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Tomorrow’s show will discuss some screwiness going on in Australia and Great Britain as well as the upcoming New Hampshire primary as the USA gets things going with a lead up to the coronation of Hillary Clinton as queen. Or at least that’s the plan.
There is one specific thing that has been personally bothering me concerning the rhetoric of the campaigns and it needs discussing.

Bernie Sanders keeps promising he will make college education affordable or free – it’s his analog of the Donald Trump fence only Bernie is not going to have the Mexicans pay for it.

When he brings it up Hillary and everyone else calls him out asking “who is going to pay for it?” as if it is outrageous to even suggest the idea of free college education.
This is where I think to myself that in the 1950’s and 1960’s this is what we had. Nearly free college education. As far as I can tell this is pretty much been the standard until perhaps the 1980’s or 1990’s when the student loan promotions began to encourage tuition hikes and University expansionism.
Forgotten college fad of the 1950's: Car Cramming. Done as a gag.
College fad of the 21st Century. Residence cramming. Done as a necessity.
But before this recent era, higher education was obtainable for next to nothing. Only private schools were costly. What changed? And why is this cheap education suddenly impossible now when it was possible when the country had a smaller tax base and less productivity? The question remains, if it was possible before 1980, why has it become impossible now?

Something to ask your friends when it comes up in the conversation.
Look for another great show tomorrow.

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