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NO AGENDA weekend edition


Posted on Sunday 28 November 2010

#256 No Agenda Show for Sunday November 28th 2010
Cheerleaders for Science


- This Episode's Executive Producer: Matthew Schauer, John Grumling
    – Associate Executive Producers: Sir Kelly Spongberg, Noah Kuttler
    – Art By: Nick the Rat
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TIP-Printing material from a website

I get this question a lot....  

"each time I try to print something from a website it comes out too small or I get more than I wanted"


It sounds like you are simply pressing the PRINT icon from the toolbar menu within the browser and so what you will get is the entire page and frame.  Typically when you are on a website and you want to print, you should be looking for the button within the website that says 'printer friendly version' or 'print' and then it will produce a page that is set for printing. Once you have done that you can usually press the print button from the browser menu, or better still, the print button within the web page itself.

This is a very common problem that most people have and once you are aware to look for the 'print' button or 'printer friendly version' button that the website will provide you will start to look for it and know not to just press the print button. 

in fact if you were to use the google chrome web browser you will notice there is no PRINT button on the top toolbar, although some people already know you can always press the control print (ctrl-p) buttons on the keyboard and this will launch the printer menu, it will still produce the small print since it will simply print the entire web page.

Another way around this problem, if you have material on a website that you do want to print is to drag your mouse along the text/material you want printed so that it is highlighted. Then RIGHT CLICK anywhere within the material you have highlighted and choose the PRINT option, this will launch the print menu and you can choose highlighted material from the print option.. then when you print, you will only get the material you have printed.

Finally, another way would be to do the highlight trick but when you RIGHT CLICK on the material, from the menu, choose COPY (or ctrl-c) and simply copy this material, open up word (for example) and PASTE (ctrl-v) and this will copy that material to a blank word document which you can then print normally.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Agenda time


Posted on Thursday 25 November 2010

#255 No Agenda for Thursday November 25th 2010

 - Radioactive Butts

- This Episode's Executive Producer: Norman Mcdonough
    – Associate Executive Producers: Christopher Skalenda, Simon
      Bennet, Jonas Astrom, Phillip Smith
    – Art By: Jesse Anderson
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking of buying a new printer?

It should come as no surprise when you hit the nearest electronics store for your next printer purchase that you are bombarded with options. Now with inkjet printers that sell 'all-in-one' including wireless, sell for under $100, it would seem a no-brainer to buy one.  But this is where I would ask that you think before you pull out that wad of twenties to pay for it!  First of all, wireless is great but are you tech savy enough to be able to install it yourself or are you going to be calling your local tech person (me?) to help with that install, and if you are, do you think it should be for free?  I say this because I have personally dealt with 4 this week alone and in all instances it took over 30 minutes and just under 60 minutes per call, to talk them through the procedure. So what is that worth?  Personally I'm doing it as a favour to my clients but that certainly does chew in to my day when there are only 24 of those hours to play with.  Of course the printer makers are providing you with instructions and of course the dreaded CD that most state you "must install" BEFORE plugging the printer in to your computer. But what about that, if you are going to be using it wirelessly, why should you be plugging it in to the computer?  Fact is you shouldn't because if you do, especially with windows 7, it will automatically install the printer driver for you but then when you unplug the USB cable you aren't going to be very happy, because you haven't set up the wireless yet. In fact even with the USB cable in, you can't set up the wireless mode as this is usually done by using the menu options on the small display on the printer itself.   This is, of course, why the instructions state you must first install the CD because on that will be software that helps the computer 'find the printer' in its wireless state.  Oh sure, this works on some systems but if you have just purchased an HP printer, my odds are a major FAIL!  Personally I would never suggest purchasing an HP printer, not that the printer itself may be of poor quality but the software/drivers most certainly are.  In all 4 recent instances of recent installs, my clients had first gone through the steps provided by the instructions and two of these spent over an hour on the phone with the printer tech support people which ended in a FAIL as well and were told they would have to contact their local computer tech to help them out.  Of course this is when I would get notified of the problems which always makes me cringe as I am only learning of their recent purchase and problems, including their frustrations of dealing with tech support for over an hour only to have had to contact me in the end anyway. I cringe because in all instances I would have either suggested a different printer (certainly not an HP due to their piss poor software/drivers) and most likely not a wireless system unless they were absolutely in need of this option. In fact in all cases, I would be suggesting LASER over INKJET for the simple fact that you would not be tossing your printer once you go through a set of ink cartridges, since you would be paying about the same amount to replace the inkjet cartridges as it would cost to simply buy a new unit, over the laser printer that would give you at least 5 times as long before replacing the toner cartridge and at that point you might still find it difficult to replace the toner cartridge for less than what it would cost to simply replace the laser printer, since you can now purchase a colour laser printer for just over $100 and an 'all-in-one' colour laser for just over $200.  I personally got in on the colour laser purchase about 3 years ago, when they dropped below $500, paying $479 but I have yet to replace the toner cartridges in this unit. Albeit I got the business model that has a very hefty printer load cycle and since I don't print a lot of pictures, I will probably not be replacing it this year either but when I do, I will be recycling the unit and buy a new printer simply because the newer model is half the size for one thing, and in my case, the cost of toner for this unit for the three colours and black will be almost double what it would cost to buy a new printer altogether.  As well, even if I did decide to purchase new toner, odds are the drum unit would give in before the next round of toner was out and that alone would set me back $150. 

