated people

500+The Points Guy / 3h
In the biggest endorsement for the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines to date, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance regarding indoor mask requirements. The announcement states that fully vaccinated people can now avoid wearing a mask or face covering in most indoor environments, even when in public. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky celebrated the update with

The Solar System Comes Alive for a Young Student in This First Look at James Rollins' The Starless Crown

Gizmodo / 3h
Author James Rollins is best-known for his SIGMA Force thrillers, but he’s also an accomplished fantasy author . His new series, Moonfall, begins early next year with The Starless Crown , an epic adventure in which one of the villains is the actual moon itself . io9 has the cover reveal and an excerpt to share today. Read more...

Japanese Billionaire Making a Stop on the ISS Before His Big Trip to the Moon on Elon's Rocket

100+Gizmodo / 3h
A Japanese fashion magnate, who has booked an all-civilian SpaceX flight ‘round the moon for 2023, has now announced that he’s also making an earlier trip this December to the International Space Station. On Thursday, billionaire Yusaku Maezawa tweeted : “Going to the ISS before the Moon 🚀.” Sounds perhaps slightly… Read more...

Let's Stop Calling Kids 'Stubborn,' Even If They Are

30Lifehacker / 3h
Strong-willed children are challenging to raise. They can turn even the most basic and routine of situations into a battle of the wills. They don’t just want to be right; they know they are right. They cannot stand to be told what to do all the time, so they will defy you at every turn, and the more obedience you… Read more...

AI Shows ExxonMobil Downplayed Its Role in Climate Change

96Wired / 3h
According to a new paper, the company’s own research showed that human activity was a contributor, but public statements suggested otherwise.

Software subscriptions are eating the world: Solving billing and cash flow woes simultaneously

100+TechCrunch / 3h
Krish Subramanian Contributor Krish Subramanian is co-founder and CEO of Chargebee , a global leader in subscription billing and revenue management. He began his career as a software engineer at a startup before going on to specialize in indirect purchasing implementations for Fortune 500 customers. Although recurring revenue businesses have been around for a long time, the trend toward a subscri

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance cross-platform on day 1: Xbox, desktop, streaming

D&D Dark Alliance Xbox•
SlashGear / 3h
Today Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance was announced as an Xbox Game Pass game at launch. This means that, all told, the game will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows 10 PC, and on every platform supported with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) through Xbox Game Pass. It’ll all be happening on June 22, 2021 – … Continue reading

The Apple and Amazon Side Hustles

100NYT > Technology / 4h
The companies say they always do what’s best for us, but their advertising businesses suggest otherwise.

British Airways trialling ‘game-changer’ COVID-19 test with results in 25 seconds

100+The Points Guy / 4h
British Airways is hoping to greatly reduce the time spent waiting for COVID-19 test results for travel. While some private testing results can take 48 hours or more, British Airways announced on Thursday it will be the first airline in the world to conduct the Pelican ultra-rapid COVID-19 antigen tests that deliver results within just 25 seconds. Sign up to receive the daily TPG newsletter for m

Google Docs Update May 'Unilaterally Kill' Some Chrome Extensions, Researcher Warns

20Gizmodo / 4h
For a company that’s staring down three separate antitrust cases from several dozen states and the Department of Justice , Google sure seems pretty comfortable issuing update after update that is nothing less than despotic. The latest example comes courtesy of a Google Docs tweak that on one hand makes the program… Read more...

How 'The Mitchells vs the Machines' harnesses the power of memes

43Mashable / 4h
Welcome to Thanks, I Love It , our series highlighting something onscreen we're obsessed with this week. Netflix's The Mitchells vs. The Machines looks like few other animated films we've seen before, combining CG sleekness with an almost hand-painted texture and then scribbling over all of it with doodles, captions, and surrealist clip art. Yet it's a look that might also feel oddly familiar, at won't take a cut of game sales on May 14th

45Engadget / 4h
This Friday, May 14th, indie game storefront will hold its first-ever Creator Day.

China’s autonomous vehicle startups AutoX, Momenta and WeRide are coming to TC Sessions: Mobility 2021

81TechCrunch / 4h
As the autonomous vehicle industry in the United States marches toward consolidation , a funding spree continues to exhilarate China’s robotaxi industry. Momenta,, WeRide and Didi’s autonomous vehicle arm have all raised hundreds of millions of dollars over the past year. And 21-year-old search engine giant Baidu competes alongside the startups with a $1.5 billion fund launched in 2017 to

How to Make 'I Live Alone' Ganache

40Lifehacker / 4h
One of the perks of living alone is the freedom to interpret the phrase “proper meal” however the heck you want. Even if your cohabiter’s diet preferences are in line with yours, their presence can repress your more feral tendencies, like making a bowl of ganache in the microwave and eating it with a spoon (just as an… Read more...

The Rock's 'Jungle Cruise' movie will hit Disney+ the same day as theaters

Disney Jungle Cruise•
100+Engadget / 4h
You can pay $30 to stream it at home on July 30th.

Revealed: Breeze Airways’ First Routes & Cities

200+One Mile at a Time / 4h
Breeze Airways is an airline startup that should be putting flights on sale any day now. The man behind the airline is David Neeleman, who is also the founder of JetBlue. The airline will initially fly Embraer 190/195 aircraft, and will then eventually fly Airbus A220s. Even though there has been talk of the airline for a long time and we’ve learned some details, up until now we haven’t officiall

How Climate Change Could Make Our Space Junk Problem Worse

100Gizmodo / 4h
In the pantheon of climate change concerns, more space junk isn’t high on my list. But apparently it should be. Read more...

How Spiral Set Out to Make the Most Realistically Gross Saw Traps Possible

32Gizmodo / 4h
When Darren Lynn Bousman heard the news that Chris Rock wanted to make a new Saw movie , he had the same reaction many of us. “I paused and I was just like ‘Chris who?’ Because, of course, in my mind, never in a million years would that Chris Rock want to meet with me,” the director of Spiral: From the Book of Saw told… Read more...

Google Analytics prepares for life after cookies

100+TechCrunch / 4h
As consumer behavior and expectations around privacy have shifted — and operating systems and browsers have adapted to this — the age of cookies as a means of tracking user behavior is coming to an end . Few people will bemoan this, but advertisers and marketers rely on having insights into how their efforts translate into sales (and publishers like to know how their content performs, as well). G

Microsoft Surface Duo fire sale puts device at 50% off

60Ars Technica / 4h
The Microsoft Surface Duo. It's very big. [credit: Ron Amadeo ] We're about seven months into the life of Microsoft's first-ever self-branded Android phone, the Microsoft Surface Duo, and that means it's time for fire sales! Microsoft's dual-screen device is now selling for 50 percent off its original $1,400 sticker price at $699. The Surface Duo never projected itself as a strong seller—the devi

Sotheby’s Banksy is first physical painting sold with cryptocurrency option

SlashGear / 4h
A battle between four bidders ended with a $12.9 million hammer price for the Banksy artwork ‘Love is in the Air’. This is the first piece of art sold in a Sotheby’s auction where cryptocurrency was accepted as a payment option for a physical artwork. It’s likely this practice will continue with other major sales in the near future. The … Continue reading

Suspected Gas Punk Apprehended Amidst Gaspocalypse

34Gizmodo / 4h
Early Wednesday morning, a would-be gas heist-master in Griffin, Georgia bungled a gasoline theft after drilling holes in a U-Haul truck’s tank and spilling up to 45 gallons of gas everywhere. Much of the eastern United States has gone full Mad Max over a brief gas shortage, and yet, the Griffin police department has… Read more...

