Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Would you like your computer fixed or what?

I recently got a disconcerting-toned email from a client that was having some computer troubles. Typically when we have troubles with our computer, it is when we are in a hurry and things tend to seem worse then they actually are, but regardless things can seem pretty intense, thus it is understandable to receive some 'heated' email with regards to a broken computer.

In any case, I must once again explain what I would say has become a policy with any computer that I work on. I have always tried to give 110% to every task that I do and hopefully tread each computer with the same "respect" as if it were my very own broken-down box. I also hope to 'prioritize' my work by the health of the computer, regardless of this however, I now have "employees" working for me! I have mentioned this before and currently, with three of them, there shouldn't be as much of a problem when it comes to a broken down computer, since it pretty much is only down for the length of time it would take me
1: connect to your computer remotely-in the case where it isn't too broken down and I can still connect to it, or in some cases, where there are more then one computer in the home network, which allows me to connect to one that is working and then work on the problem from 'within the local network', or
2: deliver a service loaner computer to you and have you up and running in as long as it takes me to get to your place of business/residence. In cases where the broken-down computer is still partially up and running, I will also then transfer any pertinent information/files over to the service loaner (ie: address book/email/favorites, etc) so that you are good to go once again, with hopefully a very short down-time.

This allows me to then remove your broken-down computer and get a much more thorough repair from my bench.

Typically this entire ordeal is to do with "time" and "time is money", whether you are losing it or you are making it, you can't be making it when your computers are down and therefore you must be the ultimate judge on what is important when you first find out that you have a problem with your computer... and on that note, this is why I continue to push each and every client to be sure and notify me upon the first instance that you may be having problems. Since this little task of connecting and running a basic diagnostic takes me all of about 10 minutes, I can pretty much make sure your computer is at least not ready to crash due to hardware or faulty software installs (up until that moment in time that I connect), therefore TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME, or shall I say.. MY SERVICE. I do work around the clock when I need to, just like any good computer geek that takes his real job seriously!

Therefore, when I receive that rather heated email with comments like "are you going to fix my computer or what?" and then not elaborating on the "what".. since I am either a key click away using my remote services (which requires you to send me your current ip address, which you can get from my home page link or right here), an email/phone call stating that "help, I need computer services, come right away", this entire down-time can be prevented or at least preserved to a very short amount of time--and stress!