It is truly unbelievable that you would be tossing out a perfectly good working printer just because you have no ink/toner for it but that is the reality these days.  Oh sure, you are going to 'recycle' it but to think this old unit will end up in some third world country that 'can't afford a new unit' is simply not the case these days. So if you are going to purchase a new printer and you are going to go cheap, purchasing the all-in-one inkjet with wireless and all the bells and whistles for under $100, remember you do get what you pay for and unless you know what you are doing when it comes to the installation, be prepared to spend anywhere from $20-$100 depending on what your local computer tech is going to charge you to make that house call to set it up.

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Posted on Thursday 18 November 2010

#253 No Agenda Show for November 18th 2010

- NA-253-2010-11-18
    – Love Pats
- This Episode's Executive Producer: Brendon Matheson
- This Episode's Executive Producer: Snorre Steen
    – Associate Executive Producers: Michael Tanga, Sir Larry Lee, Guy
      Boazy, Sir Shane Brady, Arthur Kessler, Roger Harrington
    – Art By: Jesse Anderson
    – PR
        – TSA Agent on FreeTalk Live

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Sunday's No Agenda


Posted on Sunday 14 November 2010

#252 No Agenda Show for Sunday November 14th 2010
Debriefing Flameless Fire


This Episode's Executive Producer: Gavin Warren

Associate Executive Producers: Sir Sean Connelly, Arthur Kesler

Art By: Jesse Anderson: Iowans For Accountability | Scott County IFA


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No Agenda for Thursday


Posted on Thursday 11 November 2010

#251 No Agenda for Thursday November 11th 2010
Banned by NASA


- This Episode's Executive Producer: Carrie Schön

    – Art By: Jesse Anderson

    – PR
    – Low Bandwidth No Agenda 

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Sunday's No Agenda


Posted on Sunday 7 November 2010

#250 No Agenda Show for Sunday November 7th 2010
Transportation Sexual Assault (TSA)


– This Episode's Executive Producer: Craig Peters of
    – Associate Executive Producer: Steven Pelsmaekers, Scott
    – Art By: Nick the Rat
    – Knighthoods: Sir Tristan Lennon, Sir Peter (god-son of Baron Von

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Still using Avant/IE?

As I am still a fan of the Avant browser, it is/was always because it was the best browser to emulate the Internet Explorer, which we all should know how I feel about that. Even though I still suggest you have the Avant Browser installed, I would personally suggest using the Google Chrome browser as your 'default' number one browser. I say this not only because it (chrome) is the fastest, but the fact that it now supports extensions, can save passwords and settings, it really should be a no brained.

What I am noticing as of late, is the fact on many websites, the Avant browser seems broken or way too slow and without blaming the browser as much as the fact the website would seem broken until you visit the site using Chrome and it works. This is only going to happen more and more as the Internet explorer browser loses more of it domination within the Internet world. It is always good to have two browsers installed (and up to date) in the instance you do witness that appeared broken web page.

Thursday's No Agenda

#NA-249-2010-11-04 No Agenda Show for Thursday November 4th 2010

Multidimensional Poverty Index
- This Episode’s Executive Producer: Scott Schoenberger

- Associate Executive Producer: Craig Lennox, Allan Bose

- Art By: Nick the Rat

- PR

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Monday, November 01, 2010

New and improved Default Mail Client

I recently posted a wonderful application that would help make gmail your default MAPI client within windows, however now there is an even better way.