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Sputnik II 1957

Space Race REDUX
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s show celebrates the long forgotten first animal in space, Laika, a mixed breed dog hurled into space on Nov. 3 1957 in the Sputnik II satellite. The idea was to see if anything could survive a launch into space. It did and the rest is history.

For a few more years Russia showed that its German Nazi rocket experts were superior to our German Nazi rocket experts. Thus, the so-called space race was underway.

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Some thoughts about Sputnik II and the dog in space. Laika was supposedly a friendly street dog picked up in Moscow. At the time 97-percent of all scientists thought that nothing could survive the rigors of a launch into space and the dog was the test subject. It lived through the launch but died in space the same day as the capsule overheated. This was finally revealed in 2002 after the Soviets ran with a cock and bull story of how the dog was euthanized (somehow) before the oxygen ran out.

While the Russians were launching the dog into space, the USA was frantically trying to get anything it could into space with competitive attempts by the Navy and the Army.
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The flops of the Navy's Vanguard rocket was a national humiliation and ended the Navy's space program fast.
Finally, on Jan. 31, 1958, the US Army launched American’s first satellite into space.

Now here is a good way to make some money betting. Can you name the first USA satellite into space? What was it called? Unlike Sputnik, which most people recall, the name of the American satellite is long forgotten. What was it? (see answer in the PPS of today’s newsletter)
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There is a lot to discuss on tomorrow’s show besides the moribund space race. The show will do what it can during this phase of “Impeach Trump Mania” or ITM! Real events are happening that the MSM is ignoring. You’ll find them discussed on the next No Agenda Show.
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PPS. Our first satellite was called the Explorer 1. It's mission lasted 111 days until the batteries crapped out. The bird stayed in orbit as space junk until 1970.
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