Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Updates to Google Earth

They have had the beta version 4 out for a while but to stay current.
Google Earth download link is where you will want to go in order to stay current with this.
Since most of the computers I see either have google earth on it, be sure to stay current as this will eliminate the many questions I get as to "my computer is not working", when in fact it is the program that isn't working correctly.

As with many programs, when you have it running, click on the HELP which is usually found at the top of the window. Within this HELP menu, quite often you will find "check for new versions" or "check for updates". If this isn't there, then there will usually be a link to the product home page where you can find out about any updates or newer versions.

My horoscope for the day-like I needed this!

When as irresistible force meets an immovable object, a lot of stimulating friction can be the result. Welcome a little conflict into your life. Frankly, too much peace and quiet will just bore you to tears.

And so what do I find when I wake up this morning? My server has decided to stop communicating with the rest of the network and it has swallowed up all of my email! Add to that, I appear to have been struck with a flu bug that a client I saw the other day was mentioning she had. I won't mention (her) name, but when they say everything happens for a reason, I guess this is a good a day as any to not go anywhere and deal with Server issues!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What to do when your antivirus catches something in the email

It is getting to be quite common for your antivirus program to catch things while scanning incoming email. Quite often you will end up with a warning that 'suspicious script' or a 'url' has been detected. As I have just received this question from a client, I figured it was something all should be aware of what actions you can take, which essentially as part of my service to you, is to provide you with solutions. This is the response I sent to this particular client in which case this may apply to you as well:

First of all when your antivirus catches something, it is usually true, in which case it will most likely 'place a cookie' at the least, if you were to open it. This cookie would be a tracking cookie meaning it will probably start sending you spam (junk mail) therefore you should take the error message seriously. Now, you mention that it is on a topic you are interested in, and that is typically why the tracking cookie or worse, the message was fine initially but your daughters computer has somehow been infected by possibly the same tracking cookie and has attached it to the file. If you get a message like this, instead of opening it, you should if you are unsure as you have done in notifying me, you could FORWARD AS AN ATTACHMENT (to me-if you wish for me to see if it is actually safe to open). Now the trick here is that you don't' want to open the message in order to forward it to me, therefore you need to RIGHT CLICK on the message and from the pop up menu, choose FORWARD AS AN ATTACHMENT . This will then open a new email and add the suspicious email to this new message as an attachment, which you can then address (to me if you wanted me to examine it) and I will see just what it is. If nothing else quite possibly remove the active script (tracking cookie) and send it back clean to you.

This is a warning from your antivirus and in a lot of cases, it may appear more serious then it is. On the other hand, one of the most asked questions I have had lately is "I seem to be getting a lot more junk mail then usual, why is this?".. and that my friend, is why you are getting more junk mail... due to that sort of email message .

I am not saying that is what this issue is but typically that is what I have found.

One final thing to remember, is that it is from someone you know and the fact that you got a suspicious message means you could simply do nothing at first. Open a new email message back to that person stating that the last message had some sort of suspicious script that you didn't want to open and simply get them to resend the file in a new email message, but first, get them to simply send a normal email to you that way you can see if it is to do with the attachment they were trying to send or if it is all the messages from that person. If you find the new email has the same problem then for sure, I would be notifying the person that was sending you the mail which is now showing up with viruses that they are the one that has problems. Also remember that it is only email and just how important can that message be if it has viruses? Obviously there are other ways of communicating and one way would be to direct you to the specific web page that may represent what the email message was about. They can send you a url link for example such as
http://tpsconsulting.com that is a link in which you can click on and it would take you to that particular page, instead of including the web page in the email message which was causing the action from your antivirus. If you would rather not send me the email message (forwarded as an attachment), please send along your current ip address of your computer and I will connect and take a look, but you have done the right thing so far by not opening it.

As always, my websites TIPS page has many other such tips including the CORRECT WAY TO SEND AND FORWARD MAIL TO MULTIPLE PERSONS.

