Monday, September 29, 2008

Paitence is Manditory with Windows

It really does not matter what version of the Windows Operating system you are currently using, when it comes to any sort of update, be prepared for things to run a little sluggish upon initial re-start of the computer.  I have had a recent rash of questions regarding the following problem(s):

After performing a windows update, it prompted me to restart my computer, which I did, but when I restarted, all I got was the blank desktop with no icons....

This is completely normal, in fact this is completely normal when your antivirus performs any sort of virus definition updates and/or scans from outside of the windows environment. When you restart the computer, take a look at the hard drive light, somewhere on your computer case. This may even appear solid (on all the time) initially as things are loading from start up. Thing is, there is a lot going on when you first restart your computer and even more if you have just performed any sort of updates, as these need to be logged by the system, and the changes implemented.  So the next time you restart your computer, only to find no icons, WAIT a few minutes.. like as many as 5, depending on your system's performance.  Of course if you haven't run CCLEANER   in some time, you may find this to be essential for any sort of computer optimizing--read my tip on this for more info.