Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sending me your IP address isn't that difficult

I don't know how I can make it really any easier. I have a link on my home page which will immediately provide you with your current IP address which is what I will require in order to connect to your computer if you want me to help diagnose and fix a problem. So you go to
You click on the link that displays "GET YOUR CURRENT IP ADDRESS" which will open a new window and have, in large font size, your current ip address. Now, this apparently is where things get difficult and I am not too sure why. Getting that number to me in an email means simply clicking on the EMAIL icon which will be on your toolbar on the browser you are using. I suggest using AVANT BROWSER if you aren't you can get a copy of it here. Next to the EMAIL icon is an arrow which when you click on it has the option SEND PAGE. Yes, it is really that simple. You are currently displaying your ip address on a web page and now by clicking on that one icon, and choosing SEND PAGE it will automatically incorporate that web page in to an email, will add the appropriate subject matter and wait for you to address it (to me).. that is if you have lost my address in all the confusion of your computer problems.

The problem I have is when I get this email stating all these problems you are having along with a number that in many cases has numbers reversed, or no period between the numbers so I am left guessing what numbers to try, or simply they don't work due to the wrong number being translated from the web page to your email page.

I might add, that if you do send the page in an email, there is other data that will help me determine issues with regards to how the email was sent to me from the fact that this new page has more information then just the ip address which of course I wouldn't get if you simply copy and paste the number.

Please please please try to remember this when sending your ip address to me, it truly speeds up the process in which I can help you with whatever issues you may be having.

Thank you!