Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Think before you "click"

One of the wonderful services I offer to all of my clients is the ability to help them remotely when a problem does crop up. A simple email with regards to what problem you are having or a phone call, in the case your email is the problem, will result in me connecting remotely to your computer and diagnosing and in most cases, repairing the problem.

So hopefully you can imagine my frustration when I connect and start the diagnosis and repair process which will usually have at least one sort of spyware scan, to have the owner/user show up to their computer and see something 'strange going on'... which would be the fact that the mouse is moving and all these files are opening and closing, etc... the first thing that is done is to attempt to 'close the program' instead of thinking for a minute and possibly even paying attention to what is going on, the file/program is closed. Now for me, I see the mouse beginning to move, out of my control (or is it)... the fact is I do have the ability to lock the keyboard and mouse remotely, but I usually don't since after all, it is not my computer to be doing that to, but boy is it frustrating when a scan, which may have been going for over an hour, is terminated simply because "I didn't know what was happening".. in fact I have had some even pull the plug on their computer....

So all I ask is, please, think before you decide to close that task that is open. Check out exactly what it is that is running and you may be surprised to find it is one of the good programs, only trying to clean up the mess that was created.


now you can go back to your crazy clicking!