Sending me your IP address isn't that difficult

I don't know how I can make it really any easier. I have a link on my home page which will immediately provide you with your current IP address which is what I will require in order to connect to your computer if you want me to help diagnose and fix a problem. So you go to http://tpsconsulting.com
You click on the link that displays "GET YOUR CURRENT IP ADDRESS" which will open a new window and have, in large font size, your current ip address. Now, this apparently is where things get difficult and I am not too sure why. Getting that number to me in an email means simply clicking on the EMAIL icon which will be on your toolbar on the browser you are using. I suggest using AVANT BROWSER if you aren't you can get a copy of it here. Next to the EMAIL icon is an arrow which when you click on it has the option SEND PAGE. Yes, it is really that simple. You are currently displaying your ip address on a web page and now by clicking on that one icon, and choosing SEND PAGE it will automatically incorporate that web page in to an email, will add the appropriate subject matter and wait for you to address it (to me).. that is mike@tpsconsulting.com if you have lost my address in all the confusion of your computer problems.

The problem I have is when I get this email stating all these problems you are having along with a number that in many cases has numbers reversed, or no period between the numbers so I am left guessing what numbers to try, or simply they don't work due to the wrong number being translated from the web page to your email page.

I might add, that if you do send the page in an email, there is other data that will help me determine issues with regards to how the email was sent to me from the fact that this new page has more information then just the ip address which of course I wouldn't get if you simply copy and paste the number.

Please please please try to remember this when sending your ip address to me, it truly speeds up the process in which I can help you with whatever issues you may be having.

Thank you!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thanks to Jake for making Outlook and Google Calendar Sync and easy thing

Along with Lockergnome, I often read Jake Ludington's blog as well. Thanks to Jake I can now sync my pocket pc phone with my calendar on google as well.

I am relatively new to the google calendar scene as I have wanted to get my calendar on the web, I figured this was the one to use. I also have a pocket pc phone which is a great thing for when I have my phone plugged in to the cradle and it gets updated the normal way, but what about when I don't have it in the cradle? It is nice to know someone else has done the dirty work for me and all I have to do is follow the simple instructions.

First post using Windows Live Writer (Beta)

Thought I would give the new Windows Live Writer (Beta) a test... just making my first post. So far so good. Considering I have been using WBloggar, noting it is time for a few upgrades with that one.

·Trying to insert a picture is a little more difficult if you aren't using SPACES, in my case blogger requires ftp information and in doing so I have found that blogger has also created a new editor which I will post from next.

Yes, this could be a handy tool I must say! What about linking?

I like it!· Now this makes blogging· just that much easier!

Adding to this post as it obviously didn't go through, I am now publishing it using the blogger (beta)...even my normal w.bloggar didn't work for me in this case although it did see the post.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Version of CCLEANER available

There is a new release of CCLEANER available which you can download from the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page of my website. Note all programs found in the pink shaded section as ones I highly recommend installing on all of your computers. Those in the blue shaded section are highly recommended but not necessary for routine maintenance although EWIDO's latest version does show some positive results and may very well end up in the pink section soon!

Friday, August 11, 2006

The future of travel and technology are closer then you think!

From this recent TECHWEB article, it would appear that we should be preparing ourselves now for what may be the future of travel sooner then later!
A little knowledge before you get to the airport will help deal with the frustrations of leaving expensive items behind. One more way corporate blogging can be helpful to all, with up to date postings directly from the air carriers for example.

Just as I attempting to push my blog page on my existing clients to hopefully keep them in the know, as well as keeping your computer up to date with the latest software tools to remove and keep your system optimized which you can always find on the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page. Feel free to contact me for more information on this or any technical topic!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The last I shall blog about WGA

I believe the information found in this ZDNET blog should be enough information for those wanting to know just what the heck is WGA.

Are you (still) using Limewire?

Limewire just got their lawsuit as did Kazaa a while back, according to Yahoo news. I hope you like your 'free' music cause it won't last!

As much as I agree with 'file sharing' I disagree with programs like this. Bit Torrent on the other hand, has gone about it the right way, just as Napster has now become a legal source for music downloads, you can find the right program that does the right job, just ask!

Personally, at the current pricing structure that Napster has (available in Canada as well), at around the price of purchasing less then one cd from a music store, you have no reason to give your computer a virus by file sharing.