Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nothing wrong with being a newbie right?

As I sit here trying to catch up on all my RSS feeds that I get through my newsgator reader I sometimes feel overwhelmed with what I have been missing all these years. Yeah sure I knew what a blog was and I just never looked at it as something I would want to do... sit and write down my thoughts and feelings of the moment, or actually air my dirty laundry to the world to read. After all, what could they find interesting about what I have to say unless it has to do with my profession which is nothing but technical stuff.

You can imagine how it has been, working for the cable company and then going to someone's house and having them say "Hey, I am having troubles with my signal, do you think you could help?", or "I don't know how to set my clock to record through this new converter".

Now it is my turn to feel strangely unknown to this world of blogging. I must say, this past Gnomedex really did open my eyes to the necessity of blogging and how it can be a great tool in the communication field of technology. No matter how you use your blog, the simple fact that people can choose to read it one time, or read it all the time, is totally up to the individual. All you do is make it available and if someone finds your topic of interest, they will read it and quite possibly link to your blog. At this point I don't see this happening to my blog since I haven't started to truly publish things, nor have I made the time to get it going full tilt.

All I can say is I like my job and the fact that I get to PLAY with technology, new and old, each and every day. It is true that every day holds a new set of ideas and issues and to find a way to integrate all to make the day go smoothly is a real challenge, but one that I look forward to.

Enough of my bantering.. There are more blogs to read... Oh, and I guess I should sleep at some point too!