Saturday, April 25, 2015

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The corporate news media is working overtime to figure out what to do with Hillary. Every time they turn around some new potential scandal arises in what appears a concerted effort to derail her march towards the Presidency of the USA.

Your No Agenda team goes deeper than any other news analysts to unearth the truth and find out who is behind all of this. It’s never pretty.

Your next boss.

Luckily, for Hillary, the NBA playoffs combined with the upcoming NFL draft has most of the American males distracted. And everyone in the world seems distracted and fascinated by Bruce Jennerdeciding that he was a woman all along and is now going to become one full-time. Hello World.

It’s impossible not to see any of this as an overt distraction to steer the public consciousness away from the tribulations of Hillary. It was no coincidence that it was the ABC network that ran what became a highly rated interview with Bruce Jenner hosted by Diane Sawyer. No Agenda has identified ABC as completely compromised, so what better outlet? Perfect timing too.

The sociology of gender identity politics comes into play as well as elements of a Hillary for President agenda. It is obvious if you realize that the whole Bruce Jenner drama, which should be aprivate matter, is a cynical manipulation of the world’s psyche designed to confuse and muddy your brain. The purpose is to loosen the thought process with confusing messages and imagery opening the pathways to suggestion. It’s almost like a form of hypnosis. And well-played indeed.

There is even one of those hypnotic spirals on this cover. Note all the stories have gender themes. What are they trying to do?

You should note, if you managed to actually watch the Jenner interview, that Bruce and Diane were going to go “on a date” with him dressed as a female. The show ended without showing any of thisand you had to imagine for yourself. Why? It was pointless to waste an hour of time with no payoff unless some psychological game was being played on the audience.

Then locally, at least in San Francisco, they teased the fact that they would show Bruce dressed up in his LBD (little black dress) and they never did! This entire drama is sinister on so many levels that it’s a head shaker.


When No Agenda gets through with deconstructing this charade you can be sure it will make sense.  Meanwhile, Hillary is out amongst the people/slaves, shopping and chatting. What a farce.

Adam and I both hope you continue to support our efforts in digging deeper than any other news organization, period. Just remember that it only works because you produce and thus pay for the show.

Your thankful co-host
John C. Dvorak
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