Friday, December 23, 2011

What I want for Christmas...

What I want for Christmas is: 

 -World Peace, but I'm pretty sure that will not happen as there is always someone pissed off at someone else unfortunately. 

 So keeping it closer to home, what I would like for Christmas is:

 -My clients to think of contacting me first, BEFORE they attempt to perform those updates and/or other installation that they are unsure of, or if they are thinking of buying a new piece of technology, whether it be a computer or phone or remote control.. contact me BEFORE spending any money. As a result of contacting me, I am going to not only give you my opinion but hopefully a number of options on where to get the best deal on whatever it is you are in the market for! This will hopefully prevent you from contacting me after the fact, all frustrated because you can't get the stupid thing to work correctly or wonder why it doesn't seem to install the way the sales person said it would. (this is a common problem when buying a new printer lately)

 -My clients to stop using the Avant Browser as their main web browser. Yes I know I am the one that pointed you in the direction of using it many years ago but that is my point here.. it is no longer the browser of choice. That would go to Google's Chrome browser. Why? For many reasons, but the main one is for the speed, security and the fact that it updates itself. Since this is the program you use to surf the web, it is important for the browser to always be up to date and that is by far the main reason why you shouldn't be using any other browser. The fact is the Avant browser emulates the Internet Explorer web browser which has been garbage pretty much after IE6.0 which was the last "good" release of that browser. But the web has changed a lot since then and now the only reason I do keep the Avant browser installed on my client computers is because it does emulate the internet explorer and therefore will be used on the odd occasion some other program on your computer calls for the Internet Explorer, as well as being the secondary browser in the odd scenario that Chrome doesn't appear to work for the website. This can happen if you visit a website that has not updated the code to work correctly with anything but the internet explorer (but this is something I have not had the need to worry about for over 2 months now so really don't see any need for you to be using it at all) 

 -My clients to stop worrying about the maintenance and simply using their device, leaving the technical updates and cleaning to me. -My clients to remember I am a key click away, so long as you are connected to the internet and if you need to contact me via telephone, to utilize my toll free number or text!

I think most of all, I want all that read my blog posts to have the best possible time you can at this 'festive' time of year, wishing you nothing but the best of health and happiness to you!