Saturday, August 03, 2013

No Agenda Producer's Update

Producer Update

It looks as if the show is back on track and we have one more show with Adam in the EU. Then back to Texas.

Hopefully the support for the show will increase in August as it was off by a lot in July because of the two pre-produced shows. So we are asking all of you to help us return to normal for show 536 and contribute any amount whatsoever by clicking here. It’s a good time to contribute.

Adam has a lot more material of substance regarding the activities of the EU for you. And there are endless topics arising in the US including the poor woman who was shaken down by the cops for searching on Google for “pressure cooker.” This makes you wonder.

And what is with Vladimir Putin? He apparently caught the world’s biggest pike while casually fishing?

As a teaser, for you we have a red book prediction derived from discussions with our "economic hitman." Make sure to listen to the Sunday No Agenda Show.

Endnote: We have not seen an insta-knight for months. Click here and join their ranks.
We are still shipping rings to all new Knights.