Saturday, March 31, 2007

There is a time AND PLACE for everything

It is nothing new to hear that some agency is blocking something from being built, or in this case, controlled. As it appears through this CNN article

In my opinion, it is a shame that such a 'simple' idea of placing 'adult material' in a place of its own should not be allowed. Of course it would not move all objectionable material from the 'normal web' but it does place the ability to 'filter' since legal material is going to want to be more available. It would be so simple to have a filter but of course when you filter or place a lock on something, then there are always those that want to break down anything in their way. New laws are being created every day for various Internet practice, whether it be on a state/province or national level. There will always be arguments to this sort of thing, but to stop what is ultimately progress from taking its natural course, just as 'china towns' are built within cities. As the cities size in population grows, so do the cultures within the city. This would be a simple segregation, but of one that places it in to not such a dirty role, but one within business. We have labeled hotel/motels as a rate class, you decide what type of car you want to rent by a class code, we have already placed organizations (.org) businesses (.bus) and many others.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Understanding Windows Vista Memory-ReadyBoost

It is a common fact now that windows vista requires more memory, but were you aware, besides the additional RAM you want to make sure you have, you should also be purchasing a flash drive to help with the Vista's ReadyBoost technology which you can learn more about here.

Pet Food Recall: DANGER

As most of you that know me, know that I am a dog lover and a proud owner/master of Bud, as is Chris Pirillo who brought this invaluable information to my attention.

As I do often buy 'snacks' from some of these suppliers... looks like I am safe!

Two lost drives in 2 weeks

Not a good way to go in to March, or any month, with two cases with dead hard drives. On the one drive there was nothing to be saved as it was just dead. All lost! The other client was saved a little by the fact a ghost image had been saved over a year ago to another partition on the same drive but fortunately the drive itself was not physically dead and what appeared more as a partition corruption. To top it off by reading this previous story I mentioned, I have started to implement this carbonite backup to all computers I come in contact with. Since, as mentioned also previously, that for the cost of a Large Starbucks coffee once a month, isn't it worth knowing that all of your data is safe! Since we are all using digital cameras today where we just plug it in and transfer all pictures to your computer, if you aren't using webshots for those, or even if you are, knowing that ALL of your computer data is safe!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Question-Which is better, Shaw or Telus?

I get asked this a lot. I recently found this interesting site which currently has Shaw placed at 34th and Telus ranked 59th.

Although 'speed' is one thing, overall performance with regards to email, and amount of 'down time' plus security issues, you would probably have to say Telus wins but not necessarily with customer response, or at least that is what I have heard, mostly through my own experience.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Internet vs Television

If you look closely at the trends of the Internet, it doesn't take one very long to recognize the video used on websites now, thanks to places like youtube. Although, forums have been a part of the Internet for a long time, it is interesting to see how television acting includes in many programs, references to 'blogs' and website URLs as in the case of the popular "Prison Break" program, they make reference to a and if you check, you will not only find that it is an actual working website, but you will find some of the references that you see on certain closeups on camera. With all the 'reality tv' series, games shows, and now integrating the Internet real time, it makes it that much more believable-or does it?

It seems that when you try and push something on people, such as 'web tv', it doesn't necessarily mean people will go for it, which in this case they didn't. But wait a few years, until high speed Internet is available in many more places to make it commonplace, you throw a few videos that you have the ability to watch when you want to and that makes it okay to watch on a less then great image quality or size. But what that has also done is make the cell phone carriers realize a huge market with video streaming through the cell phone. What is next? Satellite Radios already give you hundreds of audio channels at your fingertips wherever satellite coverage is, so where is the video? Don't worry, it's coming, and when it does arrive, how will you see it used? These are all trend-questions, something I look forward in finding answers to!

Friday, March 23, 2007

So how much is your computer data worth?