Stay cool (and save money) with a Nest smart thermostat on sale

24Mashable / 4h
SAVE $29.01: Normally $249, the stainless steel Google Nest Learning Thermostat is on sale on Amazon for only $219.99 as of May 13 — a 12% savings. A friendly reminder as we gear up for another Hot Girl Summer: The U.S. Department of Energy says you can save as much as 10% annually on heating and cooling just by turning down your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day. With the average

How 'Controlled Sloppiness' Can Make You More Successful

20Lifehacker / 5h
If you’ve had the fortune of coming across SMART goal setting , you’ll know the acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Assignable (changed into “Attainable”), Realistic, and Time-related. In particular, specificity makes goals easier to plan for and track. For example, “eat less takeout,” isn’t as good as, “eat… Read more...

These are the 25 companies presenting at Alchemist Accelerator’s 27th Demo Day today

72TechCrunch / 5h
Enterprise-focused Alchemist Accelerator is back with another one. Today marks its 27th Demo Day, with more than two dozen companies expected to take the (virtual) stage. Coming in at 25 companies, this is Alchemist’s largest cohort so far. Meanwhile, Alchemist Director Ravi Belani tells me that applications to the accelerator have grown by more than 100%, and that their portfolio has raised a co

8 ways to maximize Hilton Honors redemptions

The Points Guy / 5h
Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information and offers. The Hilton Honors program has become quite formidable in recent years. While the program doesn’t publish award charts and causes frequent heartburn with its seasonal pricing, there are plenty of ways to extract substantial value. One of Hilton’s strong suits is its expansive protfolio. It’s been doubling d

Microsoft puts Windows 10X variant on the back burner

24Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge / The Surface Neo failed to launch in 2020—this year, it looks like its operating system will share that fate. (credit: Microsoft) At its fall 2019 Surface event, Microsoft announced that Windows 10X—a new consumer Windows distribution—would power a line of dual-screened tablet devices in 2020. But the Surface Neo never arrived, and in May 2020, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay

Google DVD screensaver to see the bouncing logo

SlashGear / 5h
There’s a new Easter Egg in Google search right now, if you care to take a peek. This is different from the website that focuses on the Bouncing DVD Logo, but not entirely different from what you’d expect from such a logo. Pam claims she saw it one day when she was alone in the conference room… Okay. Pam also … Continue reading

Musk: Bitcoin is bad for climate (and you can’t buy Teslas with it anymore)

Musk Tesla Bitcoin•
400+Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge / Elon Musk in 2020. (credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / Getty ) Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Wednesday that Tesla would stop taking bitcoin as payment for the company’s electric vehicles. The change comes less than two months after the automaker began accepting the cryptocurrency. Why the about-face? Musk now says he has concerns over bitcoin’s carbon footprint. Tesla’s purchase policy was

Busy day at VMware ended yesterday with Ragurham as CEO and COO Poonen exiting

64TechCrunch / 5h
They say for every door that opens another closes, and the executive shuffle at VMware is certainly proving that old chestnut true. Four months after Pat Gelsinger stepped down as CEO to return to run Intel, the virtual machine pioneer announced yesterday that long-time exec Raghu Raghuram was taking over that role. That set in motion another change when COO Sanjay Poonen, whom some had speculate

The Extremely Korean Reason Why Samsung Might Ditch Tizen for Wear OS

Gizmodo / 5h
When I first heard the rumors that Samsung might ditch its proprietary Tizen OS for wearables in favor of Google’s Wear OS, I was flummoxed. Tizen is snappy and free of the many problems plaguing Google’s wearables softeware. In fact, I’d say Tizen has played a large role in making Samsung’s smartwatches the best… Read more...

The best games for Nintendo Switch

51Engadget / 5h
Here's a list of the best games for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, as chosen by Engadget editors.

Has Sara Lee Recalled Your Dessert for 'Undeclared Peanuts'?

32Lifehacker / 5h
Even if you’ve never purchased a Sara Lee product, you’re probably familiar with their long-running jingle, which makes the bold claim that “nobody doesn’t like” their line of frozen desserts and other tasty carbohydrates. But it looks like they may need to take people with peanut allergies off that list, following a… Read more...

The American-JetBlue Alliance Can’t Even Assign Seats. Here’s The New Procedure.

View from the Wing / 5h
A week ago I wrote about why codeshares are great for airlines, not customers, and why you should almost never book one . There are edge cases, but in general they're a hassle - whether because you need to get rebooked due to a schedule change or even just have a seat assigned. What prompted me to write about this is that American Airlines, despite its close alliance with JetBlue in the Northeast

Frontier adds Burbank as part of 4-route expansion in California

27The Points Guy / 5h
Frontier Airlines will expand to Burbank as part of a broader expansion in Southern California. Frontier will begin flying from Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) on July 15 with service to three destinations: Denver (DEN), Las Vegas (LAS) and Phoenix (PHX). The budget carrier will also expand its presence elsewhere in the L.A. Basin, growing at Ontario International Airport with a new route to Atla

Sony has a ton of PS5 games in development

Sony PlayStation 25•
SlashGear / 5h
It goes without saying that at this point, neither the PlayStation 5 nor the Xbox Series X have a ton of games first-party games available. That makes sense since we’re at the beginning of the new console cycle, but the PlayStation 5 in particular is beginning to pick up steam with its exclusives. Following the launch of Returnal to close … Continue reading

Google Cloud Run gets committed use discounts and new security features

84TechCrunch / 5h
Cloud Run , Google Cloud’s serverless platform for containerized applications, is getting committed use discounts. Users who commit to spending a given amount on using Cloud Run for a year will get a 17% discount on the money they commit. The company offers a similar pre-commitment discount scheme for VM-based Compute Engine instances , as well as automatic “ sustained use ” discounts for machine

Legionfarm, pairing pro gamers with amateurs, raises $6 million Series A

100TechCrunch / 5h
Legionfarm , the gaming platform that lets gamers play with pro players in their favorite games, has today announced the close of a $6 million Series A round. Investors in the round include SVB, Y Combinator, Scrum VC, Kevin Lin, Altair Capital, Ankur Nagpal and more. Legionfarm launched out of Y Combinator at the beginning of last year with a mission to give pro players a way to generate income

Chef Robotics raises $7.7M to help automate kitchens

67TechCrunch / 5h
A year and a half’s worth of global pandemic has had a profound impact on virtually every sector of the workforce. When it comes to future automation, food prep isn’t quite at the top of the list (that distinction likely goes to warehouse fulfillment , for the time being), but it’s certainly up there. And it’s easy to see why the events of 2020 and beyond have left many kitchens looking for alter

Tfl Go: London travel app outperformed by Google Maps

100+BBC News - Technology / 5h
Busyness data apps are expected to increase in use as commuters return to offices after lockdown.

Christopher Eccleston's New Doctor Who Adventures Are Finally Here

100Gizmodo / 5h
He kept us waiting —which I guess is fair, for a Time Lord. Read more...

Victim of 'Elon Musk' Bitcoin scam loses home deposit

3KBBC News - Technology / 5h
Teacher Julie Bushnell says she lost her deposit for a new home in a cryptocurrency giveaway con.

