Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Maximize that window and stop complaining about the browser!

I am constantly promoting any software I find useful as well, I will also add any program that I find to be 'safer' then what is typically used on the windows operating system. This being said, it is no doubt that most people that read this are also aware of the constant and ongoing windows updates that typically get done automatically if you have set your computer up in that manner. These updates also include any security patches that deal with the Internet Explorer web browser and for that reason alone, I have convinced many people to give another browser a try. In this case I typically suggest AVANT BROWSER which is something I have found to be a treat when it comes to safe, fast and secure issues.

The problem I am faced with when someone complains however, that 'they want to go back to internet explorer" isn't the fact that they can't go back, as the internet explorer is never really removed from your system, simply I have made it not apparent by the use of icons. If you click on the START menu and ALL PROGRAMS, you will still find the Internet Explorer there to use. It is at this point that I should bring up the fact that about 80% of the bugs that I am seeing these days are of a direct result of the web browser itself. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the browser as much as the 'plug ins' that end up being installed. This would be anything from the google toolbar, to MSN or Yahoo's toolbars, to the bad ones like 'my search' and 'hotbar'. The bottom line is if over 60% of the world is using windows then that would mean they are probably using the default browser which is Internet Explorer and for that one reason alone, the hackers have their time with that browser. If you have done some testing of other browsers, such as Mozilla's for example, you would find them probably second place, and now, they too are being plagued with security issues. Why do you think MAC users don't seem to complain as much? Simply because of the demand. There are so few users of the MAC, compared to Windows that the viruses are there, just not as prevalent.

So getting back to the browser issues, it would seem the problem isn't really that Avant Browser is the problem, it is usually that it isn't set up the same way as the internet explorer, or on occasion, something doesn't open the way it would with Internet explorer and for that reason you want to give up and go back... Whereas when asked why you want to go back to the Internet Explorer, I find the answers are very similar and usually end up being because of the 'tabbed windows' and that the windows that are opening are either opening 'behind' the current window therefore you are not seeing it, the pop up blocker is on, and you did not see the blocked URL pop up that appears for a few seconds in the bottom right corner (this feature may have been turned off completely from within the options), but from all of these problems, I see the solution as simply MAXIMIZING your window. I don't know how many times I have watched as the person goes to their favorite game site and begins to go through the log in and room location and game table only to end up with three or more windows open, all of which are not maximized and then, the one that you do want to use, you can't type anything at the bottom because there is no scrolling within that window. You can usually thank the webmaster that created the pages, using some sort of java applet that opens to a certain pixel size which, depending on your current screen resolution, may appear off the bottom of the page, or far too small to enjoy.

Say hello to the 'FULL SCREEN' or the 'FULL DESKTOP' modes using the F11 or F12 key on the keyboard or from the available toolbar icon which is also something you can use within Internet Explorer. The biggest difference I see within AVANT however, is because of the tabbed windows and the fact that you can have multiple windows open, this is overlooked and, once it is understood, it is truly amazing and delightful to see the smiles when this is understood. All of a sudden the Avant Browser becomes their best friend again...

This is one more reason why I have always said you should go in to the OPTIONS of the program you are using, not necessarily to change anything, but to see what it is you can do with the program itself. There are many times when I will be seeing certain programs for the first time and are immediately expected to know what the problems are. I will first visit the options of the program to see what it is I can change and to see what settings are set as the 'default' or 'factory standard'. In most cases, you can even RESET TO DEFAULT SETTINGS which will bring everything back to the way it was when you first installed it.

I say stop complaining about the browser, because if you have ventured off and tried out the beta version of the IE7 you will quickly see how they have revamped everything to the point that you are starting from the beginning and if that is truly what you want to do, and learn all over again, then go for it. Typically when I do install the Avant Browser on a clients computer, I will set it up so that, other then the tabbed windows, things look pretty much the same as the Internet Explorer would and that is simply because I realize just how Alien things can look when you have never used a program before, but then again, it is simply a web browser people.. You should have a web address bar where you can enter the address, along with the back/forward buttons, the refresh button and probably the home key and other then that, what and how you set it up should be completely up to you. The advantages of the Avant Browser, as with most any other browser then the Internet Explorer is shear security from the fact you are not dealing with the program that most hackers are attempting to crack.

Just remember to MAXIMIZE your windows as you surf the net on whatever browser you choose, you will find a lot less stress when you can actually see ALL of the page.

As always tips like these can be found through my website's TIPS page and any software I mention can usually be found on the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page.