It seems more and more I hear and read horror stories like this that is why I have implemented the carbonite backup system to all the computers I work on. After all, isn't your data worth the price of a Large Starbucks Coffee once a month? If you wish to take advantage of it and get an extra free month click on this link.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Make your XP Desktop look and feel like Vista

If you have had a chance to see the new Windows Vista desktop then you may like see this 'widget/gadget' look on your XP machine. Yahoo Widgets has been around for a while however I would have never mentioned it due to the fact that it was a real memory resource pig. This resource hog has been cleaned up substantially as you can read all about it over at TechCrunch.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Basic "Clean" computer system

When asked what exactly does 'clean' mean when you describe a computer that is 'free from foreign software'? To me, this would be a system that has just been built so you are dealing with a hard drive that will be partitioned and formatted at the time the operating system is installed. After this, an antivirus program should be installed, followed by completion of all operating system updates. Next, Java should be installed, followed by a basic 'adobe acrobat reader' which will give the computer .pdf file compatibility which has become standard on the Internet. A handful of anti-spyware and malware programs should then be installed. At time of this writing, which you can always check the OPTIMIZING tip followed by a visit to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page for all that are in this list. Currently I would suggest CCLEANER, SPYWARE BLASTER, SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY, AVG ANTISPYWARE AND AD-AWARE. I would also have these as shortcuts on your desktop in the order mentioned as this is what I would then run on a daily basis (the optimizing tip explains this in greater detail).

If your system has a DVD Burner, then it should have also come with packaged burner software which should be installed as all operating system before VISTA will not burn to DVD directly through windows. Only direct cd burning can be done prior to VISTA.

This would be a clean system. Other things that can and probably should be done for preventative maintenance and backup is to purchase drive image software such as Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost and create a backup image partition which can then be used as routine backups are made using this software.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TIP-What is a Widget or a Gadget?

With the recent release of Windows Vista, you will probably notice pretty quickly, the Gadget SideBar. CNET/ does a good job of explaining this jargon for you.

I might note that any Widget or Gadget you do have running will use some of your computer processes/memory, depending on the amount and incorporated data that it receives will also tax your memory so unless you have lots to spare, you may want to use this sparingly.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The future of CPU's-you can't look back!

As with most things today, they have built in obsolescence however in the case of a computer, that can be anything from 1 to 3 months! Seriously, for the 'bleeding edge' stuff, the value starts to show up when the very latest version is released, all subsequent processors end up dropping rather quickly. You can also see this trend with the LCD Monitor. What used to be the 'in-thing' to simply be the first on your block to own an LCD monitor, the size of this has grown from 15" to pretty much 19" wide screen, to what I would consider the favorite 'size du jour' is the 22" LCD as it can be found for sometimes no more then about $50! So what's the deal with the Dual Core and the Quad Core? What should you be thinking about getting if you are thinking about getting something within the next month? Think about the bleeding edge stuff today as probably what you would be interested in within one to three months, is the way I see things. Therefore you shouldn't be looking back at where it has come from, but to where it is at the very forefront of technology and see how quickly that becomes 'old hat'. Plus, looking back on what you paid for something and what you can get it for today only depresses you anyway!

The following CPU ROAD MAP may help you understand just where we stand today.

Bluetooth Keyboards, a hot comodity?

With the most recent purchase of my Asus R2H I quickly realized the importance of a keyboard and to look no further then the bluetooth portable keyboards. Thing is, my local suppl yer could bring the same unit in at Canadian prices, less then it would have cost me to buy direct from the place they got it from-- go figure! What I didn't realize, and if I had, I would have ordered it direct from the factory, was that I would be waiting 2 months for the item to arrive! Now this got me thinking about the product that I was waiting to arrive, was it "cheap and no good" or was it so good that they can't keep them in stock? What other question I had while I waited for this to arrive, was that there were no other distributors of bluetooth fold able keyboards it would seem. Now with all the pocket pc's, blackberries, etc, it is no wonder that this would be a very useful device to have so what's up? Now that the device has arrived (a truly marvelous piece of technology I might add) I truly can't see why I didn't purchase a handful of these and sell them locally, I am pretty sure the market would allow for this as I can already see my productivity while using the R2H going up big time.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Vista and Antivirus

When you first install Windows Vista you will probably notice rather quickly, just how 'secure' things are. Add to this, when I installed the AVAST Antivirus, which I highly recommend by the way, as it does a wonderful job--for free! Actually that was the reason for this post, was the fact that it does a job so well that you actually have to adjust/turn off the web shield as it just simply doesn't like what Vista is doing to it. From what I can gather, it may also have something to do with how the built in Windows Defender works (which I have disabled just in case-not to mention I think Windows should steer clear of their attempts at spyware prevention and stick to building a solid operating system).

