Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm down but not quite out

What to do when you get struck by what I am guessing is the flu-bug? Nothing can be done but rest and follow the guidelines of what medical professionals say is 'rest'. Easier said then done when I'm a guy that needs to be doing something all the time! It isn't like there aren't people waiting for some help either. I apologize for the delays in which I am directly the cause of the wait but this is something that I can't do anything about and can only hope by resting, it will be a very quick recovery. I am down to about 2 hours before I can't concentrate on what I am doing at which point I try to sleep. That I seem to do for about an hour and then realize that I am going to just stare at the ceiling so I get up and continue work, for about another hour.. it has been a terrible, terrible night and I am truly hoping this will be flushed from my system ASAP.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New features in Google Docs

I love you Google.

Well, maybe that is a little too strong, but I do love the new features found in the Google Docs and I do love how they (Google) continues to find ways to improve. As long as they continue to impress, I have no reason to fear the giant as many do. So long as there are people who are not happy with certain services and features, they will simply go somewhere else. That is the one great thing about Open Source, we the people do have some say in what we will use.

I initially signed up to the Google Aps package and since they had extended the free trial, I figured why not. That was a bad call however, since giving permission to my domain access resulted in my website being 'off the air' for almost a full 24 hours and my email was being bounced. Not good, oh and of course as a result of being off the air, the adsense dropped and for that matter, has not completely returned to the way it was... and that is a Google thing.. hmmm well maybe the love is gone, but I still like you enough to praise the good things that you do!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Advertising that just works and makes you feel good at the same time!

I subscribe to a number of horoscopes. I am not ashamed of it and even if these are nothing more then a fortune cookie you may get from your last meal at an asian buffet, you have to admi when you read and compare a few of these, taking anything that is similar and positive makes your day just that much better. So when I read the following and witness all the built in links to their advertisers.

Examine and Evolve
The planets' dance this week encourage you to stand back, take a good look at yourself and realize, 'Hey, you've come a long way baby!' Your commitment to personal evolution deserves a hearty round of applause -- better yet, treat yourself to a cosmic bubble bath with a
free sample Inner Healing Reading. Wow, you sure clean up beautifully! Take advantage of this karmic Kodak moment by taking a free sample Numerology Portrait. Speaking of karma, your recent hard work in this life could very well make up for your questionable behavior in lives gone by. See for yourself with a free sample Past Life Reading.

Plaxo-Good or Bad?

Plaxo is back in the news as reported by PC Mag, it is making a comeback with newer (and supposedly better) software that isn't as intrusive.

Personally I will not tell my existing clients to jump on board and only because I was the one that was having to remove the results of plaxo in the past due to its malware components. Maybe because of this reason, I am a little more leery but regardless I am posting about this because yes, it may be one of the best in the future of social networking. After all, with the ability to intrude on so many computers in the past, it would be safe to say they do know how to blanket the market and for that reason alone, they may win the hearts of many. I will be giving it a try, but mainly for the fact that it will synchronize so many formats and will hold my breath on the first product to successfully sync Google contacts/schedules.

HOW TO: Enable the build-in Administrator account in Windows Vista

I recently had the need to install an update for my carbonite backup on my new laptop which has Windows VISTA Home Premium installed. Since I basically turned this laptop on and set it up as the one and only user, I made sure that I was the administrator, or so I thought. But when I went to the control panel/user accounts I noticed that it was set to 'standard user'. Do you think I could change this? Not a chance, and because I was the only user, I was screwed...

Doing a search through the Microsoft support I did come up with a solution. The support article id is: 555910 in case you want to check for yourself, or simply go to this link to read more.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We Techs (IT Guys and Gals) aren't always right...

An interesting dilemma has cropped up recently with Microsoft's latest patches. Actually this is something that has been going on for a long time and from a consultant point of view, who is merely trying to keep the computer working and hopefully working well, will find very interesting.

Personally since I deal with a number of clients with varying software installed, I have usually kept the systems in full 'automatic' mode whereas all the critical updates are done as they arrive to the computer. But as of late, my strategies are changing due to this exact issue that has happened with the latest set of windows updates, as discussed by this ZDnet Blog.

For this reason alone, you should realize that communication is truly the key and with the right communication many issues can be prevented. Therefore the next time you see something pop up on your screen that you aren't sure about, or simply aren't sure about anything to do with your computer issues, don't wait until it is too late! Your computer tech would probably appreciate knowing ahead of time that you have noticed little issues.

Friday, June 15, 2007

New Avant Browser available

I was just about to post a small rant regarding some problems I have noticed as of late, partially due to the way the AVANT BROWSER opens and prompts the user for username (email address) and password. The reason for the complaint may not necessarily be the browsers fault but the people who operate it not understanding just what this prompt for username and password is all about. This is of course, for the use of the auto fill and other personal browser favorite settings, but because it would prompt you initially BEFORE the browser even opened, I believe this is where some of the confusion came from. Now, when I was prompted this morning that there is a new browser available, I was quite pleased to see this problem has been resolved by first opening the browser and then being prompted for username. As well, with any new version, there are the few obvious things such as new icons (I like) and the initial placement of the toolbars has changed. Remember this is a very customizable browser. Much faster then Internet Explorer and by far, more secure, if you haven't given it a try then now is a good time to give it a try! Remember to keep it up to date so when you see that prompt that there is a new version available, either click YES to be directed to the Avant Browser download or get it directly through my site here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Surface computer-the future is near

This new Surface computing looks to be very cool. Now to see if it catches on and sells cheap enough for them to be seen everywhere, it truly could be closer then you may think.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Pay more attention to your email and the size!

It seems as of late, more and more problems are showing up with regards to email messages not going through, getting caught up in the outbox, or 'timing out' before completed. When checking on these problems (remotely) I am finding email messages, typically jokes that have been forwarded a few times already (fw: fw: fw) and the email has a 4.7mb file attachment!

Now even though you received that message okay, that certainly does not mean that it will leave your system okay! Depending on a number of things, the speed of your Internet, the amount of time your email program is set to leave the outgoing server open, and of course the amount of room your email account has available at the time.

What you can do is stop sending these as most people you send them to will probably already have it coming in from someone else, and if they don't then maybe point them to places like "youtube" where you can do some fancy searching for hundreds, if not thousands, of funnies to watch. Utilize your high speed connection for viewing video via streaming instead of plugging up your email mailbox with this sort of thing.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Computer Tips-What is Dual Core?

As I attempt to keep providing various computer tips through this blog, it seems that a simple pointing in the right direction can help as many that care to take the time to read the blogs in the first place. Through email would seem like the most logical place to start, but don't forget about word of mouth. There are many times in conversation these days, where you make mention of 'a website I recently visited' and it becomes quite clear that you will then go home and email a link to your friend that you were in conversation with earlier. So what does that have to do with Dual Core? Nothing, but now that you are reading this, you should realize how easy it would be if you were subscribed to it!

Chris Pirillo does his best to stay on top of technology but also continues to teach and help as many as he can, virtually free to you and me.. so what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this link and don't be afraid to pass it on and SUBSCRIBE to his blog as well as this one if you haven't done so already!

Now that you have subscribed and/or have leared a little more about communicating through RSS and using the internet technology to help benefit you, go and learn what dual-core is by clicking on this link to Chris's tip.