Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year 2007

Ok so typically this is getting out after Christmas so I guess I should just be saying "Happy New Year"... thing is I didn't plan on being away from the internet and my 'life' at this point. Yes, it is quite easy to say that without 'the internet' things just don't flow properly in my life and that is because it is about 90% driven by the internet... so it is no wonder that I am going to want to make sure those that utilize my services will hopefully be taking advantage of whatever knowledge I beleive is important for those of you that care. I guess because I am one that appreciates sitting down at a computer and using it for whatever the mission was that time. Possibly surfing the web searching Google or whatever. Possibly Copernic. Whatever the mission was it is hopefully done quickly by clicking on the application icon and getting to where I want to go. You don't really care how it finds what you are looking for, so long as it works! Hopefully that is where some of my intervention has helped, whether it be by actually looking at your computer, giving you advice over the phone, through email, or by reading my tips and blogs.

I hope that I have helped at least one person find an 'easier way' to do something that might have taken 3 clicks now is done in 2 ... I just know that I am currently sitting at a ski hill mountain with a complete village below me and what is now 'hotspots' that require fundage.... well no problem on that, since I am up here for a week, but when it doesn't work and you realize that it is like a ma & paw operation that you are what seems to be, connecting to their small router and hopefully you will get a connection. Well so far that is how it has been and I must appologize for those computers that have still not had me connect to them. As I have paid for a week and have managed to get through about 40 emails from the 23rd of Dec.. believe me when I say that I am backed up and I appologize.. I am now connected and it is 7:50pm Wed 27th of Dec.. hopefully by the time I am through this week I will be sipping on mai tais waiting for people to call me... (yeah right.. I don't even know how to spell mai tias ! ).

In any case I hope you will bear with me. I might add that since none of you have phoned me, I am either going to assume you figure that I need the holiday through Christmas or you feel it can wait until after Christmas... either way it is fine with me,I am just glad to see such a high turnout of people utilizing email and my blog... not to mention this great ability to connect remotely!