Thursday, July 12, 2007

Optimizing your computer in 3 Steps

Steps you can and should to for the health of your computer system.

  1. Stop using the INTERNET EXPLORER! Since this Internet browser comes with your windows operating system it is therefore used the most and for that reason, gets hacked the most. Close to 80 percent of the problems I fix on a regular basis could most likely not even happen if it weren't for the fact that the Internet Explorer was being used. Get yourself a new web browser or two (I think it is best to have two so that you can always determine if the one browser is at fault when a web page doesn't open or look correctly, you can open the other web browser. For this I use AVANT BROWSER as my main browser which you can always download from the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page. I find it has been the best to customize to 'look' as close to the Internet Explorer did in version 6 which most people were accustomed to and for that reason alone, the Avant Browser works best. As well, I use FIREFOX. There are many so go ahead and try out a few.
  2. Keep your anti-spyware up to date and used on a DAILY basis. Yes, I suggest DAILY if you use your computer every day for internet activity then why not run the spyware scans at the end of your day as it will take you less then a minute to start and since you are through using the computer, why not have it performing something useful so that when you do come back to your computer, the results will be in and you can be sure you are computing with a clean computer. Remember you can always get the latest version of the anti-spyware that I suggest you use from the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page.
  3. Read my OPTIMIZING tip if you haven't already done so. I know it is long but that is because I am trying to be thorough.

Still requiring more help or questions, remember you can always contact me.
Oh, there are always more things to add here and over time I believe I will but for now it is just 3 easy steps.