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On tomorrow’s show one of the topics will be native advertising and how it further corrupts news organizations. Your No Agenda Show is one of the very few outlets you can trust will not to be influenced by outsiders with an agenda. This cannot be emphasized enough and this is why you are asked for support.

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Tomorrow the show looks at Obama’s tearful executive order to further restrict gun sales. You’ll want to hear this analysis as the show examines real numbers. These tears are coming from a man who has droned more people than George W. Bush and jokes about it. Very odd.
There are numerous instances you can find of Obama first touching his finger near his eye then show a tear, never using a tissue. You have to wonder if he is employing the Glen Beck trick shown here and that this is insincere.
And as mentioned above, you hear about the new CNN initiative to make all advertisements into “native” advertisements as discussed in this article. If this does not drive people away from the mainstream news sources, then what will it take?

There is a lot to discuss on No Agenda Show number 788. Make sure to listen.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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A polar bear cub abandoned by its mother is raised by hand at the Columbus Ohio Zoo. It seems to have taken a liking to a white teddy bear.
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