For those of you finding your web pages loading rather slowly may also want to try turning this feature off in the "on-access protection control", although I have not noticed much of a difference within XP when this is turned off but then again there is no windows defender on this XP machine.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The most influential people...

This from a recent E-week posting

I have always been told that I march to the beat of my own drum! Oh, how I attempt to follow this sort of methodology with my day to day tech work.

Website updates

Have you spotted them? Many more to come!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gnomedex 7.0 I'm going, but then you already knew that!

Okay so you may have already read in a previous blog, that I will be attending another Gnomedex this coming summer and came across a recent discussion that is going on in one (or more) of the available forums through the Gnomedex website and through Lockergnome, the interesting statistic of male versus female attendence. I found the quote to be the reason why I go each and every year (number 5 for me this year), "Gnomedex, by the way, continues to attract influencers before they become influencers - male and female. "

By the way, in providing the links to this post, I have found that through my vista machine on my laptop, I can not get to the lockergnome site using Mozilla, avant browser, or Internet explorer with the configurations the way they are... interesting, since I do have the secure zone turned off.

Oh, and for those keeping track of how the techs working behind the scenes for this year's gnomedex are doing. I have received email from the tech support since they had read my blog entry regarding troubles with log in. Thanks to this sort of communication, things do get accomplished quickly. All you have to do is ask!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Data beaming technology

Now this is what I call using technology and pushing it to the edge. I believe this could be a very major breakthrough for communication as we now know it!

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's all in the reputation...

It appears that one thing for sure you can find on the Internet, is fast! Fast meaning how long it takes for you to find what you are looking for. Compared to getting in your car or other means of transportation and going to the library where you would read about it in books. So the Internet 'highway' means a lot of things to a lot of people and businesses. This is why a reputation can become a great asset to your end product but what can hurt you is only by how large of a microscope you should be judged from, when creating any new website, personal or for business.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

DirectX 9 vs DirectX 10: Worth Upgrading to Vista For?

The questions keep on coming and more and more are regarding whether or not it is time to upgrade to Vista. If you are a gamer then this may be one reason!

Happy 1 hour-less-sleep day!

Did it work? Did your computer's clock change correctly? If not, double click on the clock and set it yourself making sure the check box is set for daylight saving. Then click on the INTERNET tab and select to update the time now. That should do it!

Having troubles getting to sleep? Why not stop by the TIPS page for some light reading!

Searching leads to Digging

Digg has become extremely popular for the ability to help you keep track of what you think is important and what you want to read. Similarly, sharing of web pages you have visited known as links can help keep an open line of communication and introduce new forums or groups as in the case of Google Groups.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

What I'm Reading

some place this as a link on their blog, probably will add it soon as well
some things I have been reading

All of EU to switch off energy inefficient lights within three
shouldn't this sort of thing almost become a bi-law within cities? If it is so much of a savings, lets just do it. Similarily when it comes to buying ink for your inkjet printer.. better off to just buy a new printer as it is cheaper, not to mention 'new'. I made the switch at least 8 years ago and at that time, the price for one bulb was quite expensive compared to what they cost today. I would think if you are really supposed to get over 5 years of life on these things, that the consumers would be buying them like crazy when they see a deal to be had. One actually just burned out on me, one that I figured must be at least 5 years old and even if there was still a warranty on this, it would never be replaced with the same model today anyway, not to mention what you must go through in order to get the replacement, but that being said, you should be given the chance to do so, but when the cost, regardless if you get this reimbursed, in the end it would cost more for all involved. This is truly something that has become completely disposable as well.

Vista activation crack #2 auto-renews the 30 day grace
just another game, it seems, like cat & mouse. A good scenario as to the way it is with security and the internet. If you put a lock on something then the curious want to know what is so important that it requires a lock.

A Few Lines About Lines
As much as I enjoy travelling, this is one thing I do think of while I am in one and truly do appreciate where I live!

