Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wireless Tech Data rates are going the wrong way

With the most recent news from AT & T now removing their unlimited data plan for all new subscribers and with the Canadian providers never offering such a deal from the start, it seems as though things are moving in a reverse direction with regards to tech.  Or could it be that the internet providers figure its time to cash in on all the new data devices that are jumping on to the internet for the first time in droves.  Some may argue this is just one more reason why there should be stricter legislation with regards to the internet providers and the net neutrality issues.  It is also interesting to see how AT & T now will offer the tethering but not only at a capped amount through your existing data plan, but at an additional $20 per month. What is going on here? What options do we, the end user have when it appears we are provided with more technical gadgets, all of which are internet ready and in most cases require the internet to be a useful gadget only be told this will cost you more not less!