Monday, December 03, 2012

AVAST Antivirus Renewal Notice?

Are you getting a renewal notice from your (free) Avast Antivirus?

It appears for whatever reason, Avast Antivirus has now started pushing out an expiry notice one month prior to the renewal time. I'm not quite sure why they do this since you can't renew by entering a new registration key until there is about 2 weeks remaining on your existing subscription therefore just let me know when it is nearing the end of time. Noting that you are still protected by existing viruses even after this time. You are simply not protected by any further updates until you renew and this is a free service but they do make it a little tricky to renew the free subscription for obvious reasons, since they provide a paid version and will also provide you with a free month of the pro version if you aren't careful (not recommended or required).. Just contact me if you have any questions on this.

FYI: 3/23/16