Thursday, May 12, 2005

Did you know that I accept virtually all forms of credit and Interac?

It came to my attention today, after I was asked if I accepted credit cards when I was with a client and I said Yes and they were a little surprised I think, or maybe it was how easy I made it seem. This is because I just went over to the computer, went to my home page and clicked on the "donate" button. Since papal is providing the service, you do not pay any fees for this, it is the receiver that pays.. But that is where papal has been pretty good in the costs, in order to make it fair to the home/small business users. If you haven't already signed up for a paypal account (which doesn't cost you anything), then I might suggest it. It is pretty much using your interac card for everything, well now paypal makes it easy to use whatever form of payment you choose. Of course if you don't want to sign up with them and want to use your credit card you can do that as well. As always, I love to be able to use the latest modern technology to make our day to day tasks just a little bit easier, or at least more fun to do! After all, what could be more fun then Donating --to my cause.