We need to design distrust into AI systems to make them safer

96MIT Technology Review / 5h
Ayanna Howard has always sought to use robots and AI to help people. Over her nearly 30-year career, she has built countless robots: for exploring Mars, for cleaning hazardous waste, and for assisting children with special needs. In the process, she’s developed an impressive array of techniques in robotic manipulation, autonomous navigation, and computer vision. And she’s led the field in studyin

Southwest Airlines Reveals Major Hawaii Expansion

Southwest Hawaii Phoenix•
300+One Mile at a Time / 5h
In the spring of 2019, Southwest Airlines began flying to Hawaii , which many consumers were excited about. The airline is known for its great fares, no change fees, and free checked bags, and travelers were happy to see that kind of a business model finally come to Hawaii. Well, Southwest has now announced a major expansion of flying to the state, bringing nonstop options to passengers in more m

Bitcoin Loses Enormous Amount of Value After Elon’s Flip Flop

Musk Tesla Bitcoin•
1KFuturism / 5h
Flip Flop In a blindside that caught the cryptocurrency world by surprise, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted last night that the car company would suspend car purchases using Bitcoin . The reasoning: concerns over Bitcoin mining harming the environment. “We are concerned abut rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which has the worst emissions of an

Biden signs executive order to strengthen US cybersecurity

100+Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Photographer is my life ) President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday in an attempt to bolster US cybersecurity defenses after a number of devastating hacks, including the Colonial pipeline attack, revealed vulnerabilities across business and government. “Recent cybersecurity incidents... are a sobering reminder that US public and private sector enti

Short seller says Lemonade website bug exposed insurance customers’ account data

72TechCrunch / 5h
An activist short seller has written a letter to the chief executive of insurance giant Lemonade with details of an “accidentally discovered” security flaw that exposes customers’ account data. Carson Block, founder of investment research firm Muddy Waters Research, sent the letter to Lemonade co-founder and chief executive Daniel Schreiber on Thursday, describing the bug that allowed anyone to i

Pokemon GO Pancham to Pangoro time is Tuesday

SlashGear / 5h
If you have a Pancham right now in Pokemon GO, chances are you’re having a rough time catching Dark Type Pokemon. If you have a Pancham and keep Pancham as your Buddy Pokemon while you catch 32 Dark Type Pokemon, you’ll be able to evolve Pancham to Pangoro. But how are you supposed to reliably find 32 Dark Type Pokemon? … Continue reading

United elites: It’s the last day to make your bonus selection

39The Points Guy / 6h
At the end of April, United Airlines detailed its three latest bonus promotions , giving current elite members an opportunity to earn extra redeemable miles, or to close the gap on 2021 status . The airline’s latest promo, called “ Pick Your Path ,” lets current elites choose between up to 3,750 bonus Premier Qualifying Points, or PQPs, an “Easy PQP” deposit of up to 1,500 points or double miles

Semi-Permanent Apartment Upgrades You Can Make Without Losing Your Security Deposit

49Lifehacker / 6h
Renting an apartment comes without the commitment of a mortgage, but often without the luxury of customization, too. Generally, the owner or landlord sets the rules on what can and cannot be changed, with some stricter ones even banning holes in the walls for pictures. Read more...

3 new Echo Show devices are now available for preorder

28Mashable / 6h
Check out all the new Amazon Echo Device available for preorder as of May 13: OUR TOP PICK: All-new Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) — Pre-order for $129.99 BEST FOR SMALL SPACES: All-new Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) — Pre-order for $84.99 BEST FOR KIDS: Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) Kids — Pre-order for $94.99 New Echo Show devices are now available for preorder. You'll find an updated Echo Sh

Sylvera grabs seed backing from Index to help close the accountability gap around carbon offsetting

88TechCrunch / 6h
UK-based startup Sylvera is using satellite, radar and lidar data-fuelled machine learning to bolster transparency around carbon offsetting projects in a bid to boost accountability and credibility — applying independent ratings to carbon offsetting projects. The ratings are based on proprietary data sets it’s developed in conjunction with scientists from research organisations including UCLA, th

How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android

40How-To Geek / 6h
Editing or cropping a photo may seem like a pretty simple thing to do, but if you don’t know where to look, it can be frustrating. We’ll show you how to use the easiest photo editor for Android. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a solid fitness tracker but lacks smartwatch features

20Mashable / 6h
Wearables have become the standard these days, giving users insight into their daily movement and making tracking workouts easier than ever. By now there are plenty of options, but the seemingly overwhelming market means there’s a device that can fit into your activity and lifestyle preferences. Think: Do you just want to know how fast you ran that mile or do you want your device to show you text

Marriott Bonvoy Selling Points For 30% Off

500+One Mile at a Time / 6h
There are quite a few loyalty programs that frequently run promotions on purchased points , which can represent a great deal, especially for aspirational redemptions. Back in the day Starwood Preferred Guest would often have promotions on purchased points, while Marriott Rewards wouldn’t. Since the Marriott Bonvoy program was formed we’ve seen several promotions on purchased points. Marriott Bonv

It’s Raining Oil in St. Croix for the Second Time This Year

100+Gizmodo / 6h
A refinery on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands has shut down temporarily after oil rained down on surrounding residents’ homes and cisterns used to collect drinking water. Astonishingly enough, this nightmarish situation isn’t even new; it’s just the most recent incident in the past three months and… Read more...

Kevin Smith’s He-Man Continuation Is Here, and It’s a Revelation

1KGizmodo / 6h
It seems like a long time since Kevin Smith first announced he was creating a new He-Man animated series that would be a “continuation” of the original ‘80s cartoon for eight-year-olds. Now, we finally have our first look at Masters of the Universe: Revelation , and I think I finally understand what Smith is… Read more...

The fulfilling world of warehouse robotics

100TechCrunch / 6h
With the pandemic finish line in sight — at least for some — now is a good time to start assessing which segments have been most impacted by the events of the past year and a half. In terms of robotics, investments have been all over the place — and for good reasons. COVID-19 seems destined to have a profound and lasting impact on work, and more than ever, robots and automation are going to play

Why is this weird iPhone 13 M1 concept so compelling?

SlashGear / 6h
There’s an iPhone 13 M1 concept phone making the rounds this week with a design that’s quite odd. The design sits on the edge of a nightmare, pushing the top of the phone up on one half, while the other stays down, making room for a set of front-facing cameras and/or sensors. If this concept were done with less finesse, … Continue reading

Hundreds of Fossilized Footprints From Ancient, Bear-Sized Mammals Found in Wyoming

71Gizmodo / 6h
For years, paleontologists and paleobotanists have spent time on Wyoming’s Hanna Formation, a 58-million-year-old zone of rock in the southern part of the state that contains a wealth of fossils of marine fauna like ammonites and various forms of ancient plant life. In 2019, though, Anton Wroblewski stumbled across… Read more...

Bitcoin Fans Are Absolutely Furious at Elon Musk

Musk Tesla Bitcoin•
4KFuturism / 6h
Pump and Dump On Wednesday evening, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the automaker would no longer accept Bitcoin payments, just months after it first started accepting the cryptocurrency . The move sent shockwaves through the Bitcoin community — and caused the crypto’s value to plummet — with cryptocurrency holders accusing Musk, in strident terms, of manipulating the market . “For the million

Renewed 2020 MacBook Pros are almost $400 off at Amazon

Mashable / 6h
SAVE $379.01: Amazon is offering renewed 2020 MacBook Pros at $379.01 off the original price — don't worry, they look and work great. Don't let the words "refurbished" or "renewed" scare you away. These devices are often perfectly viable options and can end up saving you a lot of money without sacrificing much quality at all. "Refurbs" usually undergo rigorous testing to make sure they're still i

How ExxonMobil cleverly blames YOU for climate change

100+Mashable / 6h
Climate 101 is a Mashable series that answers provoking and salient questions about Earth’s warming climate. The oil giant BP popularized the devious term "carbon footprint" in the aughts to quietly shift blame for the warming planet onto individuals, like you. Yet BP wasn't the only petrochemical company using clever words to shape the public's thinking about climate change. New research shows t

How to Keep Rain From Flooding Your Garden

100+Lifehacker / 6h
Given how much destruction droughts can cause, it can be easy to forget the fact that having too much water is also a problem. And not only when a massive, area-wide flood drowns a town—just one heavy rainstorm can do a surprising amount of damage to a garden. Read more...

