Saturday, January 26, 2008

Many new updates available

If you are in to OPTIMIZING your computer and keeping it free and clear from the spyware and malware that causes so many slow downs and freeze ups, you may want to be sure you are running the latest versions of the anti-spyware software. I have all the items you are going to need in one place so what are you waiting for?  Go and download them from my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page here.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What happened on my day!

As I have posted a link to this site in the past, I felt it appropriate to show just what happened on this day in the past!

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to

First of all thank you to all that have emailed me a birthday
greeting. I am somewhat shocked to see just how many that is since I
really did not tell anyone that this is my day, other then a similar
blog on my day last year. Does that mean I do have some faithful blog
followers after all? Well in any case, thank you!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Having Fun with Technology and saving lives at the same time!

It is great to read stories like this where potential lose of life is prevented by a very simple outdoors "adventure game/hobby" known as Geocaching. I took up this sport shortly after purchasing my first GPS as I wanted to do more with my GPS then just use it fishing and driving. This is an example of how new technology can be fun and also provide a 'green' way of saving lives!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What happened the day you were born?

Every once in a while a really simple but cool website comes along.  Of course SEARCH is everything on the internet as we know from the size and power of Google, but throw in a website that keeps track of history and add the search and what do you get...

I can't help if I don't know there is a problem!

If you are an existing client of mine then odds are I have installed some sort of communication program with which is the method I can connect and help you out remotely . Depending on how long ago it has been since I have been in contact with your computer may result in older, less secure methods. Not that this should alarm you, but then again, it is a sign that your system probably  needs other TLC, therefore I might suggest dropping me a line and request some sort of quick checkup to be sure. Of course if you aren't having any problems then surely no news is good news. It is just that I see far too many computers that have all these problems and after making the repairs and going over some of the simple ways you can keep your system up to date and optimized yourself, that is, if you care to worry about this yourself (or would rather I connect and keep it regularly maintained then that too can be arranged) I can't do anything without first making sure that I can connect to your computer.
It is within the education and knowledge of some very basic things that can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and potential disasters such as hard drive failure that robs you of all of your important data such as pictures, which obviously can't be replaced!  There are some very good internet services now that can help and since your computer is most likely on an 'on all the time' type of internet connection it just makes sense to take advantage of these services.
You can always stay informed by visiting and/or subscribing to this blog

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finding the time to get things done

We are already 8 days in to the new year and here I am posting my first blog post of the year!  So much for that New Years Resolution that had me posting something more regularly!  Reading this recent post from "How to Save the World" blog which I subscribe to, has me thinking how I can implement this theory to my own work style.  Since there always seems to be the need to prioritize which technical problem gets dealt with first, I often find myself thinking and working like a hospital emergency room where those clients that have 'dead computers' end up getting 'more attention' then others that may have the need for a lesson.  As much as I want to be available for more training, including my own research/training time, it seems there is never enough time in the day. So with Dave's work formula, I am hoping it will only help one of my many frustrations that I deal with on a day to day basis.