Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Agenda Show-Tangible Things

  • Tangible Things
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  • Tangible Things
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producers,
On the Thursday show we discuss the sudden emergence of the Ebola virus as a now serious issue in Africa, especially after the lethal virus killed most of the health care workers and experts who attempted to treat others. This can easily spiral out of control. Meanwhile, the news media focuses on Gaza and Putin.

EBOLA SITES. The US Government and News Pundits tell us how ISIS will be in the USA any minute, but say nothing about this?

Many believe this virus was created in the same lab that allegedly came up with AIDS. We will discuss three things you do not know about Ebola on tomorrow’s show. Pleasehelp us continue this kind of unique programming, based on research and perspectives you will never get from any mainstream media or even alternative media outlets. This incredibly valuable material is only on your No Agenda Show. Contribute totomorrow’s show by clicking here. It’s easy.

For endless Ukraine links click on map.
Another theme tomorrow will be the gullibility of the American public as we discuss the Ukraine and Gaza situations with updates as well as other news from Africa. Do not miss this show.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Make sure to visit the support page often by clicking here.
PPS A producer sent in this flyer publicizing a German play with two characters that look like us! Check it out.

How do we get left out of the cuteness parade?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Computer operating temperatures in the Summer

A question I get asked quite often is if it is better to turn off the computer when you aren't using it or to leave it on.  The quick answer is-Leave It On!

If you plan to use the computer within the day then yes, absolutely leaving it on is best. Does this apply to laptops as well? Yes, typically if you have it plugged in to AC power then leaving it on and 'online' will allow the computer to maintain itself with regards to automatic windows updates, antivirus definition updates as well as disk maintenance like defragmentation of the hard drive.

With laptop computers quite often the power management is set to go to sleep when you close the lid. You can go in to the power management, easiest way is to click on the start menu and type power and from the search result, choose power options and check the settings, noting that you should also check the ADVANCED power options for such things like "what happens when you close the lid" as this has multiple options for when the computer is running on battery or plugged in to AC Power.

Now the long version:

The thing about leaving a computer on all the time is the fact that it emits an incredible amount of heat. Therefore in the Summer months people seem extra concerned about the amount of heat coming in to the room where they are attempting to stay cool.  Although this is more accurate while you use the computer, it is common to feel the heat pouring out from the side of your unit so making sure it has the proper air flow is important. With a laptop you should be using a coolpad. This will provide added air circulation underneath the device which is where the air intake is. Some cool pads have fans built in that allow you to plug in to one of the computers USB outlets for additional cooling. Note this is something I would only use if I was actively using my computer however.  You can also choose to leave your laptop lid open as it will allow ventilation through the keys on most however leaving the lid open means the monitor will be on for the length of time you have it set for. I typically set this to 10 minutes when plugged in and 1 minute when on battery. When it comes to the proper ventilation on a desktop, you should be making sure you have vacuumed the dust bunnies from the air intake and exhaust. NO NEED TO OPEN THE CASE and you can vacuum without shutting down. In fact this is preferred so that the fans will continue to blow out the dust as you vacuum. If you have access to compressed air then a few squirts through the fan while you are using the vacuum will also help.

The thing about a computer is that it has fans to keep it at a comfortable operating temperature and much like a lightbulb, the constant heating and cooling of that filament is what causes the light bulb to burn out. The constant booting of a cold computer and shutting it down when it has been used, is actually harder on it. The ceramic motherboard and the components being heated up from being off may also result in bad solder joints coming loose. Not just the  heating issues of the components, but the power surge that happens when you turn it on and the initial boot up time on the hard drive. Shutting it down, unless the fan is set to stay on until the system reaches an allowable temperature, the system will actually heat up more before cooling down, noting that the CPU can reach temps above 60 degrees Celsius!   It is true, when you leave a computer on the power supply and CPU fans are typically the first to go, but  this shouldn't be for at least 3 to 4 years of constant use  

A theory I like to use is Windows versus Mac systems and how they work.  A Macbook for example, will always go to sleep when you close the lid. Although there are settings you can change in the case you are using the device plugged in to an external monitor, this is completely the norm. Whereas with a Windows machine you can quite easily have it set to stay on.  The biggest maintenance problem I see on Apple computers is always the hard drive. Quite typical when you consider how often it is being put to sleep and powered back up (think of that light bulb theory). On a Windows machine it is typically the power supply as the fan will start squealing, indicating the bearings are shot, and/or the power supply fan quits completely, overheating the unit within minutes and having the system shut down as a result.

Finally, the main reason you may want to be leaving your computer on (and online) is for the simple fact that your data is being backed up.  A long work day on your computer, saving a few hundred files to your hard drive and simply walking away from it while you know all of your data is safe and secure because it is constantly being backed up to your offsite account....that is, if you have one! 

When it comes to maintenance of your computer, there are a few software programs and services that are worth paying for.  The old days of paying an annual subscription to antivirus is a thing of the past since you can (and should) be using something like Avast (free) antivirus but when it comes to file security and safety, you should be paying for this.. and thankfully for companies like BackBlaze that provides an unlimited amount of data backup for $50 per year is well worth it!  So long as your computer is online, your data is being backed up, typically moments after you save the document it is being uploaded to your safe deposit box in the sky!

The last thing you want is to turn on your computer in the morning to start your work day only to find there are 30 windows updates that need to be installed (and will typically start downloading in the background automatically), as well as your antivirus busy getting itself updated to the latest set of virus definitions as soon as it detected the internet connection.  To find your system chugging along at a snails pace as a result. This most likely wouldn't be a problem if/when you leave your computer on and online!  

