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Dear Producer,

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When you listen to No Agenda consider the interesting accolade from producer Alex Norriem:

“What you guys do is without a doubt one of the most heroic endeavors being attempted in this modern day dystopian reality.”

Thank you very much.
There is a lot to be discussed on tomorrow’s show including something the show has highlighted, China’s long rail lines stretching directly into Europe to move products in and out. It's finally happened as one line just opened.
Then there is the continuing evolution of the ISIL atrocities, looking for something that “clicks.”
Plus, Elizabeth Warren takes a few shots at Janet Yellen to show the world she is “tough.” The last time Warren showed toughness was when she went up against robo-calls. There is no evidence anything came of it.
They are not going to let me keep doing this forever. Sigh.
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Your co-hosts,
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PPS The picture of Manhattan is the first in a series of unforgettable pics.
Global cooling. Here is Manhattan this week surrounded by ice.
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Part of the predictable script to bring Brian Williams back. This indicates things are going to plan.

This news flash has pre-empted the kitten/puppy pic.
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