Congress fires warning shot at NASA after SpaceX Moon lander award

500+Ars Technica / 6h
Enlarge / Committee Chair Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., listens to former US Sen. Bill Nelson, President Biden’s nominee to be the next administrator of NASA, on April 21, 2021. (credit: NASA) On Wednesday, a US senator added an amendment to unrelated science legislation that would impose significant restrictions on NASA and its plans to return to the Moon. The amendment ( see document ) was spur

Framework’s modular DIY laptop is available to pre-order

300+Engadget / 6h
Each module is replaceable, which should hopefully make it last for a lot longer.

Discord is making it easier to find servers hosting live speakers

Discord Stage Discovery•
43Engadget / 6h
In June, Discord will roll out a feature called Stage Discovery.

These Klipsch wireless earbuds are on sale for $120

28Engadget / 6h
This pair of refurbished Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Earphones provide up to eight hours of playback or 32 hours with the included charging case.

Framework’s repairable laptop is up for preorder, starting at $999

56TechCrunch / 6h
Repairability has been a big sticking point for consumer electronics over the past several years. As devices have gotten thinner — and companies have pushed to maintain control over proprietary systems — many devices have become near impossible for an every-day person to repair. It’s an issue for a number of reasons — not the least of which is an inability to upgrade a system instead of scrapping

SpecTrust raises millions to fight cybercrime with its no-code platform

100+TechCrunch / 6h
Risk defense startup SpecTrust is emerging from stealth today with a $4.3 million seed raise and a public launch. Cyber Mentor Fund led the round, which also included participation from Rally Ventures, SignalFire, Dreamit Ventures and Legion Capital. SpecTrust aims to “fix the economics of fighting fraud” with a no-code platform that it says cuts 90% of a business’ risk infrastructure spend that

Discord’s new Stage Discovery portal will connect live audio events with communities

Discord Stage Discovery•
100+TechCrunch / 6h
If you’re new to Discord, you might be thrown off by the lack of an endless feed peppered with ads. On Discord, all of the action happens in interest-specific servers, and the company wants to make it easier for anyone to stumble across and plunge into those communities. The company launched Stage Channels , its own Clubhouse-like voice event rooms, in late March. With those building blocks in pl

Southwest unveils major Hawaii expansion with 3 new gateways, 15 new routes

Southwest Hawaii Phoenix•
500+The Points Guy / 6h
Southwest Airlines is showering Hawaii with lots of love. On Thursday, the Dallas-based carrier unveiled a major network expansion in the Aloha State, announcing15 new routes and three new mainland gateways with more than 20 new frequencies. Much of the new service begins in just over three weeks, so read on for the details about Southwest’s latest route-map shake-up. Want more airline-specific n

Discord expands focus beyond gaming with fresh branding and new features

36SlashGear / 6h
Discord is a company that’s been in the news a lot recently – first, we heard reports that Discord had multiple suitors looking to acquire it, including Microsoft for as much as $10 billion. While later reports told us that Discord had ended buyout talks, it wasn’t long before the company was back in the news with official word of … Continue reading

The East Coast Gas Frenzy Is a Warning for the Future of Driving

55Gizmodo / 6h
Americans are a panicky bunch, and the latest thing to set them off is the Colonial pipeline hack . Reports of the possibility of gas shortages have sent people streaming to gas stations, engaging in hand-to-hand combat , and maybe even filling bags with gas . (????) All this hoarding has created actual gas shortages. Read more...

The hamburger model is a winning go-to-market strategy

100+TechCrunch / 6h
Caryn Marooney Contributor Caryn Marooney is general partner at Coatue Management and sits on the boards of Zendesk and Elastic. In prior roles she oversaw communications for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus and co-founded The OutCast Agency, which served clients like and Amazon. More posts by this contributor RIBS: The messaging framework for every company and product Bott

Memorial Day mattress sales are already here — and they're good

Mashable / 6h
Best mattress deals as of May 13: Tempur-Pedic — save up to $1,020 Nectar — $399 of accessories included with mattresses Emma Sleep — save up to 45% Tuft & Needle — save up to 20% Casper — save up to 15% For most products, we would say Black Friday is when you'll get the best deal. But for mattresses, Memorial Day is where it's at. The sales that happen over the three-day weekend are almost alway

For the long haul: Why TPG readers still love the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Points Guy / 7h
The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is undoubtedly one of the best travel credit cards on the market — for both beginners and points pros . Of course, the card does come with a stellar sign-up bonus. Currently, you can earn 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $4,000 in the first three months of account opening. TPG values Chase Ultimate Rewards points at 2 cents each , making this bonus w

Walmart acquires virtual clothing try-on startup Zeekit

Walmart Virtual Zeekit•
100+TechCrunch / 7h
Retail giant Walmart announced this morning it’s acquiring the Tel Aviv-based startup Zeekit , which allows consumers to virtually “try on” clothing when shopping online. The company leverages a combination of real-time image processing, computer vision, deep learning and other AI technology to show shoppers how they would look in an item by way of a simulation that takes into account body dimens

BluBracket nabs $12M Series A to expand source code security platform

100+TechCrunch / 7h
BluBracket , an early-stage startup that focuses on keeping source code repositories secure, even in distributed environments, announced a $12 million Series A today. Evolution Equity Partners led the round, with help from existing investors Unusual Ventures, Point72 Ventures, SignalFire and Firebolt Ventures. When combined with the $6.5 million seed round we reported on last year, the company ha

Don’t wait for legislation banning NDAs: Write ethical policies now

93TechCrunch / 7h
Julie Goldsmith Reiser Contributor Julie Goldsmith Reiser is the co-chair of the Securities Litigation & Investor Protection group at national plaintiffs’ law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll. Louise Renne Contributor Louise Renne is a founding partner of Renne Public Law Group and leads the firm’s public interest litigation. Companies across the United States should be closely following the Ca

The 5 Best Payment and Money Transfer Apps

24How-To Geek / 7h
If you want to get your money from A to B in these modern times, a payment or money transfer app is likely your best bet. While PayPal is still extremely popular, several other apps allow you to easily send money to family and friends or pay for goods. These are the best apps worth downloading. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Save on blenders, succulents, and more at Amazon's Spring into Summer event

Mashable / 7h
Save up to 26%: Amazon's Spring into Summer event has a deals section and it's loaded. As of May 13, find discounts on Margaritaville and Vitamix blenders, plants , and more. As if we needed another reason to force summer vibes after the year we've had, Amazon's curated Spring into Summer section just got loaded with a ton of deals. Turn your outdoor space into a makeshift rooftop bar with fancy

These 12 States Are Ending the Extra $300 Per Week in Unemployment Benefits

46Lifehacker / 7h
Citing labor shortages, twelve Republican-led states have announced that they’re opting out of the federal government’s unemployment assistance program, which includes a top-up of $300 per week on state employment benefits. Here’s a look at which states are ending the payments, and when they’ll get cut off. Read more...

Pokemon cards are too dangerous to sell in stores, says Target, Walmart

21SlashGear / 7h
Safety concerns have elevated to a point where both Target and Walmart have removed Pokemon cards from store shelves in the United States. A Target document shared this week that all stores will “pause selling MLB, NFL, NBA, and Pokemon trading cards” starting on May 14, 2021. Any product already shipped to stores must be kept in a secure location … Continue reading

How to Use Outline View in Microsoft Word

20How-To Geek / 7h
Outlines are useful for creating business documents, lengthy tutorials, and even books. With Microsoft Word, you can use outline view for laying your major points in a structured format. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Sony reveals new galaxy-inspired PS5 DualSense controllers

DualSense Cosmic MB•
200+Engadget / 7h
You'll soon be able to pick up Midnight Black and Cosmic Red versions.

