Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

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<p>Happy Birthday Aquarius!</p>

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Born today, you rely a great deal on all of your skills, and when they are not working in harmony, you are not likely to score the successes you would otherwise anticipate. You are a fine example of physical, mental and emotional equilibrium; rarely does one facet of your being take precedence over another for long, and it is essential that you maintain a rare kind of harmony throughout your lifetime — for when you do not, you are likely to experience a kind of uncertainty and existential clumsiness that can actually be quite dangerous.

Though you may not be beautiful in a classical way, there is something about you that will surely hold members of the opposite sex in something of a spell whenever you are around. Indeed, you are likely to get more romantic attention than others known for their beauty and sex appeal.

Also born on this date are Nastassja Kinski, actress and model; Edith Wharton, novelist; Mary Lou Retton, Olympic gymnast; Neil Diamond, singer and songwriter; John Belushi, actor and comedian; Aaron Neville, singer.