Saturday, April 03, 2021

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Show 1335

Easter Day Special Show

Dear Producer,
This is our last show for a whole week and this show should be a doozy and it offers three ways you can contribute to the show. First of all this is the yearly birthday show for John inviting a $69.69 donation. Click here for that!

Then it’s Easter 2021 inviting the annual Easter Donation.Again, you are offered one of the Special executive producerships for the “Easter Special.” Click here for that.

Today marks the 4-3-21 (April 3, 2021) countdown donation (USA today, the EU and Australia flip the 4-3 on Sunday with their date conventions). How ever you do the countdown, the donation options are here.

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Bill Clinton lookiing at a butt
After tomorrow’s Easter Special, which will be great. You have two special pre-recorded shows which will be explained in great detail on tomorrow’s Easter Special.
Remember your No Agenda show covers and analyzes news better than any other source you can find and will continue to do so through 2021. This is because the show is not owned by a large corporation nor beholden to advertisers and is solely supported by you.

THE NO AGENDA PLEDGE: There are NO demanding advertisers or horrible CCP influencers telling us what to cover and how to slant things.

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