Amex launches new flexible payment option for flights as travel bookings surge by 50%

25The Points Guy / 7h
As we approach summer, travel is on the mend. With a large portion of the U.S. fully vaccinated, the historically busy travel season will be roaring back to life . Airlines have responded by pouring additional capacity to leisure-focused destinations, all the way from the sun-soaked beaches of Florida to iceberg-fringed shores of Alaska . Want more credit card news and travel advice from TPG? Sig

China Will Attempt to Land on Mars Tomorrow

4KFuturism / 7h
Seven Minutes of Terror China will attempt to land its Zhurong Mars lander some time late Friday evening, as part of its Tianwen-1 mission. Speaking at a Thursday morning conference, Ye Peijian, China Association for Science and Technology’s chief adviser of Interplanetary Exploration, revealed that the capsule will start its “seven minutes of terror” at around 11 pm UTC on May 14, around 7:11 pm

Worksome pulls $13M into its high skill freelancer talent platform

100TechCrunch / 7h
More money for the now very buzzy business of reshaping how people work: Worksome is announcing it recently closed a $13 million Series A funding round for its “freelance talent platform” — after racking up 10x growth in revenue since January 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a remote working boom. The 2017 founded startup, which has a couple of ex-Googlers in its leadership team, h

Apple Take Note: You Can Park Lenovo's New Cordless Mouse on a Wireless Charging Pad

32Gizmodo / 7h
It’s been over five years and the second-generation Apple Magic Mouse still needs to be awkwardly flipped on its back like a turtle to be recharged with a lightning cable—rendering it unusable in the process. A better approach is what Lenovo has done with its new Go mouse , letting it rest atop a wireless charging pad… Read more...

How to Protect Your Home Network From 'FragAttacks'

81Lifehacker / 7h
Hearing your wireless devices are vulnerable to something called “FragAttacks” doesn’t exactly inspire joy. However, the word is scarier than the risk; there’s no evidence that anyone is actively exploiting wireless devices via these vulnerabilities, even given the millions that could be susceptible to… Read more...

PS5’s DualSense controller launches in two new colors next month

Sony Two DualSense•
SlashGear / 7h
While the PlayStation 5 is still a very difficult console to procure, some of those who have obtained one have been wondering when we might see Sony launch the DualSense controller in different colors. Microsoft has hit the ground running in launching new color schemes for the Xbox Series X|S controller, but so far, the DualSense has only been available … Continue reading

'Grand Theft Auto V' mod adds uncanny photorealism through AI

500+Engadget / 7h
Researchers have used machine learning to add photorealism to 'Grand Theft Auto V,' hinting at the future of AI-assisted graphics in games.

How ‘Put That on Top Shot!’ Became a New N.B.A. Mantra

100+NYT > Technology / 7h
Professional basketball players are buying and selling digital video highlights while preaching the tech industry’s cryptocurrency gospel.

Here's How Disinformation Drives Voting Laws

3KNYT > Technology / 7h
After former President Donald J. Trump undermined public confidence in elections, Republican lawmakers are defending voting restrictions by citing a lack of public confidence.

Pipeline Hack Points to Growing Cybersecurity Risk for Energy System

500+NYT > Technology / 7h
Energy infrastructure has increasingly come under assault, and analysts said the attack that cut off fuel supplies this week should be a “wake-up call.”

Brain implant lets people with paralysis write using their minds

400+Engadget / 7h
Researchers from Stanford University have created a brain chip interface that allows the paralyzed to write on-screen using their thoughts.

Here's Why You Might Find a Dryer Sheet in Your Mailbox

71How-To Geek / 8h
If you’ve scrolled through the internet lately, you might have noticed people talking about finding dryer sheets in their mailboxes. You might have even found one yourself. So, why is it there? Well, it could be protecting you from receiving a stinging shock. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

What Happens If You Don't Accept WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy?

59Lifehacker / 8h
WhatsApp’s controversial new privacy policy goes into effect May 15, 2021. The updated agreement gives Facebook permission to collect your WhatsApp data , and lots of people aren’t happy about it. That said, users are not forced to accept the new terms automatically—but those who don’t agree to them will experience… Read more...

How to Resize or Reduce Photo Size on Mac

How-To Geek / 8h
If an image is too large, you can reduce its size in two ways. You can resize and reduce the resolution, or you can export it in a lower quality. Here’s how to resize or reduce photo size on Mac. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Lenovo's Latest Accessories Are for Productivity on the Go

How-To Geek / 8h
For many people, the days of working from home and canceled trips are coming to an end. To help power our future mobile days, Lenovo announced two new “Go” branded accessories: a 20,000 mAh portable battery and a wireless mouse that simultaneously charges or connects to three different devices. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Updates on Loki, Birds of Prey 2, and More

96Gizmodo / 8h
Emily Blunt talks Marvel rumors, and Margot Robbie updates us on the chance of a Birds of Prey sequel. Get a brief glimpse of Edgar Wright’s next film, Last Night in Soho . Loki gets a peculiar new friend in a poster for his new show. Plus, rejoice! Supergirl ’s outta the Phantom Zone. Spoilers, go! Read more...

Google Cloud teams up with SpaceX’s Starlink for enterprise connectivity at network’s edge

Google SpaceX Starlink•
100+TechCrunch / 8h
SpaceX’s bourgeoning Starlink satellite-based broadband internet service just got a big boost from a significant new partner: Google Cloud. Thanks to a new partnership between the two, SpaceX will now be locating Starlink ground stations right within Google’s existing data centers, providing the Starlink network with direct access to ground-based network infrastructure to help facilitate network

With its newest round, Liquid Death will exclusively ‘murder your thirst’ at Live Nation events

85TechCrunch / 8h
Liquid Death , a four-year-old, L.A.-based canned mountain water startup that has steadily garnered market share and press coverage by promising, amusingly, to “murder your thirst,” just raised $15 million in Series C funding. The round brings the company’s total backing to date to $50 million. The new financing — it follows a $23 million Series B round last fall — was seemingly about getting mor

NHS tracing app 'prevented thousands of deaths'

100+BBC News - Technology / 8h
Peer-reviewed research suggests the contact-tracing app prevented between 284,000 and 594,000 cases.

The Nokia 2720 Flip phone is finally coming to the US

Nokia 2720 Flip Verizon•
51Engadget / 8h
HMD Global is releasing the Nokia 2720 V Flip in the US on Verizon.

Lenovo introduces ‘Go’ line of PC accessories

68Engadget / 8h
Lenovo has launched a new sub-brand called Lenovo Go that focuses on designing and manufacturing accessories for the PC.

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd gen) review: Improved in nearly every way

Amazon Echo Buds Alexa•
69Engadget / 8h
Amazon’s second-gen Echo Buds are a big improvement over the first version, but a few key areas show there’s still work to be done.

Roku will release 30 ex-Quibi 'Originals' on May 20th

30 Quibi Roku May 20•
30Engadget / 8h
Chrissy's Court and The Fugitive are both in the initial drop.

New York’s Public Power Bill Could Be a Model for the Rest of the Country

100+Gizmodo / 8h
Two years ago, New York enshrined the most ambitious statewide climate targets in the country. The legislation, called the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, requires the state to completely decarbonize its electric grid by 2040 and reduce emissions from all sectors by 85% within the following decade. Read more...

