Saturday, January 28, 2012

The cost of a wireless printer

Wireless is everywhere including new printers but that shouldn't mean you should go out of your way to use this. Sure, if this printer is going to end up in a closet some place then it makes sense, but most often it is going to be sitting on a desk right next to your computer which means it could still be plugged in via the  USB connection.
When you are dealing with technology, keeping it simple is still the best method and even though that may mean connecting to your wireless network and you are done, but if you are not technically apt and end up requiring tech support. As I posted about this exact issue back in 2010, the only difference is that more printers are going to have the wireless option. Be aware, when you add more tech, there is more chance of problems and when there are problems you may require tech support and if that means paying $$ then the over all cost of that very inexpensive wireless printer may have just gone up substantially!