Saturday, December 09, 2006

Are the words too small to read within your Browser?-Tip

I have noticed a few little issues when connecting to various client computers lately and that is that the TEXT SIZE has been changed to "Large" or "largest" which is fine in theory however realize that by doing this, it also changes the layout of most websites. Instead, try placing this back to 'MEDIUM' and change the ZOOM to a larger number other then 100 percent (since you can either use the variable zoom feature on AVANT BROWSER, you can get this to the perfect size for your monitor and your eyesight!) On all other browsers, you will have the ability to a basic percentage increase but by doing this, it is like getting closer to the image by zooming in on it therefore increasing the size of the font as well, WITHOUT changing the layout of the website. Note that from within the Avant Browser, any changes in the zoom size will remain that way until you change it therefore once you do find your best zoom size, you won't have to continue to do this. Personally, I like to pick a zoom size that works for all websites. When I come across a website where I am forced to scroll from left to right then I know I have gone a little TOO LARGE and will back off my zoom a little. This will all depend on the size of your monitor and your current screen resolution, but I would think in most cases you can get away with a 10 percent (110%) increase without the need to worry about the left/right scroll.