Sunday, August 20, 2006

First post using Windows Live Writer (Beta)

Thought I would give the new Windows Live Writer (Beta) a test... just making my first post. So far so good. Considering I have been using WBloggar, noting it is time for a few upgrades with that one.

·Trying to insert a picture is a little more difficult if you aren't using SPACES, in my case blogger requires ftp information and in doing so I have found that blogger has also created a new editor which I will post from next.

Yes, this could be a handy tool I must say! What about linking?

I like it!· Now this makes blogging· just that much easier!

Adding to this post as it obviously didn't go through, I am now publishing it using the blogger (beta)...even my normal w.bloggar didn't work for me in this case although it did see the post.