Friday, June 23, 2006

Communication is the key so why am I not blogging about it?

Okay so I have been quite bad in the fact that I haven't posted anything since I was in Chicago and that was a few weeks ago now! So what have I been doing besides trying to catch up? Actually I have been trying to catch up, always it seems, and once again time management skills are needed, that, and the ability to forecast how long it will take to fix the computer problem that hasn't yet occurred. It seems sometimes it is best if you can work on that preventative maintenance to provide just the right amount of time to be ready for when tragedy occurs, and for some reason you know it will happen sooner or later!

It seems as I continue my servicing and return of the computers to their rightful owners, explaining security issues and the likes as I am in the process of reconnecting things, many questions are asked and I have found myself saying "yes, I should blog about that and explain it in greater details", as I find many questions are asked that are very much related in one way or another to something some other client has asked. Most of the time it all begins with the ROUTINE maintenance which should be happening DAILY! Yes, DAILY! I don't know how many times I have gone through that spiel and get cut off as I am stating the daily part, and am questioned, "daily, oh I have been doing mine every other week is that not good enough?"... Well lets see, I am here fixing spyware issues and one of the main reasons of the spyware is because the spyware scanners/cleaners are not being used... So yes, if you aren't sure, run the check again, and if you have a question, just ask... It seems like if I don't email myself some of these questions, a blog will not happen regarding these issues. My time management is dependent on my synchronizing the pocket pc with my home server and therefore the emailing of tasks becomes very important, but then that is like someone that works at a desk all day will use yellow stickies and stick them all over the place where they work.. no difference really.