Saturday, June 15, 2013

No Agenda Update

Producers and Supporters,

You are going to come up very short on the Sunday Show. We would like to see more producers and associate producers for Sunday. Last Sunday there were a mere two. Then there were two on Thursday. As this is written the operative word for Sunday is zero.

Did all the executive producers go on vacation? It’s a shame because most of your commentary about the show has never been more positive. Please help us bring up our contributions for Sunday with any amount by clicking here.

And make sure that you listen to the Sunday show where Adam tells you about meeting with the government to prove he’s actually married to Micky. This has got to be some sort of hilarious farce.

Plus, more revelations about snooping with some tips about which VPN might be useful for you to use. Good stuff.

Your co-host

John C. Dvorak
PS Please visit the support page today.