Friday, March 09, 2007


If you have a question regarding the use of Palm for me, I'll tell you to ask someone else! Why? Well, because I have now just spent the last 5 hours dealing with Palm syncronizing issues that I believe 'should' have been solved by a simple reinstallation of all software that deals with this device, only to find that this is not the case. After numerous attempts before this lengthy go-round I am pretty much back to square one again and therefore am forced to blog about my troubles!

Call it venting if you must, but for me to continue being so000-frustrated over something that should be so simple, I am left to find other alternatives. Why? Because as a user of data on a pocket pc and knowing that I have had little to no troubles when synchronizing my 'windows based' data to my pocket pc, why should I want to spend more time when it boils down to how much 'time' versus ' how much money' you want to spend. Ok so I have stopped my clock on this project long ago and have taken this on as my own project just for the sake of learning the correct way to do things so that in the future I won't have as much troubles. But when I am faced with so many issues, one must decide at what point do you say 'forget about it!' I have come to that point and now I am working on the synchronizing of the palm device to an Internet email based system using google's gmail. I am loving the capabilities of the email and the archiving, searching, contact lists, etc to the point that I have given up my Microsoft Small Business Server system for Google's online system. It just works!

So what is involved in making the change? Nothing more then setting up your free Google email account and then deciding whether or not you want this to be your default email client in which case you can then turn on the mail forwarding from your Internet provider's email which will do two things, it will then immediately forward the email to your Google account and will also allow you to keep a copy on the server if you should decide you want to continue to use that 'pop' style email. Bottom line for me is the fact that it works and very little 'time' is taken to set this sort of thing up.

Now to make the change permanently for other clients that want in.. well you can ask me about this as I am NOT going to deal with another palm related case again.... at least for some time.

Daylight Savings--Don't worry about it!

At this point only a few people have emailed me on 'what should they do with regards to the daylight savings coming up' and my answer was to 'not worry about it' as you can read from ZDNet, things aren't going so well for Microsoft and their push to fix a potential problem. As they label this as a 'mini Y2K problem', it certainly will not have the impact that you may imagine, since this deals with your clock being out by an hour, you can simply readjust it, making sure you have the correct time zone as well. This 'problem' will surface for those running servers possibly but other then that, you are better to do nothing and wait to see if it is a problem.. just like Y2K, it came and went with very few problems.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


As many of you that know me, would also know that I spend a lot of my time travelling to the USA quite a bit. It is nice to see that my bank makes me aware that my ATM card will work at most places I would shop while in the USA. The NYCE website gives you a great list but what I have always done is just try using it! Don't worry as you will be told pretty quick, whether it will work or not. Quite often you may be asked if you wish to pay an additional fee, as in the case of any 'private atm' machine here in Canada.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gnomedex Registration

It seems key technology people also have problems with computers as would be the case at the most recently updated Gnomedex website as Iggy has posted something that I would love to read, however it appears I am having troubles logging in to my account. Even though I am pretty sure I knew the password and username, it appears I needed to get it re-sent to me. That took all of about 3 seconds to get my new password sent to me, however it still does not let me in to my account and it now appears I am in a loop whereas I keep getting brought back to the home page but not logged in. I am not getting a message that I have entered the wrong password or username, just brought back to the home page. Oh well, I am sure this too will be fixed over time as I am just glad to know I have a seat at this years conference!

Friday, March 02, 2007

New Avant Browser available

As with any new update available on the net now a days, many ask if it is always good to get the latest updates. My answer for when it comes to the web browser is "yes, absolutely!" Since the web browser is your front line to all the sites you hit, it is very important that it is up to date with all the latest security fixes and patches. So, if you are using the Avant Browser,and you open it up to start your day of surfing and you get the message that there is an update available, this is one of the times when you want to click YES. Now, saying that, it will take you to the Avant download page where, if you choose the first link to download, you may get a little lost, as this link is typically going to send you to one of their sponsors sites, where you may have to sit through a few seconds of some flashing ad before the download starts and because of that, you may find yourself clicking on the wrong thing. This is why I always have the direct download link available on my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page here. Simply clicking on it and selecting RUN will automatically install over top of the old version. In fact you will probably be prompted that the browser is currently running and, "is it okay to close the browser" in which you should say YES as well. Staying up to date on this sort of thing is relatively important since it is not a Microsoft product like the Internet Explorer and will not be included in any windows updates that may be available.