Friday, December 31, 2010

No Agenda Thursday


Posted on Thursday 30 December 2010

#265 No Agenda Show for Thursday December 30th 2010
Moon Base on Mars


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    – Moon Base on Mars
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Friday, December 24, 2010

No Agenda Thursday

No Agenda Thursday

#263 No Agenda Show for Thursday December 23d 2010 
Don't Ask, Don't Yell

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Monday, December 20, 2010

TIP-Carbonite Optimizing

Now that you have Carbonite installed on your system, it should be set to 'set and forget' which essentially means it backs up everything all the time.  But if you are part of a home network, utilizing many laptops and devices on the same wired/wireless network, it can start to be quite noticeable.  A simple method is to change to the LOW PRIORITY mode, but if you know there are specific 'temp' folders, in my case, downloads from missed tv episodes for example, where I will watch it once and delete. No point in having it saved or attempts made at beginning to save it. Simply RIGHT CLICK on said folder and from the carbonite menu item choose DON'T BACKUP. If you don't have Carbonite installed then what are you waiting for? Disaster?!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday is a day for No Agenda


Posted on Sunday 19 December 2010

#262 No Agenda Show for Sunday December 19th 2010
Mothra Will Save Us!


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursdays No Agenda

No Agenda for a Thursday


Posted on Thursday 16 December 2010

#261 No Agenda Show for Thursday December 16th 2010


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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Connection Policy and Info

The method for which I connect to perform any maintenance on your computer is through the services of Logmein. This is a free service and anyone can install it to utilize the great product. In my case, I utilize many of their advanced services for which I do pay for. These services make my connection process that much simpler and allow me to service your computer from any means possible to me at the time, no matter where I am currently located. So long as you have an internet connection and your computer is connected to it, I should be able to help you out. This is important to remember since the computer must be able to be not only powered on but also connected to the network. If your computer will not power on then odds are your power supply (or worse), which will require HANDS ON. If this is the scenario, then I will consult on what is your best "next step", since many times you may be better of to simply buy a new computer.  Seriously, with the costs of a new laptop at about $400 and up and other devices such as tablets as low as $200.

When connection is attempted to your computer, a current activity status is made at my end for which I will never connect to an active computer or one that has been active for a minimum of 15 minutes. Of course in the case of an emergency whereas I have already been in contact with you, or in the case where LIVE INSTRUCTION as in any training or one-on-one instruction/repair. 
Since the cost of this service is free, please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to have this service installed. Repair costs can be sent to you if you should wish to inquire for any remote services.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sundays No Agenda


Posted on Sunday 12 December 2010

#260 No Agenda Show for Sunday December 12th 2010
Madoff has left the building


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  Pelsmaekers, Sir Sean Connelly, Aaron Ramroth
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Friday, December 10, 2010

No Agenda Thursday

Join Adam and John for the real truth:


Posted on Thursday 9 December 2010

#259 No Agenda Show for Thursday December 9th 2010
Lucy Napolitano in Yemen
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  Sir Larry Lee
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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Emma Maersk, Part of the Danish Shipping Line

The Emma Maersk, part of a Danish shipping line,                is shown in the photos below. 
What a wonder 'Made in China ' is displacing North American made goods big time. This monster transports goods across the Pacific in just 5 days!! This is one of three ships presently in service, with another two ships commissioned to be completed in 2012. 

These ships were Commissioned by Wal-Mart to get all their goods and stuff from China . They hold an incredible 15,000 cartons and have a 207 foot deck beam!!  The full crew is just 13 people on a ship longer than a US Aircraft Carrier (which has a crew of 5,000). With it's 207' beam it is too big to fit through the Panama or Suez Canals .

                   It is strictly transpacific. Cruise speed: 31 knots. 

The goods arrive 4 days before the typical container ship (18-20 knots) on a China -to- California  run.  
91% of Walmart products are made in China . So this behemoth is hugely competitive even when carrying perishable goods.   
The ship was built in five sections. The sections floated together and then welded.   The command bridge is higher than a 10-story building and has 11 cargo crane rigs   that can operate simultaneously unloading the entire ship in less than two hours. 

Additional info:

              Country of origin - Denmark
                   Length - 1,302 ft
                   Width - 207 ft
                   Net cargo - 123,200 tons 
                   Engine - 14 cylinders in-line diesel engine (110,000 BHP) 
                   Cruise Speed - 31 knots
                   Cargo capacity - 15,000 TEU (1 TEU = 20 cubic feet)
                   Crew - 13 people !
                   First Trip - Sept. 08, 2006 
                   Construction cost - US $145,000,000+

Silicone painting applied to the ship bottom reduces water resistance and saves 317,000 gallons of diesel per year.

Editorial Comment!

A recent documentary in late March, 2010 on the History Channel noted that           all of these containers are shipped back to China , EMPTY. Yep, that's right.          We send nothing back on these ships. What does that tell you about the current financial state of this country? Just keep buying those imported goods (mostly gadgets) until you run out of money. 

Then you may wonder what the cause of unemployment (maybe even your job) 
in the U.S. and Canada  might be????

Monday, December 06, 2010

Gmail and the Avant Browser

It seems as of late, those that use the Avant browser are getting an error when they sign in to their GMAIL account, stating the following:

It looks like you have enabled Internet Explorer Compatibility View.
Gmail works best if you turn this off.  

Even though this is followed by two links, "find out how to do this" and "dismiss", I am of course getting numerous calls/email stating they can't do what it is asking of them from the instructions and this would be because you are not actually using the Internet Explorer but a web browser that emulates the Internet Explorer.  

So what's the solution?  Click on DISMISS and ignore it for starters, that's if you really want to use the Avant browser but what I suggest and have been suggesting for some time is to start using the Google Chrome browser as your main "default" browser and keeping the Avant browser as the backup for those occasions a website doesn't appear quite right within Chrome and/or the website states you must be using the Internet Explorer.  Since the Avant Browser is 100% compatible to the Internet Explorer, you DO NOT need to use the Internet Explorer but simply use Avant and all should appear fine.

It is always good to have a backup browser installed on your system and since the Internet Explorer can be disabled within Windows 7 (I typically do this), you should have a browser that does emulate this IE browser.

If you aren't sure how to make Chrome the default browser, you can follow these simple instructions.

Sunday's No Agenda

Sunday's No Agenda:


Posted on Monday 6 December 2010

#258 No Agenda Show for December 5th 2010
Persistent Jet Contrails


- This Episode's Executive Producer: Sir Steven Pelsmaekers
- This Episode's Executive Producer: Taylor Stewart
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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday is the moment of truth on No Agenda

The Moment of Truth
Posted on Thursday 2 December 2010
#257 No Agenda Show for Thursday December 2nd 2010
The Moment of Truth

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