Friday, May 05, 2006

Secure is not secure, don't be fooled

Once again, as I have just finished mentioning how spam is once again on the upswing, Shaw once again is introducing their "shaw secure", as I will direct you to my earlier blogs about this, nothing has changed really. When you are told to remove any and all antivirus from your system in order to use a network service, do you think that is wise? I don't. If you want your computer protected then you should have antivirus at the source. Sure the spam protection/filtering for your email is something the internet providers should have been doing from the beginning, but then that is filtering a specific service, not the entire internet and not at the cost of giving up your own personal antivirus, no matter what antivirus program it is, having something is most certainly better then nothing.

Ask yourself this question," if you are to use secure services through a network such as what they offer, then what happens if you unplug from that network? What happens if while you are unplugged from that network, your friend brings over a cd and plops it in to your drive only to find out later that it had a virus. Of course you are only going to find out about it later, when you are back online (if you can get back online, depending on what the virus does), your 'secure' connection should detect this virus, however, in many cases with viruses, once they get on to the system they become a real bugger to get rid of in some cases. Sometimes restarting your computer in safe mode and completely further virus scans is required. Please explain to me how you can do this when the network doesn't work in safe mode? Sounds to me like one large security blanket with a lot of holes in it. Thank you very much but I'll stick with antivirus on each individual computer since it is being used as a 'personal computer' and not some 'slave terminal' that only surfs the internet.

As much as the antivirus is important, it seems as of late, that the spam issues supersede the virus issues. In my opinion, the spyware/spam issues ARE VIRUSES! Any time you and your computer are stuck doing some menial task to remove specific spyware files that are causing a major slowdown on your computer, and/or you can't get to specific websites, or maybe your printer isn't functioning all of a sudden.. They are all related to spyware issues most of the time. From my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page you can make sure you have the latest in anti-spyware and other system tweak programs and get additional TIPS from the TIPS page.