FYI: 3/23/16


Monday, July 28, 2014

TPS Consulting Daily

Sunday, July 27, 2014



  • Parliament Update
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    No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

    Dear Producer,
    What makes your No Agenda Show the best podcast in the universe? Have you ever wondered? It amounts to focus. A lot of work goes into the show and a lot of hours are spent researching then producing a podcast with meaning. 


    The show has a large dedicated audience that is served by the show with meaningful and valuable information designed to help the audience understand what is really going on around them. This is more important than ever because right now a combination of propaganda and superficial infotainment dished out by the most shallow of presenters dominates all media.

    I'm in advertising. What can I say?

    No Agenda is an island of sanity while remaining entertaining and pertinent. This is only accomplished with your support. We accept no advertising. Advertising kills all objectivity wherever it appears. Advertising has become the tail that wags the media dog. It’s has become the corrupting influence especially in the mainstream media, but permeates everything including podcasting. That is why it is important for you to keep supporting your No Agenda Show in any way you can. The support page is here and the easy to use PayPal page is here. Donate today.

    Really? Can I get some actual water?

    During the summer months it is more important than ever to continue your support. A lot of people take real vacations and that means listenership will always be down along with contributions. We still need your help and continued support in the months ahead.

    No Agenda Listeners on Vacation

    Your co-host,

    John C. Dvorak
    PS And remember that you can send checks directly to the show at No Agenda show, Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530


    Just wait for that left hook.

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    TPS Consulting Daily

    Thursday, July 24, 2014



    • Common Sense Fact
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    TPS Consulting Daily

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    No Agenda Newsletter

     No Agenda
    Dear Producer,
    Your No Agenda Show did it again with the most impressive deconstruction of the downed Malaysian airline you will hear anywhere by anyone. Everyone hopes this will get the fence-sitters who have not contributed to the show’s production to finally do so.Click here today and donate. How about contributing your temperature? 


    Apparently these tracks are not used much

    More information is coming out about the airline crash which, because of the circumstances and whereabouts of the crash site, has become a nightmare. This should continue for weeks. The US State Department is trying to get the world to blame Russia in ways that allows for universal sanctions against Gazprom, with little luck. Nothing is working.

    Meanwhile, the odd battle between the Israelis and the Gaza/Hamas martyrs is portrayed in the most simple of black and white narratives. Listeners want an explanation more reasonable than what is coming from the mainstream media. No Agenda is working on it. You will be the first to know, as always. You can be sure it is not the simplistic nonsense coming from TV.

    Yeah, this looks safe

    The slow summer months are being reflected in the lackluster donations which happen every year at this time. It is always disheartening when it happens. Cheer everyone up by visiting the support page and helping support the No Agenda Show –your guardians of reality.

    Back to CSPAN!
    Your co-hosts,
    John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
    PS Do you have a subscription? You should click here for the most popular $33.33 subscription or here for the budget $11.11 subscription.


    What is cuter than a kitten in a box? Click and find out.

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    TPS Consulting Daily

    Sunday, July 20, 2014



    • Appification Generation
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    Saturday, July 19, 2014

    No Agenda-Weekly Reminder

    Dear Producers and Supporters,
    Tomorrow’s show will have more than a few unique perspectives on the shoot down of the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. This will be yet another show with outstanding analysis unlike anything from any mainstream media outlet. And it is done specifically for you because you support the show directly with contributions and donations. Please continue this by clicking here and contributing what you can for theSunday Show.
    It’s so simple and there are plenty of ways to help as you will see on the support page here.

    If you have never supported the show with any contributions please do so. The show provides you with over 25 hours a month of commercial-free detailed analysisof news you will never get anywhere else. It’s a valuable resources for all the listeners.


    Please let us know you like what we are doing by contributing today.

    Your co-host,

    PS Subscribers should check their subscriptions to make sure they have not been unceremoniously cancelled by PayPal. Thanks.

    I can't wait until the next show!

    Create Google Calendar Events in Google Search

    Adding to my recent post about Google Chrome and all of its features, you can now add events to your Google Calendar from the Google Search!

    Create Google Calendar Events in Google Search

    Evernote-Use it everywhere!

    Lately I have found when I am working on various client computers, they are using the 'sticky notes' that comes with windows. Although this may work for what you had intended it to--keep a reminder handy, it really was never intended to be used as something you keep constantly stuck to your screen. It was initially set up to be used as brief reminders of tasks to be done while you are sitting at your computer working away throughout the day. By the end of the day all the sticky notes should be dealt with.  

    If you were intended to use the note for more permanent features like something that will not happen until next week or next month then you probably want to look at other options. As well, you may not always be sitting in front of your computer but you always have your phone with you, or your tablet... 

    This is where Evernote Shines.  It is a free app that is available for all formats, Windows/Mac, Iphone, Android Phone.  They do offer a pro version which essentially gives you more 'cloud space' and offline sync as well as numerous other features but initially you can start off using it for free. Depending on how much you use it, you can then decide if you want to upgrade. The cost of upgrade is a mere $5/month or $45 for the entire year. 

    On your phone, you can start a new note and click on the camera and take a picture. It will automatically add the location and time so you only need to add what it is you are taking the picture of for your own reference.  You can also turn on the microphone and take dictation notes. I use it when I'm shopping to get comparative prices or when I want to get more information. Since the notes are immediately synced to your desktop when you get home you can continue your research from there.

    You can download the program through this link which is provided as my friend! Once you have created your free account and have fallen in love with the program you can also send a reciprocal link to your friends and get them to sign up. By doing so it will entitle you to points that can be used for a free month of premium or many other things.

    Do yourself a favour and give this program a try.. you will be glad you did!

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