Friday, February 06, 2009

Yes, I do make housecalls, but is it necessary?

In most cases, if I have already worked on your computer, then I have installed logmein software so that I can help you remotely. A recent response to a client with some email issues when they tried opening a 'wmv' (windows media video file) but it would not open.  Since there are many reasons why this would not open I explained a few...

As for the video issues on the email.. you do have to realize with many 'attachments', depending on how they were sent, they can either include a link to a website in which you would open within your web browser (avant browser ), and by simply clicking on the link from within an email may or may not always work. This is mostly due to the security levels and settings of the computer. I won't say necessarily that it is your computer, but it could also be that of the computer that initially sent the email or 'forwarded' it from someone else, as is the case with many jokes that get passed on through email.  Unfortunately, the ability to 'embed' code within a video or image that is viewed is quite possible, especially if you are viewing it over the internet through a web browser.. just one more reason to always be up to date with your web browser and on that note, I suggest pretty much every time you do get prompted that there is an update available or something that is stating it needs updating.. just shoot me an email and I will connect and get it up to date. That way I am finding the connect time to your computer is mainly to update and optimize and NOT spent uninstalling and removing the malware as a result of installing the wrong product.

Fact is, if I have installed logmein on your computer, then you should be taking advantage of contacting me any time you get notice of some update or other prompt that you are unsure of what to do.

The only time I should really be making a house call is to be there to remove your computer for bench work, better known as "the hospital".. so don't let your computer get this sick in the firstplace!  It's all about PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.  Use the TIPS if you want to try doing things yourself, and use the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page to get all the necessary tools to do this if you so choose.