Saturday, December 13, 2008

Classic Views and Office 2007

Sometimes after installing a new or updated software program you find yourself hunting for what used to be “simple commands” only to continue to get frustrated with it.  While some people enjoy learning what new features are available within this program, others would like to remain with the simple pleasures of not having to re-train the ol’ brain.  Thankfully there are what is known as “classic menus” that you can turn on or select by going through the programs preferences and views.


My Digital Life blog is chalked full of great tips and tricks so it should be no surprise to find help here when it comes to office 2007/2003.


Personally, I love this OOBE (out of box experience) as in most cases with anything newly updated, they (the software creator)  has incorporated all the good features and made them better and by that this typically means taking tasks that would normally take more then two or more clicks to complete and incorporate them in to one and so it is quite common to find yourself initially looking through the programs ‘preferences’ or ‘options’.  I highly suggest this practice all of the time, as this is just like reading the table of contents of a book that you may find yourself interested in reading. It also helps learn all the shortcuts and stuff you never knew the program was capable of.  All it takes is TIME and this is where we unfortunately find ourselves getting frustrated.