Thursday, November 04, 2010

Still using Avant/IE?

As I am still a fan of the Avant browser, it is/was always because it was the best browser to emulate the Internet Explorer, which we all should know how I feel about that. Even though I still suggest you have the Avant Browser installed, I would personally suggest using the Google Chrome browser as your 'default' number one browser. I say this not only because it (chrome) is the fastest, but the fact that it now supports extensions, can save passwords and settings, it really should be a no brained.

What I am noticing as of late, is the fact on many websites, the Avant browser seems broken or way too slow and without blaming the browser as much as the fact the website would seem broken until you visit the site using Chrome and it works. This is only going to happen more and more as the Internet explorer browser loses more of it domination within the Internet world. It is always good to have two browsers installed (and up to date) in the instance you do witness that appeared broken web page.