Saturday, June 28, 2008

TIP-Computer frozen and WILL NOT shut off?

As more people are using laptop computers, it seems when the system freezes it is more unlikely to figure out what to do next since pressing the power doesn't seem to do anything, and, if it does, it may be going in to 'standby/sleep' or hibernate instead of truly powering down. Quite simply, press AND HOLD the power button until the system shuts down (typically about 4 seconds).   If you are planning on turning it back on, I suggest waiting about 20 seconds to allow the hard drive(s) to spin down before powering everything back up.   As you are restarting, windows may or may not have detected the system was shut down incorrectly and prompt you about this, recommending you allow it to scan your system. This is a good thing, but typically if you want to just get up and running again you are going to cancel this and move on.  As always, many more TIPS can be found through the TIPS page of course!

Tech Support-just another day at the office for me

The following video (which has since gone viral) is pretty much a typical day for me! Warning-graphic language (a few bad words and visuals which is also par for the course!)

Thanks to Marc Canter for introducing this one to me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Vista is better then XP

Yes, I am sure with a statement like this you may call me crazy but as the guy that does the fixing when a computer crashes I can only look at the obvious facts. Some of these would be the amount of 'security related' issues due to simply be connected to the internet and I would have to say they are about half as many as with XP machines. Also, if I were to look back to when XP first came out, I had a lot more problems due to device driver incompatibility then with Vista. Quite simply there wasn't a driver and even though this was an issue with Vista as it is with any new operating system, it wasn't as prevelant most likely because the jump from the operating system prior to XP was possibly win98, winME, 2000 or NT wheras with Vista, it is more then likely the upgrade is only coming from an XP machine. All this being said, the main reason as to why I like Vista over XP is really quite simple... it's newer! This means such items like monitoring and diagnosing problems are easier due to built in features like the Reliability and Performance Monitor. Adrian Kingsley from ZDNet does a great job in explaining this.

possible belt error fix for laser printer

Take out the transfer unit and look at the bottom. One side has visible wires. Open the side panel on that side. Follow the 3 wires to a C shaped sensor held in with a screw. Remove the sensor and blow canned air in the slots on the inside of the C. Put it all back together and hope for the best!

..found through solution search

Lost Password for windows?-TECHNICAL

The following video, along with links to the tool should help!  Note it is Linux based.

Note this has the potential to render your system inoperable so be sure you know what you are doing!  I highly suggest pointing this link to your computer technician, should you have troubles with passwords and ask them to help only to have them tell you that you are screwed!   You aren't if you get them to follow this.

My website and the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page can be quite possibly the most help you need so be sure to know what you are doing before digging yourself even deeper!

Monday, June 09, 2008

What is the value of your data?!

It is unfortunate that in most cases, it takes actually losing something important before you realize just how important it is once it is gone. When it comes to computer data, this price is $50 as far as I am concerned. If you are a starbucks coffee drinker then one Caramel Macchiato per month is what that works out to.. the price of knowing your data is safe. If you have pictures, for example, since this is the most likely sort of thing having a digital camera would have at one time or another, transferred pictures to the computer hard drive. So, if you have anything of value, worth $50 or more that you don't want to lose, get Carbonite!
I bring this small piece of advice as it has now been about a year since I started using Carbonite and passing this on to those that know me including all of my existing clients. Since it is renewal time, of course it is ultimately your decision, but the unfortunate thing when people don't go for something this simple and easy with virtually no worries.. knowing you could have a complete computer melt down, not to mention fire, theft, etc, knowing that your data was retreivable... that to me is worth that Caramel Macchiato every month!  The problem is, when the data is lost, and I say WHEN because it has happened more then once where I have to be not only the bearer of bad news, but the person that continues to attempt to recover that data using software or any means possible which I can say is  not all that often!   
Anyway, it is just my rant once again...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

AdAware 2008 Released

The latest "2008" release of AdAware is now available, as always, this and the rest of the anti-spyware scanner and remover programs are available from the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page.