Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How long does a hard drive last? Are you backed up?

This is certainly not the first time I am posting comments about backing your data up as it is probably one of, if not the biggest resources you should be considering with every device you use. By this I mean backing up your data. The Cloud-yes, off of your existing device, to a location that is safe, secure and most importantly, recoverable any time you need it.  The TAUW has a great post about just how long hard drives are expected to last, through another blog post from BackBlaze's own website.. BACKBLAZE, by the way is where I suggest purchasing your offsite backup from as they have the best deal on UNLIMITED data backup for less than $4 per month!
There was a time a few years ago when most hard drive manufacturers were providing up to 3 and even 5 year warranties which is now pretty much a thing of the past, since it seems even if you had a warranty it isn't going to bring the lost data back due to a hard drive failure. What good is getting your money back from a drive that cost you less than $100 in the first place, especially when that warranty is pro-rated anyway!  The simple truth is, pay your $50/year on an off-site backup data plan and you are set.  
What always gets me is how people can seriously be so CHEAP in stating they don't need this, when these same people think nothing of paying Norton ($39.99) or McAfee ($49.99) a yearly subscription for internet security (which is a crock!)