Monday, April 28, 2008

Air Canada Customer Relations-Sucks!

I recently had a question for Air Canada as I have been taking advantage of their great "flight pass" offers over the past year or more and so checking the website for 'contact' help, I found the number and dialed it. Waiting the typical 10 minutes or so to get a live operator was fine, but when I started asking about the Flight Pass, she knew nothing about it... I found this rather strange since it was one of their features on the website and asking further, found out that this department I am speaking with, deals with 'website navigation'.. interesting that she can't navigate to this part of the website.   Next after being placed on hold a few times while she checked with her 'lead' on this, I went through my history of emails from the monthly newsletters I received from Air Canada and began to read the fine print, basically finding the information I needed, but now would have many questions as to why I was never informed about this "European option" that I was making the initial phone call about.   When she came back to the phone, I explained to her what I had found and since she had made no progress, suggested I follow this up with "Air Canada Customer Relations" and so I then asked, "Where, online or via telephone" and she stated it was online... "ok I'll do that then, thank you for your time" and that was that.. 

Following the link to "contact" once again, I did find a number but it was only for Faxing (a complaint) and that I would need to fill in the email online.. so I did, explaining my questions/problems, and then proceeded to receive the following email from Air Canada once I had submitted it.

Thank you for contacting us.  
This is an "auto-response" which confirms we have received your message.
Our current processing time is 15 business days for general customer concerns and 8 weeks for  baggage related issues.  There is no need to re-submit your information, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Excuse me, did I read that right?  15 business days!   Good thing it wasn't baggage related otherwise I would have to wait 2 months!  

Now explain to me please, how anyone, forget the fact that this is a rather large company, can get away with this?  

I got back on the phone and.. after almost 15 minutes of waiting for a live human once again I figured I would forget this, as I would be flying the next day, going through Calgary (their Western hub) and see if I could not get to the bottom of this.... heaven help the customer relations person I end up speaking with, as I do realize they are on the 'front line' and need to deal with all distraught customers, I hope it won't get to that point with me.. wish me luck!