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Your No Agenda Show has been documenting the Covid backtracking that begun a few weeks ago and increases its pace day by day. How and why did this happen? It’s seems to have begun in earnest just as the notion that those who had the disease were encouraged to get the vaccine despite the fact that it’s likely that Covid survivors probably have a lifetime immunity. Telling people to get vaccinated anyway was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The entire medical community knew this was bullshit and could not take it any more.

That seems to have cracked the dam and the policies of masking, asymptomatic spread, non-treatment for patients, vaccinating children, and the rest were now being taken to task. This was after a year of unmitigated nonsense propagated mostly by the media but stemming from the government and big pharma.
Rob Reiner
The first thing that comes up in the conversation is the liability issue. While harm from the experimental vaccine is pre-mitigated by an established fund, poor care of the sick by a system that actually banned treatments and punished doctors for properly treating patients is not covered by law or exception. Wrongful death suits, cruelty on the part of health systems, willful negligence are all targets for serious litigation.

And the nonsense that there were no treatments or that ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine were unsafe or forbidden in light of over 100 research papers showing effectiveness opens the door for malpractice to an extreme.
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Deep pocketed companies such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook could all be named as participants for promoting big pharma lies.

It’s quite likely that none of this sudden backtracking would have even started if the greed had not emerged. The greed told people to get vaccinated after having the disease (nonsense) and then went after the children of the country. And let’s not forget the idea of a booster.

With new books coming out documenting these and other issues, the lawyers will be lining up plaintiffs by the thousands in the months ahead.
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