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Tomorrow the discussions continue regarding the school shooting and the “solutions” to the problem as proposed by the politicians. And you can be sure the prescription drug connection will never be mentioned by anyone but us.

The AR-15, called “America’s gun” by enthusiasts, seems to be the target of media scrutiny. This gun was invented around 1956 during the Korean war to replace WWII gear. The AR stands for ArmaLite, the company that designed the weapon and one of the first to introduce the idea of using a capital letter in the middle of a brand name.
AR-5. Bolt action. Progenitor of the AR-15.
By 1959 the company decided it could not handle the details of this weapon and sold the IP and branding to Colt Manufacturing who became the specialists who “fixed” the weapon. Meanwhile, a slew of other makers also produce the rifle each with their own tweaks. A complete list of makers is here.  

An excellent history of the rifle and a good backgrounder is here. 

This includes some discussion about how this rifle had to contend with the poitical power promoting the M14. This meant Colt going up against the combined lobbying might of Springfield, Winchester and Remington.
M-14. Does the wood make it better?
I cannot for a minute imagine this sort of anti-Colt PR is not still in play. The public seems to think these gun companies are all buddy-buddy, when they are a competitive as any car company, computer chip company or soap maker. This was proven out when Colt lost its M4 contract (another variation rifle) with the military and went bankrupt in 2015 and had to restructure. It’s now in the hands of private equity.

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The drunk Adam Pic
Ooops, wrong pic.
I specifically asked Adam if it was OK to run this pic. He said yes. Personally it looks faked to me. But OK. Above all, Horowitz's (juvenile) plan to get Adam wasted failed.
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