Amazon's New Echo Buds Are Annoyingly Good for the Price

20Gizmodo / 8h
Amazon is trying its hand at earbuds again after stumbling out of the gate with its first pair of Echo Buds in 2019. The improvements, I’m mildly irritated to say, are good. Read more...

Amazon's new Echo Buds stick to the 'cheap but still pretty good' formula

Amazon Echo Buds Alexa•
65Mashable / 8h
It's no secret that Amazon's first attempt at carving its way into the wireless earbuds market was a dud. The original Echo Buds didn't impress us with their chunky size and lack of real active noise cancellation, not to mention their brief overheating problem . I'll cut right to the chase and tell you the follow-up was worth the wait Amazon's new Echo Buds deliver good sound quality, effective A

How to Have the 'Gun Talk' With Other Parents

93Lifehacker / 8h
I grew up in a rural town in Michigan with several relatives who are avid hunters and, therefore, had guns in their homes. (In one case, those guns were probably stashed in random ceiling tiles and hollowed-out books, in preparation for an imagined future government raid.) Today, I live in Flint, Mich., a city with… Read more...

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen) Review: Alexa and ANC on a budget

SlashGear / 8h
As lockdown gradually lifts, the active noise cancelling earbuds which have made working from home more bearable are about to get a taste of the outside world. Amazon’s new Echo Buds (2nd Gen) arrive just in time for that, pitching not only true wireless audio but hands-free Alexa and ANC with a head-turning $129.99 price tag. That was an aggressive … Continue reading

Gaming Influencers Are the Future of Esports

100+Wired / 8h
Top players have left pro leagues to pursue streaming full-time as the industry veers more toward content creators.

Apple’s AirTags Are a Gift to Stalkers

500+Wired / 8h
The tiny new tracking devices can be easily hidden in the cars and bags of victims. And exploiting them is dead simple.

Resident Evil Village Is Too Self-Conscious to Enjoy Itself

70Wired / 8h
The eternal conflict: Play horror straight, or play it up for campy laughs? Village tries to have it both ways, with mixed results.

How to Take an iPhone Screenshot without Buttons

41How-To Geek / 8h
If you need to take an iPhone screenshot but can’t physically press the required button combination (or you have a broken button), there are other ways to trigger it. Here’s how. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Morressier wants academic conferences to feel cutting-edge

84TechCrunch / 8h
While a unicorn named Hopin tends to dominate the virtual conferencing space, a new startup just raised millions of dollars by focusing on what it believes is an untapped niche in the same universe: academic conferences. Morressier , a virtual conference and publishing platform specifically for the scientific community, announced today that it has raised $18 million in a Series A round led by Owl

Roku will launch original programming fueled by Quibi’s content on May 20

30 Quibi Roku May 20•
81TechCrunch / 8h
Roku today announced the launch of its own original programming, which will initially become available to viewers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada through the media platform’s free streaming hub, The Roku Channel, starting on May 20th. The debut lineup will include 30 titles, including both the scripted and reality programming Roku had acquired from the short-form streaming service Quibi earlier thi

BRD’s Blockset unveils its white-label cryptocurrency wallet for banks and other enterprise clients

100+TechCrunch / 8h
Blockset , the blockchain infrastructure platform for enterprises by BRD , announced early access to its Wallet-as-a-Service today. The white-label solution gives clients, like financial institutions, the ability to launch wallets that have the same features as BRD’s own mobile cryptocurrency wallet, which now has about 7 million users with over $20 billion assets under protection. Blockset’s cli

Amazon’s new Echo Buds are a nice upgrade

Amazon Echo Buds Alexa•
72TechCrunch / 8h
It’s hard to recall a consumer electronics category that matured quite as quickly as the fully wireless earbuds. Things went from a handful of plucky startups to virtually every hardware manufacturer over the course of a year or two. When Amazon entered the category, it did so in an already arguably overcrowded field. The first question you have to answer when you’re late to the party is what you

Upsie’s direct-to-consumer swing at the warranty space nets $18.2M

300+TechCrunch / 8h
Upsie , a consumer warranty startup, has raised $18.2 million in a Series A round led by True Ventures. The financing brings the total raised for the St. Paul, Minnesota-based startup to $25 million since its 2015 inception. A large group of investors participated in the round, including Concrete Rose VC, Avanta Ventures, Kapor Capital, Samsung Next, Massive, Backstage Capital, Awesome People Ven

Long-lasting solid-state lithium battery designed by Harvard researchers

SlashGear / 8h
One massive area of study by researchers worldwide is improving batteries for use in electric vehicles and other electronic devices. Most modern electric vehicles rely on lithium-ion batteries, but they’re not ideal due to their expense, weight, and how long they take to charge. Researchers have been trying to replace conventional lithium-ion batteries with solid-state lithium-metal batteries for

Colonial hack: Biden orders tightening of cyber-defences

100+BBC News - Technology / 8h
The order calls for a wide range of moves likely to keep government departments busy.

Real robotaxi service gets a step closer in San Francisco (Updated)

39Ars Technica / 9h
Enlarge / One of Waymo's sensor-studded Jaguar I-Paces observes a pedestrian crossing the road in front of it. (credit: Waymo) Update 12:07pm: Waymo reached out to clarify that it has actually applied for a drivered deployment permit, which would let it carry fare-paying passengers but with a driver in the car. Original story: The day when robotaxis roam the streets of San Francisco looking for f

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Tests, thoughts, three hours of gameplay [Updated]

39Ars Technica / 9h
This is a familiar text crawl. [credit: BioWare / EA ] Roughly 60 hours ago, EA and BioWare dumped all 103GB of the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition into my inbox. Then, they told me the embargo would lift today. I proceeded to chug a concentrated energy drink cocktail of Bawls, Red Bull, and lukewarm coffee grounds while taping my eyelids open so I could bring you a full review of all thre

Ford is bringing significant wireless software updates to its vehicles

100+TechCrunch / 9h
The Internet of Things just got bigger. Four years after Ford Motor Company introduced an integration with Amazon’s suite of smart home devices, the automaker is beefing up its in-vehicle software offerings with built-in Alexa voice assistant and a wireless software update ecosystem. Ford’s over-the-air software updates, which it has branded Power-Up, will have the capability of updating “virtual

How to Create Multiple Folders at Once in Windows 10

97How-To Geek / 9h
Manually creating new folders and subfolders is time-consuming if you want to organize and manage files on your Windows 10 PC. Instead, you can create multiple folders at once using the Command Prompt, PowerShell, or a batch file. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Tencent's Timi will make new games with Xbox Game Studios

XGS Tencent TiMi Xbox•
76Engadget / 9h
Tencent subsidiary Timi Studio Group is partnering with Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios to jointly create new games.

TP-Link Kasa Spot and Spot Pan Tilt cameras keep an eye on your home

SlashGear / 9h
Smart home products are called smart mostly because of how they’re able to connect to the Internet to allow for features and experiences that may not have been possible without such a connection. In some sense, networking equipment manufacturers have the advantage of already being knowledgeable and well-known when it comes to exactly that field. It’s no surprise, then, that … Continue reading

Chrissy Teigen sorry for bullying Courtney Stodden on Twitter

400+BBC News - Technology / 9h
TV personality Courtney Stodden accepts her apology but questions its sincerity.

New printable electronic circuits could lead to lower-cost wearables

22SlashGear / 9h
Wearables have become extremely popular in recent years, with devices such as smartwatches becoming highly desirable and selling in significant volumes. Currently, the average wearable device is very expensive, putting them out of reach of some people who might benefit from the technology. Researchers have developed new printable inks that could enable high-performance inkjet-printed electronic c

Ford is adding 'hands-free' Alexa to new cars with an OTA update

61Engadget / 9h
Starting this fall, Ford will begin rolling out an improved implementation of Alexa to Sync 4-equipped cars in the US and Canada.

James Charles fans 'send death threats' to producer

100+BBC News - Technology / 9h
Kelly Rocklein says she has received abuse since her legal action against the YouTuber became public.

Transferable Points Can Now Be Used To Buy Crypto

View from the Wing / 9h
A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

What Is the “Privacy Sandbox” in Google Chrome?

56How-To Geek / 9h
Google is trying to shake up how the advertising industry (and others) track people online. At the heart of the changes is a feature in Google Chrome called “Privacy Sandbox,” which Google started rolling out in early 2021. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

ZTE Announces Axon 30 Ultra with Top Tier Features at a Palatable Price

51How-To Geek / 9h
Most smartphones feature one high-megapixel main camera and a handful of less-powerful accessory lenses. But the new ZTE Axon 30 Ultra, available for pre-order on May 27th, packs three 64-megapixel cameras into its hump to provide high quality photos in Portrait, wide-angle, and ultra-wide formats. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Firefly Tourism Can Put Insects in Peril

200+Wired / 9h
A new study shines light on how bug spray, flashlights, and foot traffic can spell disaster for the fragile creatures behind brilliant synchronous displays.

Does a Robot Get to Be the Boss of Me?

100+Wired / 9h
WIRED’s spiritual advice columnist on policing, degrees of freedom, and dancing in the streets.

Ford adds Alexa voice assistant to new cars

Ford Alexa Power-Up•
98Mashable / 9h
“Alexa, what’s the traffic like on my commute?” That's something you'll soon be able to ask in Ford's newest cars, including the upcoming electric F-150 Lightning pickup and first electric Mustang Mach-E. On Thursday, the Michigan-based company announced that Amazon's Alexa digital assistant would be built into future Ford cars. It'll be available in all cars, not just those with premium packages

Ford is embedding Alexa in its newest models: Free data & new Power-Ups

Ford Alexa Power-Up•
SlashGear / 9h
Ford is baking Alexa into more vehicle dashboards, part of its new Power-Up OTA updates that will see some drivers get three years of free cellular data with which to interact with Amazon’s assistant. The new feature builds on Ford’s existing Alexa support as part of its SYNC infotainment platform. Indeed, Ford has been offering some sort of Alexa integration … Continue reading

Curiosity rover could ditch a broken wheel to continue exploring

SlashGear / 9h
There are no service stations on the surface of Mars, meaning any rover that suffers a component failure on the Red Planet will remain unrepaired. Curiosity has been exploring the surface of Mars for a long time, and mission controllers have a plan in place to help keep the rover mobile even if wheel wear becomes a problem. Should a … Continue reading

The Morning After: Tesla just stopped taking Bitcoin

75Engadget / 9h
Tesla presses pause on its Bitcoin program, and ASUS is bringing back the small smartphone.

Xbox teams up with Tencent’s Honor of Kings maker TiMi Studios

XGS Tencent TiMi Xbox•
100+TechCrunch / 9h
TiMi Studios, one of the world’s most lucrative game makers and is part of Tencent’s gargantuan digital entertainment empire, said Thursday that it has struck a strategic partnership with Xbox. The succinct announcement did not mention whether the tie-up is for content development or Xbox’s console distribution in China but said more details will be unveiled for the “deep partnership” by the end

Protect Your Privacy Online With A Two-Year Subscription To NordVPN

Futurism / 9h
In an era of data breaches and experts wondering if your very thoughts could be filed in a database for sale somewhere as new technologies catch on, it pays to think about privacy. Virtual private networks (VPNs) help keep your data yours, and one of the best-reviewed VPNs, NordVPN, currently has a two-year subscription for $89, 68% off , and $10 in store credit. VPNs protect your

This Traxxas Ford Bronco TRX-4 is a big boy’s toy

20SlashGear / 10h
You’re looking at the Traxxas Ford Bronco TRX-4, the newest radio-controlled model from Texas-based RC manufacturer Traxxas. It looks exactly like the production model Ford Bronco, and Ford has given it the official stamp of approval. How could it not? The Bronco TRX-4 is a spectacular-looking toy, and it has off-road merits like its full-scale brethren. Under its Bronco body … Continue reading

More than a dozen Las Vegas casinos cleared to operate at 100% capacity

500+The Points Guy / 10h
Las Vegas just hit the jackpot in its rebound from the pandemic . Three of the biggest casino operators in Nevada — MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment and Station Casinos — were all approved to return to full casino capacity with no social distancing restrictions. The news, announced Wednesday, means 24 casinos across the valley can now immediately resume operating at 100% capacity.

SpaceX’s inaugural Moon tour private astronaut is heading to the International Space Station first

93TechCrunch / 10h
SpaceX private spaceflight ambitions got a big boost in 2018 when Japanese entrepreneur and billionaire Yusaku Maezawa announced he’d be taking a trip aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon on a round-trip flight passing the Moon. Maezawa is still on track to make that trip by 2023 according to current schedules , but he’s so eager to get to space that he just announced he’ll make a visit to the Internation

Facebook's Diem Association shifts its focus to the US

62Engadget / 10h
Diem has withdrawn its application for a Swiss payment license from Switzerland's FINMA financial regulator.

A Phishing Test Promised Workers a Covid Bonus. Now They Want an Apology.

200+NYT > Technology / 10h
As pandemic-related scams rise, experts say companies should tread carefully with cybersecurity exercises like one that has prompted anger in Britain.

Italy fines Google $123 million for blocking an EV app from Android Auto

50Engadget / 10h
Italy's competition watchdog has fined Google for blocking an electric vehicle charging app from its Android Auto platform.

Samsung’s PixCell LED promises safer automotive lighting for the future

SlashGear / 10h
One of the driving forces in the automotive manufacturing industry is improved safety. Active safety systems are a major part of all new vehicle designs in recent years. Significant work is being put into assisting drivers and providing solutions to help the driver navigate and anticipate danger while improving the overall driving experience. Samsung says one most promising innovations for … Cont

Netflix's 'Nail Bomber: Manhunt' documentary trailer examines the 1999 London attacks

55Mashable / 10h
On April 30, 1999, far-right terrorist David Copeland carried out a series of nail bomb attacks across London , specifically targeting Black, Bangladeshi, and gay communities in Brixton, Brick Lane, and Soho. Three people were killed — Nik Moore, John Light, and Andrea Dykes, who was pregnant at the time — and over a hundred were injured. Over 20 years later, the police hunt for Copeland is now b

Everything you want to know about cabins and suites on Princess Cruises ships

The Points Guy / 10h
Is a balcony cabin a must for you when you cruise? Princess Cruises could be your line. The California-based brand was a pioneer in adding a large number of balcony cabins to ships. Even its oldest vessels are loaded with balcony cabins — something that can’t be said for many of its rivals. On the flipside, Princess offers relatively few suites on its ships compared to some of the big-ship lines

It’s True. Everyone Is Multitasking in Video Meetings

400+Wired / 10h
A Microsoft study finds just how often remote workers multitask during videoconferences—especially when the group is large and the meeting runs long.

The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps, and Alarms

100+Wired / 10h
Your smartphone or wearable could help you out in a truly dangerous situation. Here are some options to consider.

Steam’s “price parity rule” isn’t wreaking havoc on game prices

46Ars Technica / 10h
Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images ) Monopoly control is a hot topic in the games industry these days. Lawsuits against Apple , Valve , and Sony all take slightly different tacks in arguing that these companies exercise unfair monopoly control over their platforms' market for downloadable games. Each suit also argues that this monopoly control leads to higher game prices for consumers.

2021 Alpine A110 Legende GT is limited to 300 units in Europe

SlashGear / 10h
The fabulous Alpine A110 has come a long way since Renault introduced the Alpine Vision Concept back in 2016. For 2021, Renault is sprucing up the Alpine lineup with the newest A110 Légende GT. It’s the successor to Alpine’s Légende GT unveiled last year, and it’s getting a more powerful engine under the bonnet along with bespoke styling elements. However, … Continue reading

How to Charge Your Android Phone as Fast as Possible

100+How-To Geek / 11h
Even the Android phones with the best battery life barely make it two days on a charge. When your phone is dead, you don’t want to wait forever to top it off. Here’s how to charge your phone in the quickest possible way. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Microsoft is testing Xbox party chat accessibility features

42Engadget / 11h
Microsoft has announced that speech transcription and text-to-speech synthesis is coming to Xbox Party Chat, starting today for Xbox Insiders.

Intel Labs shows off new enhanced photorealism techniques

20SlashGear / 11h
Video game developers are always looking for more realism in their games. The more realistic images look, the more engaging and immersive video games can be, particularly in virtual reality. Researchers from Intel Labs have presented a new approach to enhancing the realism of synthetic images. The images are enhanced by a convolutional network designed to leverage intermediate representations pro

Google hit with $123M antitrust fine in Italy over Android Auto

300+TechCrunch / 11h
Google has been fined just over €100 million (~$123M) by Italy’s antitrust watchdog for abuse of a dominant market position. The case relates to Android Auto, a modified version of Google’s mobile OS intended for in-car use, and specifically to how Google restricted access to the platform to an electric car charging app, called JuicePass, made by energy company Enel X Italia. Android Auto lets mo

Do we have any control over what the post-pandemic world looks like?

21Mashable / 11h
As more of the nation becomes vaccinated, restrictions are lifting, and we're beginning to imagine what our "new normal" might look like. There are some things we want to change for good after the pandemic, and other parts of our lives we want to return to the way they were in 2019. But, with so many of our expectations dependent on the actions of others, how much control do we really have over o

Jupiter’s atmosphere imaged using different colors of light

20SlashGear / 11h
New images have been shared of Jupiter taken in multiple colors of light. The images come from Gemini North and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and showcase Jupiter in infrared, visible, and ultraviolet wavelengths of light. The images show atmospheric features of Jupiter including the Great Red Spot, superstorms, and massive cyclones that stretch across the disc of the planet. … Continue rea

The world had a chance to avoid the pandemic—but blew it, finds report

300+MIT Technology Review / 11h
The covid-19 pandemic is a catastrophe that could have been averted, say a panel of 13 independent experts tasked with assessing the global response to the crisis. Their report, released May 12 and commissioned by the WHO, lambasts global leaders who failed to heed repeated warnings, wasted time, hoarded information and desperately needed supplies, and failed to take the crisis seriously. While s

Maya Rudolph and Haim star in hectic new 'Carpool Karaoke' trailer

34Mashable / 11h
Carpool Karaoke fans , buckle up — as James Corden confirmed on The Late Late Show on Wednesday night, four new episodes of the Apple TV+ series just landed. In the teaser above we see Maya Rudolph and HAIM, Keegan-Michael Key and Rob Gronkowski, David and Patricia Arquette, and Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank , all bellowing cheerfully along to pop cla

Perfectly intact anglerfish – bioluminescent tip and all – washed up on a California beach

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Anglerfish are deep sea predators, which means that it is pretty rare to see one wash up fully intact. The fish lurk at depths of up to 914 meters, using bioluminescence to lure prey in the darkness.Their hunting technique is perhaps most famously mimicked during that nail-biting chase in 'Finding Nemo'. Read more... More about California , Finding Nemo , Deep Sea Creatures , Anglerfish , and Wat

Five Ohio Residents to Get $1 Million Each Just for Getting Vaccinated in New Lottery

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Five lucky people in Ohio will win $1 million each just for getting vaccinated for covid-19, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Wednesday. The new lottery, which starts handing out cash weekly on May 26, will be administered through the Ohio Department of Health as well as the Ohio Lottery and will be paid for… Read more...

NASA will launch the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration mission this summer

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NASA has a new mission launching this summer called the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) meant to showcase the power of laser communications technologies. NASA says that with an increasing robotic and human presence in space, missions can benefit from new ways of communicating with the Earth. NASA has been using radio frequency communications since the 1950s to send data … Continue

‘Antitrust’ by Amy Klobuchar, and ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech’ by Josh Hawley

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The senators are on opposite sides of the aisle, but both speak out on the dangers of big tech in their new books. It’s weird, really, how alike they sound.

Get your big idea onto paper with this $30 creative writing course

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TL;DR: Brush up on your writing skills with the 2021 Complete Creative Writer's Workshop Bundle , on sale for $29.99. If you've got an idea in your head that you just know would make a great book, don’t let it be stifled. Sign up for this 2021 Complete Creative Writer’s Workshop and learn how to let the words flow from your brain to the page. With 10 courses and more than 35 hours of hands-on ins

Save on a single-serve coffee maker with a self-cleaning function

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TL;DR: Get coffee at the press of a button with this single-serve coffee maker from Sboly. As of May 13, get it on sale for 21% off — just $54.95. With all the fancy-schmancy tools on the market these days for brewing coffee, sometimes it’s nice when things are just simple. Like, press a button and get a hot cup of joe on the spot simple. If you’re looking to simplify your coffee routine, check o

Save 46% on a quadcopter drone with a great camera

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TL;DR: Get sweet overhead photos and videos with the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera . As of May 13, get one for 46% off — just $79.99. The Ninja Dragon Vortex 9RC quadcopter drone lets you experience the world through a bird's eye view of the world around you. This drone has a built-in altitude mode that stabilizes the flight, so you'll get crisp, clear images with it

Save over $70 on a pocket photo printer that requires zero ink

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TL;DR: Print your photos effortlessly with the PoooliPrint L1 inkless pocket printer , on sale for $69.99. Use code PRINT10 at checkout to save a total of $74.01. Some pictures are just too good to keep stored in the cloud. Now, with the PoooliPrint L1 inkless pocket printer , you can print out your best shots, then use them to decorate your fridge immediately. The PoooliPrint works with ZeroInk

Is Google building a WearOS-powered Fitbit smartwatch?

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Google has begun pumping resources into its smartwatch operating system, prompting new rumors.

HDMI ARC vs eARC: enhanced audio return channel explained

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HDMI ARC and eARC are key audio technologies for today's best televisions – but what do they actually do?

CIOs need flexibility to drive post-COVID-19 work experience

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Discussion on the post-pandemic workplace and how CIOs can implement actionable items to embrace the most flexible working model for their employees and the business.

Amazon will stream WNBA games in 2021 as part of a multi-year deal

200+Engadget / 12h
Amazon has signed a multi-year deal with the Women's National Basketball Association that will see it stream games live on Prime Video.

Five reasons why you don’t need to panic about coronavirus variants

500+MIT Technology Review / 12h
On May 10, the World Health Organization added a new virus to its list of covid-19 variants of global concern. The variant, B.1.617, is being blamed for the runaway infections in India. It is the fourth addition to a list that also includes variants first identified in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil. “There is some available information to suggest increased transmissibility,” said Maria Van Ker

SA Primary School gets SA’s first Sakhikamva 4IR Stream Lab

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The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch Active 4 look even more likely to run Wear OS

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Yet another leak suggests Samsung's two upcoming smartwatches won't run Tizen OS, but Google's Wear OS.

Another top source says global chip shortage could drag on

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Supply chains could be disrup